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Forward, without forgetting …

„Forward, without forgetting
Where our strength can be seen now to be!
When starving or when eating
Forward, not forgetting
Our solidarity!“
(Bertolt Brecht)

In cooperation with our great comrades of RASH Berlin Brandenburg we proudly present our new „Solidarity“-Shirt:

Ladies | Bois | Sweater

November 1st 2015: World Kobanê Day

Global Rally for the Freedom and Reconstruction of Kobane

„The determined resistance of the Kurdish men and women in this strategic border region of Rojava (Western Kurdistan in Syria) inspired people and governments all over the world when they successfully repelled the siege of their city Kobane by the Islamic State (ISIS) just over a year ago. Their fight became a symbol of popular resistance to the merciless violence and horrendous atrocities committed by ISIS.

In response, on 1 November 2014 an urgent international call for a global day of action for Kobane and for Humanity was launched appealing to people all over the world to show solidarity with Kobane and for humanitarian and material assistance.“


Press Review #ACAB

(Facsimile SZ.de, 10/22/2015)

As a customer-friendly company as well as as solidary comrades we‘re glad to hear the good news that our legendary „Anarcho Communists Are Beautiful“ motive on the one hand takes thin-skinned coppers‘ offense but on the other hand is not accusable examined by court. So thanks to the authorities for the good advice to reprint this golden oldie sometimes in near future… Support Rote Hilfe München!

[BACK & NEW IN STOCK] Rojava and YPG/ YPJ Solidarity-Shirts!

Together with our comrades of the Rojavakommittéerna, a nationwide network of independent leftist and kurdish groups in Sweden, we distribute these shirts in solidarity with the resistance and the social revolution in the west-kurdish regions of Rojava. Many comrades lost their life in the brave and heroic fight of the People’s defence forces YPG/YPJ against the fundamentalist terror of the „IS“ and the attacks by the reactionary turkish state. No one is forgotten and nothing is forgiven!

The sale is bounded in a current donation campaign of these comrades. The profits will directly be forwarded to Rojava to support the rebuilding of Free Kobanê.

Support the revolutionary process in Kurdistan! Long live the resistance of Rojava!

Get your shirt here:

„YPG/ YPJ Gerilla“ Solidarity-Shirt (white)
„YPG/ YPJ Gerilla“ Solidarity-Shirt (black)
„Biji Berxwedana Rojava“ Solidarity-Shirt (black)

A Story Of Teeth And Flowers

JUST ARRIVED! Benefit compilation in solidarity with Valentin, antifascist football fan from Bremen who’s imprisoned since early july 2015 after confrontations with nazi-hooligans. Tons of great music on two CDs in a beautiful digi pack including info booklet by outstanding bands such as Produzenten der Froide, Los Fastidios, Autonomads, Slime, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Die Bullen, Artificial Eyes, The Prowlers, The Oppressed, Moscow Death Brigade and many many more.


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