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CNT and ACAB Graphic, Sambas!, and (Unlimited) General Strike!

Our image of the day today comes from Granada, Iberian Peninsula, where the local CNT is hosting a series of conferences, debates, and concerts as part of „Octubre Rojinegro“ (Red and Black October), and chose a very nice central graphic for their poster. They were even polite enough to ask if they could use it! (Pop quiz: who can name all 5 figures?)

(Nice detail from the text…“all events are outdoors, for free, and *alcohol free*)

Less in the realm of politics and more in that of vice, the new object of my affection…

And since, after over two months of, not only not walking properly nor being able to play sports, but also not being able to wear shoes…I decided that this was adequate compensation for my suffering. Which is good, because the „endless summer in flip-flops“ look was really starting to get a bit out of season.

And speaking of seasons, the much expected and desperately hoped for fall wave of resistance to the new reforms and austerity packages Europe wide will hopefully soon be entering a new and more intense phase, at least in France. The latest one day general strike is scheduled for the 12th of October. Sounds like same old same old, but: several different unions in several different key branches (including transport and oil refineries!) have already made pre-announcements of unlimited general strikes. People are angry and fed up, and it shows more and more. Case in point, this recent demonstration of nurses in Paris. Not related to the austerity measures or retirement reform, but still:

Infirmiers anesthésistes: du gaz et des coups, 0 négo
Hochgeladen von ActuSoins. – Sieh die neuesten Nachrichten Videos an.
(Gotta love the cop with the circle A on his back at the end of the video!)

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