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The Great Catalogue Update Part 9: FF Goes Euro 2012 and Re-Stocks / Atlanta Barras Go Hollywood

No, this isnt like with South Africa, Fire and Flames is not going to Poland or the Ukraine. As should be obvious, its not futbol we like…its Atlanta, Racing, and every four years, when the bug bites, Argentina in the World Cup. And with the exception of Argentina, what Racing and Atlanta do on the field unfortunately rarely has very much to do with what most of you would recognize as futbol. This in part why this blog has suddenly gone so quiet as far as futbol is concerned…its just been very depressing lately (the other part is simple lack of time). Atlanta, with three games to go, is fighting desperately to remain in second division, while Racing has been the source of one absurd scandal after the other, even one including a player drawing a firearm in the locker room.

Anyways, what we mean with „Fire and Flames Goes EM“ is our contribution to keeping you all part of the „in“ crowd as far as the mass insanity of the moment is concerned. So, for the occasion we have re-printed the great „Hate Germany“ shirt. Other suggested items of the moment…

No explanation needed.

For decorating your surroundings…

And finally, a bit of something to read about how much different of a form futbol and that which surrounds it can take…

The futbol related aside, after re-issuing a whole series of classic Fire and Flames designs last month, the next round is coming this month, with all the following designs being again available in all sizes…


*Class Pride

*Old School

(Bordeaux as well)


Finally, to start and end with futbol…

Tonight, at exactly the same time as Germany – Portugal, but much more strongly recommenden, our beloved Atlanta has a life or death game in the struggle to avoid relegation to third division. So, if those in Göttingen hear wild shouts of celebration, even though on your screen no goals have been scored, you will know why. It wont be the first time…Racing won the relegation match 2008 at the same time as the last Euro final, leaving many in the Rote Strasse wondering why people were wildly yelling „goool“ when nothing was happening on their screens. :-)
(If you are looking for even more altenative entertainment, Argentina vs Brazil is also taking place parallel to the Germany game…)

We leave you with a video from a coming sensationalist „documentary“ on Argentine barras in which Atlanta is very prominently featured…

Atlanta de Villa Crespo vs The Almighty Cub Atletico River Plate

River Plate, Argentinas most successful futbol club, finds itself playing this year for the first time in their history in second division. Their relegation game loss to Belgrano included some spectacular anecdotes, once again very probably unique to the Argentine futbol world.

During the away game, losing 2-0, River fans invaded the pitch…pushed, kicked, and insulted their own players. They then returned to their terrace, without being arrested, and the game continued as if nothing had happened…

After relegation became an unavoidable fact, the riots were of a scale even unusual for the standards of Argentine futbol. These videos dont necessarily do them justice, but you might get the idea…

And so it was, with Atlanta having been promoted and River relegated, that our humble neighborhood club played yesterday against the mighty River Plate…. and lost 7-1!

But at least our fans looked good….

(Thank to Sentimiento Bohemio)

The match was particularly tense because, with the return of away fans to second division matches (thanks River!), Atlanta fans and River fans had had two encounters in the past three weeks. In this one, you can see what appears to be two busses of River fans being chased by…10 Atlanta fans!!??
No vengas mas por Villa Crespo River….

12 Years of Waiting… Atlanta vs Chacarita

Its been 12 years since weve seen each other. While they were in first division, Atlanta was making the tours of the forgotten stadiums and neighborhoods of the greater Buenos Aires area in third division. Tomorrow, they meet again the middle. And even though, thanks to River Plates recent relegation, away fans are now allowed again in the Argentine second division (after four years)…it was decided that this game is too dangerous to involve away fans. Unfortunate for the folklore, and definitely dissappointing considering the irrational hatred most of us feel towards Chacarita fans, but probably a wise decision since these were usually quite violent affairs.

One of the last Atlanta-Chacarita games, Atlantas first victory against them in 17 years, and also the last one since. A memorable day in my life:

1992, in Villa Crespo, as of ca. the 4th minute the cops and Chaca scum fighting each other…win/win, and all this to the sound of excellent Argentine rock n roll!


Argentine „Futbol“ Roundup: Atlanta Campeon, Disturbances and Death at Velez – San Lorenzo, etc.

Its been a while since there was a little report on the high and lowlights of the Argentine futbol world, but as usual there has been no lack of interesting anecdotes….

First and foremost, I have been afraid to mention it as superstitious fears of possible consequences impede me to think clearly, but at this point it seems safe to say it: ATLANTA IS LEAVING THIRD DIVISION!!!! After an 11 year long nightmare, there are now 10 games remaining in the season, and Atlanta is 12 points ahead of the second placed team.

*For a couple of weeks, not only was Atlanta first, but Racing was in first place as well, a confusing change from the reality we know, which led me to often have to pinch myself to make sure this wasnt a dream. Here as well, I was too afraid to make public mention of this situation, for fear of provoking bad luck. Now that Racing has lost the last two games and is no longer first, Im assuming its safe.

*What always was and probably always will be unsafe is of course attending a futbol match in Argentina, as Velez and San Lorenzo insist on making terribly clear twice a year. This time, Velez fans advanced all the way to the San Lorenzo entrance of the stadium, one San Lorenzo fan died after a police beating, and the game was suspended after seven minutes because of disturbances in the stands.

A video showing Velez fans storming the away fans area, set classily to cumbia villera (Argentinas gangster rap) with elegant lyrics about futbol hooliganism:

San Lorenzo fans, enraged by news of the death, attempt to storm the field, leading to the suspension of the game:

*In some lower division game between two teams nobody has ever heard of, a referee was attacked by an entire team:

*And in first division, a player and a cameraman exchange warm greetings:

*Finally, enjoy it because it wont happen often, positive words about fans from other clubs…

First, Penarol from Uruguay adapting „El Viejo“ from La Vela Puerca…


Stadium version…

Finally, River Plate fans adapting „Sentimiento Villero,“ from pibes chorros, proving that in a stadium even the worst crap can be made to sound good.

Original cumbia villera…

In the stadium…

*Finally, not from Argentina but still absolutely incredible. Definitely many bonus points to this guy for the creativity. Straight out of the three stooges:

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