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„Femme de la Rue“ or „What Does a Woman Need to Feel Safe in the Street?… A Man!“

Harassment, insults, and generally attitudes and behaviors towards women that will, and should, take your breathe away. What does a woman need according to some of these relics from the stone age in order to be left in peace when walking down the street? The company of a man of course.

The following documentary chronicles the experience of a young woman in Brussels…

In Argentina, there have recently been some efforts to show men, who obviously dont have these experiences quite so often and seem to be seriously misguided about how much women „enjoy“ such „compliments, what it „feels like“ and how much women „appreciate“ the treatment. In Spanish, no subtitles, and no will to translate, but still understandable:

Bonus Points for Frittenbude: Show Cancelled Because of Sexist Chants from Audience

The whole scene is really not our thing, but still, good to give credit where credit is due. Yes, possibly a poor choice of words, but still a great spontaneous reaction on the part of Frittenbude. Two thumbs up!

For the non-barbarian speaking amongst you…Frittenbude asks somebody to come on stage and sing a song with them. The young woman then comes on stage, and the audience begins chanting for her to undress. In response, Frittenbude stops the show, tells the audience that they are not Ok with this sexist crap, and leaves the stage (for good!).

That said, one could suggest that Audiolith and its bands give a bit more thought to where and to whom they play, as well as what the „surrounding“ atmosphere is, as these are clearly the factors that lead to such a situation arising on such a massive scale. We are no strangers to events with four digit upwards audiences, but through mainly self-organized events, security crews made up of „movement/scene“ people, political content and/or imagery on the publicity material, and a general professional yet very overtly political character to the events, weve always managed to keep a certain „crowd“ at a distance. We like to think that this isnt a coincidence.

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