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Catalogue Update: Infos About the New Jackets, Mob Action New and Re-Stocks, Antifa Flags, and Stickers!

*Its noted already in the article description of the jackets, but here as well as we often get the impression that people dont read the infos before they order. So the more places we put it, the less exchanges we will have to deal with. So, again…

The „Red Heat / Red Stripe“ sweatjacket is VERY small. The exact measurements are listed here. So please, order at least one size larger than usual, in some cases even two! As an extra service though, should the size not fit correctly, we are doing free exchanges inside Germany! Aside from that, they are incredibly spectacular, and everybody who has so far received one agrees! :-)

Designing our own textiles is a learning process. The hood/kapu of the „Waterproof“ reversible jacket is unfortunately significantly smaller than originally designed by us. How small? Taller people may find it uncomfortable, and if you are using it to „be discreet“ you would need a basecap or wool cap to completely cover your head. Aside from that though, the jacket is incredible, but if you order and are unhappy with it because of the hood/kapu, we will exchange it for free!

*Mob Action has two new hoodies, and several classic designs are available again in all sizes as of next week. Here are the pictures, click on them for more infos:

*Not too much to say about this. They always take a while since we only order them when Antifa groups order larger quantities through us, and then we keep some extra. But for now, both versions are available again:

*Finally, further proof that we get easily excited…we have new stickers, and are terribly excited! :-) Aesthetic style „ugly chic.“ :-)

Fire and Flames Fall/Winter 2010: First Jackets Available Now!

The FIRST THREE OF THE NEW FIRE AND FLAMES JACKETS HAVE ARRIVED! It took long enough, but finally *the wait is over*! They are available online and to order as of right now, today, this instant!

In case you missed it, what we are talking about is to be found below. If you click when and where you are told to click, you will find further information as well as a detailed size chart!

*Fire and Flames Riotwear Sweatjacket „Red Heat / Red Stripe“ (FFSJ008)

„The „Red Heat/Red Stripe“ sweatjacket is the updated version of the incredibly loved original Fire and Flames sweatjacket. It is made of a durable synthetic fabric, and features a Fire and Flames embroidery on the chest, as well as discreetly embroidered antifa flags on the neck. Attention: SMALL! Order one size larger than usual! „

*Fire and Flames Riotwear Reversible Hooded Sweatjacket „Deep Blue“ (FFSJ007)

“ „Deep Blue“ sequel to the much loved and quickly sold out „Red/Black.“ It is made of heavy duty cotton on both sides, with a stylish royal blue with white stripes side, and a more discreet black side. Both sides feature a small Fire and Flames embroidery on the chest. “

*Fire and Flames Riotwear Reversible Hooded Sweatjacket „Waterproof“ (FFSJ006)

“ „Waterproof“ reversible features a black waterproof synthetic side with a small Fire and Flames embroidery on the chest, and a cotton fabric red side, likewise with a Fire and Flames embroidery on the chest. Attention: Sadly, the hood on this jacket was produced smaller than we designed it. How small? If you are tall if will probably bother you, and if you are looking to be discreet, you should wear a wool cap or a basecap as well. „

The equally exciting rest of the collection (retro sweatjackets, a backpack, etc.)
will be available ca. mid December.
You can have a quick look at what some of those
items will look like here:

Meet the Fire and Flames Spring Collection 2010…

Here they are. Look at them and be impressed! Since there are 20 of them, click read more to see them all.
Some of them are available immediately, the rest will be arriving over the next 10 days. They will all be online and orderable on Monday or Tuesday.

(PS Pssst….the images are in low resolution so you dont waste all day opening them. The prints are of course crystal clear!)


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