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0161 Festival Manchester Preparations

Mood and anticipation are rising in the Fire and Flames headquarter: Not even three weeks left until the The Miners Community Centre Moston in Manchester opens its doors for the tremendous 0161 Festival. Again the Mancurian comrades put together an outstand line up with legends like The Prowlers, The Oppressed, Inner Terrestrials, What We Feel, Hors Contrôle, Attila the Stockbroker and many more. And of course we`re looking forward to meet our good friends of Les Trois Huit, Enraged Minority, Defenders Of The Universe, One Step Ahead and Action Sédition. So we gonna stack up the car to the ceiling and hope that our junk heap-vehicle survives the trip by land and sea so that we can provide you with a fine selection of revolutionary clothing and music.

Antifa United Worldwide

Some good friends of us just put out some brandnew stuff a few days ago: Moscow Death Brigade, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, What We Feel and Los Fastidios on one multiple split EP, released by the illustrious circle of Audiolith, Voice Of The Streets and KOB Records with support of True Rebel and Lonsdale Germany. All proceeds from the sales will be given to the families of murdered antifascists. Specifically to the families of Konstantin Lunkin, Fedor Filatov and Ivan Khurtoskoi, who were murdered by Russian neo-nazis. Great project, great sound. Order your copy here.


(Spontanous modifications and delays reserved)

3.30 pm : Doors (obligatory condition is the agreement to a respectful and solidary association, that shall be understood.)

4 pm : Graffiti Action at the back of the venue
4 pm : Movie screening „Acta Non Verba – the renewal of antifascism it its struggles“ by and witht Hazem (Collectif Nosotros, Marseille). In cooperation with Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Schleswig Holstein.
5.30 pm : Movie screening „Never Give Up – the buildup of the militant antifa-scene in Russia“ by and with What We Feel. PLEASE NOTE: The Film documents bestially acts of fascist violence!


6.30 pm : Stumbling Pins – Melodic but angry Streetpunk (Gaarden, Schleswig-Holstein)
7.40 pm : What We Feel – AFA Hardcore (Moscow, Russia)
8.45 pm : Drowning Dog and Malatesta – Anarchist Rap Collective (Mailand, Italy)
9.55 pm : Les Trois Huit – Singalong Antifa Oi (Grenoble, France)
11.05 pm : Protestera - Militant Anarchopunk, rockin‘ and rioting since 1999 (Gothenborg, Sweden)
00.10 pm : Moscow Death Brigade – Circle Pit Rap (Moscow, Russia)

01.00 pm : Aftershow Nighter – Reggae, Rocksteady & Ska by the Reggae Twins (Kiel, Leipzig)

All Time

1312 Pils (Berlin)
Bookstall by A-Abend (HH)
Café Libertad (HH)
Fire and Flames Riotwear
Kobanê solidarity booze by Kurdistan Solidaritäts-Komitee Kiel
Info booth by Libertärer Laden (Gaarden)
North35 Clothing (Manchester)
Red and anarchist Slushie Machine
Vegan Food by 4K Catering

On the occasion of the historical charging of tomorrow’s date we accept ostmark at the bar.

ROCK THE EMPIRE FROM BELOW – Fire and Flames Festival 2015

And finally here we are … we kindly invite you to the first edition of the legendary Fire and Flames Festival in Kiel.

On october 3rd, the day the german beast annually demonstrates its resurrection, we retort with a convention of comrades from all over Europe and beyond to strengthen international antifascist counterculture and celebrate the resistance against the empire of capitalist exploitation and alienation, killing borders, war, authority, nationalism and fear. In the consciousness that this alone will never be able to replace the struggle in the streets, we still follow the true realisation of good old Emma Goldman: if we can‘t dance it’s not our revolution.

CLEAR THE STAGE FOR (…rataplan…):

Drowning Dog and Malatesta – Anarchist Rap Collective (Milan, Italy)
Les Trois Huit – Singalong Antifa Oi (Grenoble, France)
Moscow Death Brigade – Circle Pit Rap (Moscow, Russia)
Protestera – Militant Anarchopunk, rockin‘ and rioting since 1999 (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Stumbling Pins – Melodic but angry Streetpunk (Gaarden, Schleswig-Holstein)
What We Feel – AFA Hardcore (Moscow, Russia)


Movie screening of „Acta Non Verba“ - documentary of European antifascist countercultere by and with Hazem

Aftershow Nighter – Reggae, Rocksteady & Ska with the Reggae Twins (Kiel, Leipzig)

Delicious Slushies by RASH Berlin-Brandenburg


Grafitti Action – Vegan Food by 4K Catering1312Pils – Inforiot – Fire and Flames Riotwear

Saturday, 3.10.2015 / 4pm / Alte Meierei (Hornheimer Weg 2, Kiel)

As we are not able to offer advance booking for several reasons, feel free to send us a mail for reservations: booking[at]fireandflames.com .

www.altemeierei.de | www.fireandflames.com

MDB / WWF „Here to stay“ 7″ EP finally available !

After a too long waiting time here it finally is: The hard rockin‘ split EP of Moscow’s finest choice What We Feel and Moscow Death Brigade on vinyl. Five killer tracks of antifascist hardcore-metal-rap-punk-oi. Comes with FREE STICKER and is limited to 1000 HANDNUMBERED COPIES. RED AND GREEN VINYL only available directly at Fire and Flames Music, Voice of the Streets Records and of course the bands!

Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung! Jetzt klicken & handeln!Willst du auch bei der Aktion teilnehmen? Hier findest du alle relevanten Infos und Materialien: