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This is NOT our interpretation of the day of polical prisoners: Since last wednesday, march 18th our italian comrade Fede from London is kidnapped by the state in a prison in Frankfurt to take personalised revenge for the massive anti-capitalist M18 actions against the Opening-Party of the ECB… Be good sport and fuck off, set him free. Free Fede!

#M18: Onward to Frankfurt !

Smash austerity capitalism – see you on the barricades … www.march18.net | www.blockupy.org

„The Chicago Conspiracy: Chile, Dictatorship, Pinochet, Legacy, Today, Social War“ DVD

We have just recieved this absolutely excellent documentary DVD titled „The Chicago Conspiracy“, which we can only highly, highly suggest to you (and we also suggest you hurry, since we have only 5!). If you must, buy one shirt less and get this DVD. Below is a trailer, as well as the infos about it. The DVD is in Spanish with English subtitles.

„The Chicago Conspiracy is a documentary three years in the making. The project was filmed in Chile, and the story extends into the Mapuche indigenous lands of Wallmapu. The concept for the film was born with the death of a former military dictator. We celebrated in the streets of Santiago with thousands of people after hearing the news: General Augusto Pinochet was dead. His regime murdered thousands and tortured tens of thousands after the military coup on September 11, 1973. We celebrated both his death and the implication that the political and economic system which put him in power might itself be mortal. We began this documentary with the death of a dictator, but we continue with the legacy of a dictatorship.

Mapuche conflictThe Chicago Conspiracy takes its name from the approximately 25 Chilean economists who attended the University of Chicago and other prestigious universities beginning in the 1960s to study under the neoliberal economists Milton Friedman and Arnold Harberger. After embracing Friedman’s neoliberal ideas, these economists returned to assist Pinochet’s military regime in imposing free market policies. They privatized nearly every aspect of society, and Chile soon became a classic example of free market capitalism under the barrel of a gun.

The military coup was a conspiracy initiated by the upper classes in Chile and assisted by their international counterparts. The military’s action and its support from the CIA was executed on the pretext that the president at the time, Salvador Allende, a reformist and supporter of the democratic state, was actually a militant Marxist revolutionary. They claimed his government included a secret Plan Z that would establish a system similar to communist Cuba. The military has never successfully proven the existence of this plan.

Student conflictThe Chicago Conspiracy is a new vision of the military coup that does not focus on the story of the Allende government. Even before Allende’s election, there were armed revolutionary organizations throughout Chile, such as the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR). During the course of Allende’s rule, some factions believed that a reformist government would never bring an end to the capitalist system. This was the main group to lead an armed defense against the military once the coup was initiated. As the dictatorship took hold, the number of nationwide armed organizations grew to include MAPU-Lautaro and the communist Patriotic Front of Manuel Rodriguez (FPMR) in addition to the MIR.

The Chicago Conspiracy begins on March 29, 1985. On this day, two young brothers and militants of the MIR, Rafael and Eduardo Vergara, were gunned down by police as they walked through the politically active community Villa Francia. Recent investigations by the Chilean government have proven that the brothers were targeted by police; like so many young people before them, they were murdered by politically motivated assassins. Their community responded by creating a day of memory and protest, the Day of the Youth Combatant. Their older brother Pablo Vergara was later blown up in the southern Chilean city of Temuco in 1988.

The Chicago Conspiracy is about today. Following a national plebiscite in 1988, Pinochet ended his rule in 1990. The political classes in Chile only allowed the country to vote an end to the dictatorship out of growing fear of armed insurrection. 1990 brought a democratic government to Chile that continues to further the same neoliberal economic policies that were put into place by the dictatorship. Throughout the film, we follow the social discontent that exists to this day. We explore the legacy of a dictatorship.

Luisa Toledo and Manuel VergaraThe Chicago Conspiracy is about the students who fight a dictatorship-era educational law put into place on the last day of military rule. Over 700,000 students went on strike in 2006 to protest the privatized educational system. Police brutally repressed student marches and occupations.

The Chicago Conspiracy is about the Day of the Youth Combatant. March 29 is not only about the Vergara brothers–it is a day to remember all youth combatants who have died under the dictatorship and current democratic regime.

The Chicago Conspiracy is about the neighborhoods lining the outskirts of Santiago. They were originally land occupations, and later became centers of armed resistance against the military dictatorship. A number of them, such as la Victoria and Villa Francia, continue as areas of confrontational discontent to this day.

The Chicago Conspiracy is about the Mapuche conflict. The Mapuche people valiantly resisted Spanish occupation, and continue to resist the Chilean state and the multinational corporations who strip Mapuche territory for forestry plantations, mines, dams, and farming plantations. The government has utilized the dictatorship-era anti-terrorism law to jail Mapuche community members in struggle. Two young weichafes (Mapuche warriors), Alex Lemún and Matías Catrileo, were recently killed by Chilean police-one in 2002, the other in 2008.

The Chicago Conspiracy is a response to a global conspiracy of neoliberalism, militarism, and authoritarianism.“

General Strike in Spain: High adhesion, clashes with police, fascist bookstore destroyed…

Edit 22:34: Apparently, for the comrades in Brussels who attended the mass demonstration the day went very poorly indeed, marked by a heavy repression, over 4oo arrests, and 2 serious injuries. More tomorrow…

A quick summary of todays general strike in the Spanish state, the 7th since the return of „democracy.“

-All in all a high adhesion, unions putting it at around 70%.

-Numerous police charges and arrests, usually aimed at picketers trying to stop strike breakers from going about their business. The worst of it was one woman, CGT member, who was run over by a strike breaker and suffered extensive injuries, even falling briefly into a coma.

-Not of particular importance, but a nice note….Rayo Vallecano was the only professional futbol team to adhere to the strike, with the players refusing to practice and the club closing its doors.

-In Barcelona, groups of anarchists and autonomes took the opportunity offered by the thinly stretched police and the thousands of people on the streets to
a. carry out an attack on the Nazi library „Europa“ and leave it completely destroyed. Sadly, no pictures (at least as of yet).

b. carry out militant actions directed at either stores which refused to close their doors for the day, or particularly „representative“ symbols of capitalism.
(Imagine…radicals in Germany using similar ocassions to show solidarity, radicalize people, and generally intervene in concrete real struggles with a direct relevance to the lives of people who exist outside of university classrooms. I can hear the empörung already…they are just trying to reform the system, es geht ums ganze, there might also be people who we dont agree with there, etc.)

In the course of the confrontations, barricades were erected, and at least one police vehicle was put out of action…

-You can read a summarized overview of the days events, both in the Spanish state and elsewhere, at La Haine (in Spanish).

-Elsewhere in Europe, independent unions carried out strike actions in Greece, and 100,000 people demonstrated in Brussels.

The day in pictures….

One of the pickets outside a Madrid transport hall…

The next round is scheduled for Saturday in France, where massive demonstrations are to take place across the country.

General Strike!

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