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Opcio K-95 „Reneix“ LP and Zartako „Primero Nosotros“ CD… Out Now on Fire and Flames Music

Opcio K-95, „Reneix“ LP

Zartako, „Primero Nosotros“ Live CD

In the case of OPCIO K-95, after over four years, Barcelonas longest standing, finest, and most engaged streetpunk/oi bands is back with another production! These are melodic, anthemic, and powerful songs played excellently. If you have somehow managed to not yet have heard of this band, which is after all by now one of the longest standing antifascist oi/streetpunk bands around, please dont take our word for it, listen for yourselves below. The vinyl LP comes with a printed sleeve!

ZARTAKO on the other hand marks a new addition to the Fire and Flames family, not only as a band, but also musically. This is yet another new direction, in the form of antifascist NYC style hardcore from Bilbao. This live CD excellently captures the power, intensity, and rage of this band. It is furthermore an excellent and clean recording, and the CD comes in a digipack case! For those who want to experience Zartako live not only on your stereo but also in person and for a good cause, they will be playing in Berlin on the 29th of December for RASH Berlin, and in Göttingen on the 30th of December as part of an evening in solidarity with antifascists from Russia (both shows supported by Enraged Minority).

Enough talking, meet the bands:

Göttingen: Siempre Antifascista Activities + Anti-Militarist Protest + 30.12 Infomeeting/Concert/Party

*Siempre Antifascista Week in Göttingen

Most of it is sadly already behind us, but the promotion is still a matter of principle. The ASJ (Anarchosyndikalistische Jugend) Göttingen has organized a week of activitiess related to the repression of anarchists and antifascists in Russia, within the framework of „Siempre Antifascista.“ This has included a concert, a solidarity evening in the Juzi, and tomorrow (18.11) a presentation about the „Battle of Khimki.“

18.11.2010 – 19:00 Uhr The Battle of Khimki – Vortrag im JuzI
Der russische Staat will mal wieder eine Autobahn bauen. Und weil die Strecke zwischen Moskau und St. Petersburg zu lukrativ ist, holt man sich einige Unternehmer_innen mit ins Boot und plant einen Komsumtempel der Extraklasse gleich mit. Blöd nur, dass auf dem Bauland noch ein öffentlicher Wald steht und blöd das die Anwohner_innen, Ökoaktivist_innen und Antikonsumist_innen dort keinen Bock auf diesen Palast haben und den Wald kurzerhand besetzen. Was sich daraufhin im Sommer 2010 in Moskauer Vorort „Khimki“ abspielt, ist kaum zu fassen. Prügelpolizei und rechtsradikale Hooligens machen brutale Jagd auf die Aktivist_innen und zahlreiche Haftbefehle werden aufgesprochen. Unteranderem gegen die Antifaschisten Aleksej Gaskarov und Maxim Solopov. Beide wurden drei Monate in Isolationshaft gesteckt und warten jetzt auf ihren Prozess, der sieben Jahre Haft bedeuten könnte. Einer der zentralen Anklagepunkte: „Antifaschismus“!
Die Ereignisse in Khimki wollen wir zum Anlass nehmen, um einen Blick auf die Situation von Antifaschist_innen und Anarchist_innen in Russland zu werfen. Ein russischer Aktivist wird mit viel Hintergrundwissen und Originaldokumenten einen breiten Einblick in die aktuelle Lage bieten.

*Anti-Militarist Protests

The military was in town yesterday for a public relations stunt. Military musicians played a benefit concert in Göttingen. Below is the text from the Antimilitaristischen Perspektive Göttingen regarding the visit and the protests against it:
„Um das Publikum darauf aufmerksam zu machen, dass es sich bei den Musiker*Innen um Angehörige einer kriegführenden Institution handelt, legten sich ca. 15 Personen in den Eingangsbereich und übergossen sich mit Kunstblut. Der Weg zum Militärkonzert führte die Besucher*Innen aufgrund dieses „Die-In“ über Leichen und durch Blutlachen. Akustisch wurde die 30-minütige Blockade des Haupteingangs durch laute Sirenen und Kriegsgeräusche verstärkt.

Zahlreiche Transparente und Flugblätter wiesen während der gesamten Einlassdauer darauf hin, dass sich hinter dieser vermeintlichen Wohltätigkeitsveranstaltung in erster Linie eine Werbeaktion der Bundeswehr verbirgt.

