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Nice Shirts and Ugly Tattoos

Getting the complete new collection plus re-orders is proving to be a long and frustrating process (12 out of 20 new designs are in, none of the re-orders). Today we received…


And I have to say that they look really, really good! We are all very pleased.

And while we slave away here with the orders and the boxes, here is some light entertainment:

The worst tattoo ever.

Im not even sure what this is supposed to mean…

Cute. Although sadly, a basic skill that apparently fewer and fewer political groups in Göttingen are taking the time to excercise lately.

Meet the Fire and Flames Spring Collection 2010…

Here they are. Look at them and be impressed! Since there are 20 of them, click read more to see them all.
Some of them are available immediately, the rest will be arriving over the next 10 days. They will all be online and orderable on Monday or Tuesday.

(PS Pssst….the images are in low resolution so you dont waste all day opening them. The prints are of course crystal clear!)


Stop Control

Hate Germany

Out of Control

There is a million more, so here you go.

Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung! Jetzt klicken & handeln!Willst du auch bei der Aktion teilnehmen? Hier findest du alle relevanten Infos und Materialien: