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Weekend Tips

Just a few suggestions for some weekend trips…

If in or around Goettingen, you can go look at cops and Nazis here…

As far as musical options go, two highlights this weekend…

Near Frankfurt…

In Duesseldorf…

Finally, we leave you for the weekend with some randomly chosen memories from the most recent 1st of May…

A quaint little clash in Athens…


Fire and Flames Music in May/June: Brixton Cats, Patchanka, Wasted Youth, Argies, Opcio K95

After a long period of silence, there are lots of news surrounding Fire and Flames label bands in the coming months. There are exciting news regarding tours, releases, and merchandise from Brixton Cats, Patchanka, Opcio K-95, Wasted Youth and The Argies.

Brixton Cats sadly did *not* play at the Revolutionary 1st of May demonstration in Berlin due to an illness in the band. But they will be releasing their long awaited second album probably sometime this month or next. More news as it comes.

Speaking of releasing…Patchankas newest album is being released on June 22nd, with a big CD release concert party in Copenhagen. On this date, Fire and Flames will also be at the event, presenting Patchankas new merchandise. As with Konecho, again designed by „Corte“ and powered by Fire and Flames. Here is a small preview of whats coming musically…

And while on the subject of Copenhagen… Wasted Youth, who in the last few days were to be found on stage at the RASH festival in Stuttgart and the 1st of May concert in Nurnberg, will be touring Northern Germany and Denmark this mid-May. You can see the exact tourdates here. Highlight of this mini-tour is of course, at least for us, the „Room Show“ concert they will be playing on Monday May 14th at „Flaming Star“ in Goettingen. This will also be a chance to have a look at the new shirts we produced for the band (which should be online in the coming days).

Hopefully, for the sake of the shop, this room show will be a little calmer than last years one with The Class War Kids…

The show also represents the first part of the „1 Year of Flaming Star Celebrations,“ the second part of course being this…

Continuing on to Opcio K-95….they will be playing later this month in Hamburg. And thats really pretty much all we know. :-)

Last but certainly not least, the Argies are on tour. Which wouldnt even really be much for news, since they are usually on tour. But this time, they are embarking on a 14 show tour of China, followed by concerts in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia! No worries though, once thats over they are back in Europe for another three month tour! You can see the complete tourdates here.

Berlin: Brixton Cats Live at Revolutionary May Day Demonstration (+Hamburg and RASH Festival Stuttgart)

Brixton Cats will be playing before (and during) the Revolutionary 1st of May demonstration in Berlin. They will be playing together with Drowning Dog and Neues Glas aus Alten Scherben. The live performances and „gathering“ begin at 17:00 at Lausitzer Platz, with the demonstration planned to begin at the classic time of 18:00. Click the poster for more information (in German)…

A little mobilization video…

For those of you in Hamburg, we suggest the following evening entertainment option…

Finally, neither in Berlin nor Hamburg, nor even on the 1st of May for that matter, but certainly featuring good bands for a very good cause, the RASH festival in Stuttgart…

Wasted Youth on Tour!

Once again, late is bad, but still better than never…

Speaking of Wasted Youth, dont forget their limited edition 7″ we released last year, titled „Remembering Means Fighting.“

Göttingen, 2.6 / 4.6: Antifa Solikonzerte: Movement, Talco, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, No Te Va Gustar, …..

As the title says, two nights of good music for an even better cause!

If you need even more good reasons to visit, then we propose you use the opportunity to visit „Flaming Star“ the recently opened, collectively owned and operated, shop/gallery/meeting point right in Goettingen.

Last, but certainly not least, there is still the little problem of the planned Nazi demonstration on the 4th in Braunschweig. Fortunately, a bus will be headed in that direction from Goettingen with the aim of preventing said demonstration, infos here. Tickets of course available at „Flaming Star“ (and the Roter Buchladen!)

Unsere Solidarität Gegen Ihre Repression!
Fire and Flames Music and Clothing


Am Donnerstag den 02. Juni und Samstag den 04. Juni veranstalten Fire and Flames Music und die Antifaschistische Linke International zwei Benefizkonzerte unter dem Titel „Unsere Solidarität Gegen Ihre Repression“. Ziel ist es Geld für im letzten Monaten von Repression betroffen AntifaschistInnen zu sammeln. Die Konzerte finden in der Musa statt und werden vom Bündnis Gegen Rechts Goettingen, der Roten Hilfe, und der Jugendantifa Goettingen unterstützt.

Am Donnerstag geht es los mit internationalen Acts wie „THE MOVEMENT“ aus Kopenhagen, „NO TE VA GUSTAR“ aus Uruguay oder „THE REBEL SPELL“ aus Kanada. Unterstützt werden die von der lokalen Band „MILITANTE PAZIFISTEN“. Dieser Abend bietet sogar zwei „Headliner“ – mit „The Movement“ betritt eine Szenegröße die Bühne, während „No Te Va Gustar“ eine der heutzutage bekanntesten lateinamerikanischen Latin Ska und Reggae Bands ist.
Mit einem Lineup von Power Pop über Latin Ska Reggae zu Punkrock sollte jedeR etwas für sich finden!

Am Freitag Abend haben wir bewusst kein Konzert veranstaltet, damit alle die Möglichkeit haben Samstag früh gut ausgeruht nach Braunschweig zu fahren um sich dort dem geplanten Naziaufmarsch im Weg zu stellen.

Am Samstag Abend geht es weiter mit Ska aus Italien von „TALCO.“ Unterstützt werden sie durch Skapunk von der Rostocker Band „FEINE SAHEN FISCHFILET“ und Punk Rock von „WASTED YOUTH“ aus Schwäbisch-Gmünd.

Alle Informationen rund um die Konzerte findet ihr weiter unten.

For those you planning on coming from other cities, we strongly suggest making use of the online „Vorverkauf“ option, which you can find here. All other informations regarding the concert you can see on the flyer image.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Thursday, June 2nd
Faithful to the Fire and Flames style, a night as international and musically eclectic as ca be. Starting with up and coming Göttingen punk band MILITANTE PAZIFISTEN, followed by catchy anarchist punkrock from Western „Canada“ from THE REBEL SPELL, continuing with Latin ska and reggae from Uruguayas NO TE VA GUSTAR, to end with power pop played by Copenhagens THE MOVEMENT.

The Movement
, Socialist Power Pop, excellent Mod band from Copenhagen

No Te Va Gustar, Latin SkaReggaePunk from Uruguay.
We are terribly excited about this band. They fill arenas with thousands in South America, and we count ourselves very lucky to have them in Göttingen! Here they are, playing live in Cuba:

The Rebel Spell, New addition to the Fire and Flames Music family, and visiting Göttingen as part of their first European tour presenting „A Beautiful Future.“ A must see!

Militante Pazifisten
, Engaged young Punkrock from Göttingen, sadly as far as we know with no video.

Saturday, June 4th

Talco, Needs almost no introduction, one of the finest political skapunk bands around, from Marghera (Italy).

Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Future Legends of Skapunk, from Rostock

Wasted Youth, Antifascist Streetpunk from Schwäbisch Gmund and the most recent addition to the Fire and Flames family. They will be preseting their new 7″ „Remembering Means Fighting.“

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