Das öffentliche Auftreten dieser Musikeinheit der Bundeswehr diene dazu, das Militärische in das Alltagsleben zu tragen und die Akzeptanz der Bevölkerung für Kriegseinsätze zu vergrößern. Auf dem Flugblatt der Aktivist*Innen war unter anderem zu lesen: „SoldatInnen bringen weltweit Folter, Tod und Einsamkeit. […] Sollte das Motto „Keiner soll einsam sein“ ehrlich gemeint sein, kann das also nur die Auflösung der Bundeswehr zur Folge haben.“

Bereits im Laufe des Tages zogen in der Göttinger Innenstadt mehrere lebensgroße blutverschmierte Leichenpuppen Aufmerksamkeit auf den kriegerischen Hintergrund des Militärkonzerts.

Auch die Anfahrt der Musiker*Innen blieb offenbar nicht unkommentiert. Einen weißen Reisebus des Heeresmusikkorps zierten beidseitig großflächige rote Farbflecken.“

(Images via: Monsters of Göttingen)

*30.12 Infomeeting, Concert, and Party in Solidarity with Antifascists in Russia!
Finally, returning to the theme of Siempre Antifascista and solidarity with antifascists and anarchists in Russia, we would like to take the opportunity to make a first announcement of the following upcoming event:

Assorted Nr. 28: Demonstration Against Repression/Nazis (Arson attack in Berlin!), General Strike France, Force Attack 2011, London Anarchist Bookfair Report

Much to do, little time, hence the silence here lately. Waiting for the jackets to arrive (today? tomorrow?), waiting for the Zartako CD (this week? next week?), sent the Opcio LP to the factory (ready in time for the Siempre Antifascista festival in Berlin?), adding new literature titles to the catalogue (soon…books for German speakers!), and working on the mountain of orders which piled up during our 10 day absence („vacation“ in the North of Germany, plus visit to London for the anarchist bookfair).
A lot of stuff, in no real particular order, and certainly not in the depth or breadth a lot of the subjects deserve…

*First and foremost: Should you be in or near Berlin today, the demonstration below is where you should be. Motivation for the demonstration „against Nazi terror and repression“ is on the one hand the most recent police raid on left-wing and antifascist infoshops (something which is becoming sadly routine), and on the other the Nazi arson attack on M99, one of the oldest infoshops in Berlin (the oldest?). The arson attack left the front of the shop looking like this:

It was only the quick reaction of those who were at the moment inside which prevented the fire from spreading to other areas, including the floors above where people were sleeping.

*The general strike and resistance to Sarkozys retirement reform continues, although sadly beginning to show signs of wear. No time to adequately cover any of it here at the moment, but if you happen to speak German, we again would like to point you to the Je Ne Comprends Pas blog, written by a comrade from Kiel who is currently in Paris and provides interesting first hand accounts.

*It was last weekend, so our promoting it here will clearly not help get anybody there. But we would like to promote it on principle. This concert was born as a reaction to a concert of several „apolitical greyzone“ bands (Stomper 98 and others) scheduled to take place in Stuttgart on the same date. Thanks to the concert and some, ummm, extra-official pressure, the other concert was cancelled. Nice!

*Speaking of concerts and events who have given much food for discussion over the last few years…the lineup for Force Attack 2011 went online this week…

You will notice two interesting developments here…

-First of all, the apolitical mindless oi scene is much less represented than in previous years, and there seems to be a general trend back to more palatable bands, be it musically or politically (although, sadly, still not without scandal associated bands, such as Boxhamsters or Volxsturm). The stated or suspected reasons for this might be plenty, but whatever they are, it is definitely a positive step in the right direction. If you wish to yell, scream, discuss, praise, or complain the issue is already being discussed at Diffidati and Frutti de Mare.

-Brixton Cats is to become the second Fire and Flames band to ever play at Force Attack (first were the Argies, who have played there several times). They will be there, and of course so will we (for the 8th year in a row)! And because we are often asked why we are there, and we have answered this question in conversations with people particularly often over the last couple of years, here finally in written, albeit summarized and extremely brief, form:

We, as antifascists and „radicals“ have nothing to gain by leaving mass events free of our presence. Of course, there is a line which needs to be drawn at which point there is either nobody to be „reached“ with our presence, or when the absence of groups and organizations of the „antifascist“ spectrum is a more powerful and effective message than their presence, or indeed where the event has such a character that it is dangerous to hold a table. This line exists, but it *certainly* has not been crossed at Force Attack. We receive confirmation of this fact every year when we see how many people tell us how glad they are that we are their, how many young people taking their first steps into punk and oi subculture there are who take the flyers and infomaterial we bring with us with lots of eagerness and excitement, and finally because there are indeed often confrontations with the poor and ignorant few who think they can use these events to parade around with right-wing or fascist attire on. It was, I believe, Mao who said „strike one to educate a hundred“. Were there no antifascist presence at these mass events and such displays were left unconfronted and without consequences, the example set would be very much negative.

