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Rolling Thunder, „An Anarchist Journal of Dangerous Living“ Nr. 9

Rolling Thunder is probably one of the finest English language anarchist publications existing in the world today (and its a convinced anarcho-communist and ex-NEFAC member saying this, so you know these arent words to take lightly!), so its always with great excitement that we greet new issues of it. In terms of content, it is arguably the best around. And in terms of layout and general „attractiveness“ no other publication even comes close.

In this issue you will find the following:

How important is legitimacy—in our own eyes, in the eyes of potential allies, in the eyes of the public? How can anarchists cultivate it? What pitfalls does it hold? Rolling Thunder #9 explores these questions while reporting on the past six months of upheavals around the US. Following up on our coverage of the 2008 convention protests, this issue assesses anarchist action at the 2009 G20 summit, mapping conflict throughout the city and analyzing the strategies of the police and protesters. The accompanying Pittsburgh scene report examines the decade of local organizing that prepared the ground for this and other confrontations. Elsewhere herein, we scrutinize protest and resistance on campus—from the recent occupation movement to efforts to shut down fascist student organizations—and overseas in the Smash EDO campaign. All this, plus obscure Russian history, a reappraisal of the concept of “free speech,” and the usual stunning prose. No advertisements; 16 full-color pages.

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