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90s Legends Live again…

Oh fuck – just wished to be here tonight: Los Tres Puntos, Stage Bottles, Ya Basta and the amazing Les Partisans together on stage again. Cheers and good journey back to the glory days to everyone who‘ll be there!

„Hin und Wech“ = Nice One !

We can‘t await this weekend’s Hin und Wech-Fest supporting antifascist counterculture in Saxony-Anhalt’s province. Looking forward to see great bands like The Detectors, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Power, Stage Bottles, Respect My Fist, Enraged Minority and many more. Come along and clink glasses at our table!

Big fat music update

+++ 8°6 Crew – Bad bad Reggae / Menil‘Express CD +++ Amen 81 – Corpus Christi Do-LP +++ Ashpipe – Born bad CD +++ Ashpipe – Too much focused… CD +++ Autonomads / Black Star Dub Collective – Split CD +++ Bobby Funk – Pasty Blagger 7″ +++ Chaoze One – Rapression LP +++ Devotos – Postumos CD +++ Doom – Corrupt fucking System LP +++ Doom – Fuck Peaceville Do-LP +++ Guerilla – Chapter IV LP +++ Guerilla – A Call to Arms LP +++ Inner Terrestrials – Tales of Terror Do-LP +++ Inner Terrestrials – X LP +++ La Fraction – La vie revee LP +++ Los Disckolos / Die Schwarzen Schafe – Split LP +++ Los Fastidios – All‘Arrembaggio CD +++ Los Fastidios – Anejo 16 Anos CD +++ Los Fastidios – Radio Boots EP +++ Los Fastidios – Rebels‘n'Revels CD +++ Los Fastidios – Siempre Contra CD +++ Lumpen – Il nostro Giorno verra‘ CD +++ MDC – Hey Cop, if i had a face like yours LP +++ Neurotic Arseholes – Bis zum bitteren Ende LP +++ Oi Polloi – Fight back! LP +++ Panzerband – s/t LP +++ Pyro One – Ausgezogen aus Nimmerland LP +++ Rogue Steady Orchestra – Liveticker zum Aufstand LP +++ Skassapunka – Il gioco del Silezio CD +++ Stage Bottles – Sometimes antisocial always antifascist EP +++ Tackleberry – s/t 7″ +++ Talco – Combat Circus CD +++ Talco – Mazel Tov CD +++ Toxoplasma – Demos 81/82 LP +++ Ya Basta – Sans Retour LP +++ V/A – Ska Libre LP +++ V/A – United Skins CD +++

Also check out some restocks not listed here. Go this direction!

New Music in Store!

+++ Artificial Eyes – I just want a brandnew Revolution LP +++ Brixton Cats – Quartier Maudit LP +++ Feine Sahne Fischfilet – Bleiben oder Gehen LP/CD +++ Feine Sahne Fischfilet – Scheitern & Verstehen LP/CD +++ Frontkick – The cause of the rebel LP +++ Frontkick – The new beginning EP +++ Gang Control – Keep the PMA 10” +++ Gilbert et ses problèmes – En transit LP +++ Klasse Kriminale ‎– Stai Vivendo O Stai Sopravvivendo? LP +++ Laurel Aitken – Says Fire LP +++ Les Partisans – Style Of CD +++ Los Fastidios – Ora Basta MCD +++ Los Tres Puntos – Contre Vents et Marées MLP +++ Oi Polloi – Unite & Win LP +++ Skuds and Panic People – Lachez les bombes LP +++ Stage Bottles – Big Kick LP +++ Talco – Gran Gala LP +++ Talco – L`Odore Del la Morte EP +++ The Oppressed – Antifa Hooligans EP +++ Tulamort – Main d‘oeuvre internationale CD +++ Youth Brigade – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly LP +++ Save your copies here!

Rostock: Riot in My Heart!

Via Kombinat Fortschritt

Your faithful (and painfully overworked) author was not actually personally there (he was in Paris…reading books and eating falafel), but from what the Fire and Flames crew which was indeed there tell us…the festival was incredible, and a huge success. A great atmosphere, a clear antifascist and radical message in a place which very much needs it, serious and responsible organizers, good bands. All in all, just what we expect from a political festival and generally a great event. Hopefully this was just the first of many „Riot in My Heart“ festivals!

Our thanks to the organizers for letting us be a, small, part of the event with our table and the support we were fortunate enough to be able to offer with the promotion in the run up to the event.

Via Kombinat Fortschritt

In case you missed it and want to see what you missed, or if you were there and want to swim in the nostalgia, some videos, pictures, and interviews. We begin with the interview, which makes clear the mindset and objectives of the organizers…

You can then read a post festival interview, and see some further pictures, here.

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