*London Anarchist bookfair report: Pfffff…no way. Some high/low lights in bullet form:

*Plane late, public transport finished, night at airport! Slowly we are starting to be experts at airport sleeping. As far as airport as hotel experiences go…this one was terrible. More people running around at 3 am than in most city streets during the day.

*“Awoke“ a 4:30, headed to city and bookfair. It was all nice and wonderful and a great opportunity to catch up with old contacts and meet new people. Sadly, as is the case just about every time we attend a bookfair, our exhaustedness left us too broken to interact coherently for longer periods of time.

-One of the highlights of the bookfair: Childcare, even being organized into one for younger children and one for older children. The older kids were even going around interviewing people for a „What is anarchism to you?“ documentary (the only people allowed to have a video camera in the event! :-) ). Besides child care, there was even some signed events for the hearing impaired and attention to wheelchair accessibility to the event. The anarchist „scene“ in England is just about as ghettoized as any other, but at least they clearly recognize that if you claim to want to develop a broad movement, you need to establish the structures which allow people with other life situations to participate.

*Interesting note….quite literally, almost half of our total sales on the day were to comrades from Greece. Food for thought…

*We visited the comrades from AK Press, and had the opportunity to browse further books as well as be handed their 2011 print catalogue. Nice, because Fire and Flames shirts are prominently presented over two pages, and also nice because who doesnt love to shop for books?! We soon placed an order, and in the next 10-14 days you should expect quite a few new AK Press titles to go online.

*Speaking of shopping, I was proud to have survived the bookfair having spent next to nothing (AK Press books were put on the „business account,“ so no cash traded hands), and during the visit to Freedom bookstore the „shopping“ consisted of writing down titles to get from AK Press (sorry to the comrades at Freedom…poverty makes us do it!). Sadly, the visit to the other anarchist bookstore on the second day marked the end of restraint. Here is my personal list of purchases…

Already read through it, and am torn between finding it fairly reasonable and says what needs to be said about anti-semitism, Islamism, and left-wing shortcomings regarding the subject on the one hand, or wanting to dismiss it as anti-deutsch drivel in English on the other. In any case, certainly readable.

Jules Bonnot, premiere anarchist and bank robber, a figure an irresponsible adventurist revolutionary cannot help but feel drawn to. This book is refreshing in that it is written in novel form, somewhere in the grey zone between education and entertainment. In our case, we can even call it „work,“ as is part of the „research“ towards the next t-shirt collection.

-Speaking of which…a book about political tshirts! Clearly a must buy for us, sadly it wasnt to impressive. Cant even remember the name now, and not inclined to look for it.

Part 1 of 3, really not particularly impressive so far, and because of the elevated price, the budget didnt allow for purchasing the further two parts.

Anarchy Comics! A classic of classics, which I once had and had long lost. Found a copy in the cheap box at the bookstore! Published in 1979 (issue 1 in 1978, and the remaining two 1981 and 1987), this is an absolute collectors piece. And again, also counts as „research“ towards new shirt designs!

*I spent my first day off in part at the „Vegan Shop,“ which is definitely not the type of location one can normally expect to find me at (although in my defense, the other nerds went to the museum! :-) ). I was there to attend a reading and discussion of Gabriel Kuhns „Sober Living for the Revolution: Hardcore Punk, Straight Edge And Radical Politics“. A nice event in a friendly atmosphere, followed by an interesting discussion. I was the only non-vegan there, and must admit I never felt so self-conscious about my shoes!
(Speaking of Gabriel Kuhn…you all need to be very damned excited about his upcoming book…“Football against the State!“ Thanks to my lobby work…Guardia Negra, Atlanta, and Racing are all mentioned *and* there are some pictures in there which will change your pathetic little lives!)

*When not at the Vegan shop, I spent most of my free time eating chicken wings. Theyre good, and in London…theyre everywhere!

*Pictures? We took a camera, but not wanting to be touristy…we didnt take one single picture! :-)

*Finally, damned flight back was so early…we had to spend a second night at the airport! This time next to a construction zone. Relaxation is something else!

A Weekend in Metz: CNT Festival (What We Feel, Zartako, Los 3 Puntos, etc.)

