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90s Legends Live again…

Oh fuck – just wished to be here tonight: Los Tres Puntos, Stage Bottles, Ya Basta and the amazing Les Partisans together on stage again. Cheers and good journey back to the glory days to everyone who‘ll be there!

Bon anniv‘ Los Tres Puntos !

We‘re heartbroken that we‘re not able to comply with this invitation to the big 20 years birthday bash of our mates Los Tres Puntos taking place in Dijon at legendary Les Tanneries this week-end. It’s even harder if you recognise the top class guest list: Les Trois Huit, The Midnight Rovers, unbelievable reunion shows of legendary Guarapita (!) and Ya Basta (!!!) and many more. So if you are not in this bad situation to be these insuperable 1093 kilometers away from the place be – don‘t miss that certainly unforgettable week-ender!

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