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Revolutionary tradition beats every trend

Return of an old fellow in two respects: the good old „Anarcho-Communism Or Death“ motive – one of the first and probably best FF shirts ever – finally available again speaking the truth in the even older words of Mikhael Bakunin from the 19th century: „Freedom without socialism is privilege. Socialism without freedom is tyranny.“ Too right comrade! Take your chance to spread his message whereever you go and get your ex right here (Ladiez/Bois).

And in the summertime when the weather is fine … we‘ve got another golden oldie for you: „Sun Sea Socialism“ now for the first time pink on navy. We know you‘ll love it! -> (Ladiez/Bois)

More Colours, Presents, Noize, Shirts, Paper & Solidarity !

STORE UPDATES: We restocked our cans selection and now got a lot of freaky colours of the Montana Black 400ml and for the pockets the Montana Black 50ml. Paint the world – spread the word – R.I.P. OZ! Again, the music section had been restocked, we also now have Fire and Flames gift certificates and the Sun, Sea, Socialism T-Shirt in bordeaux colours is back in all sizes. Additionally we listed a T-Shirt of the solidarity organization Rote Hilfe, all benefits will straight go to there. And brandnew just in this moment the fall number 104 of the essential Antifa Info Blatt and even the Antifa Kalender 2015 arrived. So there’s really no reason to wait any longer with your order !!

The Classics Are Back!

While we are unfortunately still not finished with some important new projects (like the new Brixton Cats release, or new designs, or the new website…) we have gotten around and finally re-printed a lot of the much loved classic Fire and Flames designs, many of which have been sold out in quite a few sizes for at least several months. Here they are, all of the below listed are available again in sizes S-XXL, and most „girls cut“ sizes as well. Enjoy!


Alerta Antifascista

Stop Control ( also in Black )


Kick Fascism and Nationalism

All Power (also in Red)


Flaming Star
(also available in Red and Purple)

And finally, a couple of re-prints that are so classic, there are even still real live human beings modeling them…

Keyword: Available Again. The Great Springtime Fire and Flames T-Shirt Re-Stock

Reaching the end of the shop opening, 1st of May travelling, new collection presenting (part one: Uptight, part two: Mob Action, part three: Partisano), concert organizing insanity…we have of course saved what we, in our eternally humble wisdom, consider to be the best, for last: the new Fire and Flames collection. And we are indeed almost at the point of presenting it to you. *Almost,* because over the last few months we have been bombarded with emails of the „when is shirt X in size Y going to be available again?,“please make shirt Z again, please please please,“ and so forth. Frustrating to not have what people wanted, on the other hand really nice to receive such positive feedback. Anyways, for many if not most, the wait is over. The following ridiculously many much loved designs are all once again available in all T-Shirt and „girls cut“ sizes, and in many if not most cases, also as sweatshirt/hood .
As usual, clicky clicky on the picture for all the infos.


Stop Control Black (Gold as well)

Alerta Antifascista

Hate a Man in a Uniform

Elements Purple (and of course Black as well)

Offensiv Militant Erfolgreich Black (Orange as well)

Its Not a Game

Flaming Star Black (Also in Red and Purple)

Lucarelli Black (and Red)

Still Not Lovin Police… Pink (and Black)

Graffitti is My Crime (Day) (…Night)

Graff Train

Kick Fascism and Nationalism (only blue, sorry, no more black)


All Power Black (and Red, no more yellow!)

No Justice

AFA Music Against White Noise Black (and Rave!)



Finally, „Flower Power,“ „Sun, Sea, and Socialism,“ „Anarcho Communism or Death“, and „Class Pride.“

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