Aside from the previously mentioned evening at „Hotel Snake,“ a pretty enjoyable weekend was had in Metz. The high and low lights, in no particular order…

-WHAT WE FEEL! We finally got the chance to see this great band live, which is good considering it was one of their last concerts. Great, powerful, NYHC influenced hardcore, well played and inspiring! Definitely the musical highlight of the weekend. Also nice is that we were able to trade with them, so you can now find WHAT WE FEELs „Our 14 Words“ online here. Only 5 copies though, so if you want it we suggest you hurry.

-We had the opportunity to meet for the first time, or see again, comrades from Paris, Toulouse, Nancy, and so forth. Special greetings go to the comrade from Redkick who plays a big part in making this event happen every year! We also had the pleasure of meeting the faces behind Casual Records from Nancy, with who we are co-releasing the ZARTAKO live album.

-Which leads to one of the lowlights of the weekend…there was a delay with the ZARTAKO CD, so we still dont have it. Apparently, hopefully, 7-10 days still. Heres a video to help you deal with the frustration…

(The extremely poor gender balance is definitely an unfortunate minus point here)

-The mainstream unions set the large demonstration against the retirement reforms at….10:30 am. Which was one reason for our absence, but the main one was that the CNT decided not to participate and held a rally in the evening in front of the local Medef offices.

-You know the totally drunk punk, or completely wasted raver, at every big concert? You know, the totally gone guy/girl who stands DIRECTLY in front of the PA system risking blowing out his eardrums? Well, that was us, only ALL weekend and with the table right in front of the PA system. Communication in the office this week mainly consists of yelling, „WHAAAAAAAT?“ back and forth at each other.

-All in all, we met people, saw great bands (Redkick, Los 3 Puntos, La Place du KIF, Skalpel and La K-Bine, etc.) and it was all to support our syndicalist organization of choice (and of my youth). Thanks very much to the organizers and next year again!

Fire and Flames, New Releases Fall 2010: Opcio K-95 LP, Brixton Cats CD/LP, Zartako Live CD, Split 7″

After the musical experiments of the last few FFM releases, the fall brings us straight back into the more familiar territory of streetpunk oi. Although, ZARTAKO are basically a modern antifascist version of late 80s NYHC bands. Neither OPCIO K-95 nor BRIXTON CATS need much introducing, and well let the music do the talking with the videos below.

WHEN??!! Is of course the question burning on all of your minds, so…

In case you live in a cave and missed it, the BRIXTON CATS/OPCIO K-95 limited edition 7″ has been available already for a few months, and will probably only still be available for another few. Again…unreleased songs, 500 copies (numbered), on red vinyl.

With ZARTAKO we welcome a new addition to the FFM family, and „Primero Nosotros“ is a great starting point, as it is a live recording with perfectly captures the spirit of the band. We will be getting the CDs directly at the CNT Fest in Metz, so they will be online as of Sunday, 4th of October.
The WAHRSCHAUER review of their most recent album, „Sangre Por Sangre,“ says:
„ZARTAKO kommen aus Bilbao/Spanien und sind seit 2002 dabei. “Sangre por Sangre“, was so viel wie Blut für Blut bedeutet, ist ihr zweites Album. Die 10 Songs orientieren sich stark am New York Hardcore. ZARTAKO ist jedoch keine reine Hardcore-Band, sondern sie mischen Einflüsse von Oi sowie Punkrock dazu. Heraus kommt ein Sound, der die Aggressivität der drei Stile perfekt verbindet. Gesungen wird meist auf spanisch, teilweise aber auch auf baskisch, was den Songs eine ganz besondere Note gibt. Allerdings ist es für den Hörer, der des Spanischen nicht mächtig ist, schwierig, die Aussagen zu verstehen, da leider keine englische oder deutsche Übersetzung im Booklet beigefügt ist. Politisch ist die Band sehr engagiert, und so wundert es nicht, dass sie insbesondere in den politischen Kreisen in Spanien einen sehr guten Ruf genießt. Ihre Texte sind allesamt kämpferisch und teilweise sehr radikal. Diese Texte passen perfekt zur druckvollen Musik. Hier vereint sich der Kampfeswille mit musikalisch eingängigen Klängen der harten Sorte. ZARTAKO dürften mit diesem Album auch über die politisch engagierten Kreise hinaus Fans gewinnen. Die Musik ist zu gut, um nur ein Nischendasein zu fristen.
Fazit: ZARTAKO sind eine Entdeckung. Sowohl für Hardcore-Fans als auch für jeden politisch engagierten Menschen, der die Schnauze voll hat von Protestsongs am Lagerfeuer.“

Finally, with both BRIXTON CATS and OPCIO the issue is „only“ the artwork. We hope to have them ready to ship by early November.

PS Ach ja…Rote Hilfe soli CD kommt auch noch bald. How geil is dat then please!!??

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