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Greece Update: 300 Migrants on Hunger Strike, Solidarity with A. Sirinidis and L. Sofianou, General Strike, etc.

*First and foremost, wed like to draw your attention to the struggle of the 300 migrants who find themselves nearing their 40th day of hunger strike. A truly inspiring story and example of resistance and solidarity.

You can read more about their situation on the Solidarity website.

*Also in the ongoing and coming up category, there will be a solidarity demonstration for Aris Sirinidis on Thursday evening in Athens. (Follow the link and scroll down a bit to get to the letter from him).

(The poster is from a previous mobilization, but it is at least relevant)
He is just one of many anarchist and anti-authoritarian prisoners of the state in Greece.

*There was recently yet another one day general strike in Greece. Interesting this time was the co-ordinated attempt to draw inspiration from the revolts in North Africa and attempt to occupy a symbolic space over a longer period of time, in this case Syntagma square in front of Parliament. This of course led to constant police attacks on blocks of demonstrators arriving there. Shockingly, neither the good citizens of Western Europe nor their super-democrat leaders rose up in anger and outrage at such an outrage. Fortunately, our Greek friends know better than to rely on the crocodile tears of the press, politicians, and good citizens to defend themselves, choosing to take care of the task themselves:

Similar scenes were of course seen at the last general strike in December:

On a little side note…in case you needed any, further, proof that good people wear good clothes, wed like to point your attention to the following picture from the December general strike…

*Finally, back to the present day and much more serious matters, we would like to point your attention to the following article:

Regarding the arrest of the anarchist Lida Sofianou at the general strike demonstration of February 23

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Athens on the day of the general strike on February 23 and headed to Parliament, flouting police repression and control. In a society crushed daily in the cog-wheels of increasingly intensified repression enforced by the state and the bosses, and under the pretext of the memorandum of co-operation with the IMF, the EU and the ECB, the determination of the thousands to march to Parliament signals a refusal to bow or to fall for the fright that authority wants to give. The demonstration blocks of the anarchists/anti-authoritarians, of the class base unions, of the neighbourhood assemblies, of social resistance against price increases etc. all carried a clear message: the message of collectivisation and self-organisation of social struggles from below, against mediation, party conduct and the class surrender of union bosses. The fighting spirit of the thousands who besieged Parliament and the insistence of those who stayed at Syntagma square for hours, facing the army of police, reveal the conviction that bosses are not unshakeable, that this is the time of social and class strike-back.

Almost from the beginning the demonstration came under police attack – the aim being for it to lose in numbers. During the arrival of many blocks at Syntagma square these attacks became fierce, with the murderous throwing of tear-gas, asphyxiating gas and stun grenades. The result was for demonstrators to be chased, tens to be injured, detained and arrested in a terrorising attempt aiming at the breaking up of the demo and that would in turn make sure there was no coherent, mass presence of people in front of Parliament. One of the blocks that were attacked and dispersed as soon as they arrived at Syntagma was the block of the Assembly of Resistance and Solidarity of the Kipseli/Patision area. A large part of the demonstrators were violently pushed toward Ermou Street, while some others were encircled by DIAS and DELTA forces and were beaten at Nikis Street by the entrance of the Technical Chamber.

This is where comrade Lida Sofianou, who participated in the demonstration with the block of the Assembly of Kipseli/ Patision, was arrested. Policemen of the DELTA force threw her to the street, dragged her toward the finance ministry, and tried to set up a fabrication against her, in order to frame her up her with crushing charges. More specifically they grabbed her bag, which contained texts of the Assembly, and attempted to place within it another bag with molotovs which they themselves were holding.


Solidarity with the Uprisings in Northern Africa: „Against the Reign of the State, Power, and Money“

The solidarity with the youth revolt in Northern Africa is, too slowly, but surely spreading. Incendiary devices were thrown yesterday at the Tunesian embassy in Bern, Switzerland, while a small explosion caused minor damage to a Tunesian consulate on the outskirts of Paris. Furthermore, in Marseille over 1.000 people demonstrated in solidarity with the uprising. The following is the translation of the following poster from a French autonome group…

Poverty has been growing in North Africa since the beginning of the year. The price of food staples is soaring, there is less and less work, further reducing the pitiful spectrum of everyone’s means of survival. They are bringing out the old trick of the „crisis“, making us believe that misery and revolt are new phenomena produced by it, while they are as old as money and authority. It only took a few sparks in Tunisia to set fire to the powderkeg of an already explosive situation, right to Algeria.
Cops attacked, government buildings, schools, customs, warehouses, police stations, car dealerships, banks and businesses targeted, coordinated roadblocks. Contrary to what power and journalistcops are saying, these riots are not limited to a few imaginary categories („young“, „graduates“, „unemployed“, „extremist“) but are expressed widely, and their targets are


International Solidarity

Best/Worst Dressed Demonstrator + Bremen Demo and Netherlands Squatting Actions

This picture, from the demonstration on Saturday against the 20 Years of German Reunification celebrations was definitely our smile of the day yesterday. The picture is actually from the mainstream press, for the version here though, without faces…

(although, even if it made us happy, we still do suggest good old plain black for demonstrations)

Aside from that, well over 2.000 people at the demonstration, making it a relative success as far as the mobilization aspect is concerned. The much expected conflicts with the state and its dogs, I mean pigs, emmm…police did not materialize. The demonstration was accompanied by an equal number of police, once again proving the sadly obvious (as was the case most recently in Göttingen with the demonstration on the 20th anniversary of „Conny“s death) that even the most intense mobilizations of the autonomous and radical left in todays reality do not lead to a situation where it is possible to create situations of „unmediated rupture“ and direct confrontation with the state in an effective manner. Nevertheless, some impressions of the demo…

Otherwise, in the Netherlands, at the demonstrations against the new law forbidding squatting…


The demo…

The confrontation with the cops.


Assorted Nr. 27: Cops Lose Control to Anarchists, Meat Kills, Weekend Activities

*Cops lose control to anarchists
Be it only for a short time and in a very limited area, its interesting to see and hear it from their perspective. Furthermore, it occurs more commonly than many may think. Without further research the FTAA protests in Quebec City come to mind, where anarchists at one point attacked a police car, forced the officers inside to flee, and then obtained from the car not only folders with complete police contingency plans and intelligence information, but also communications equipment which kept many militants very well informed as to the who, what, and where of the police for the course of the weekend.
(The riots in Göttingen during the 2005 Nazi demonstration are also possibly another example judging by the comments of the police chief afterwards, although in that case it is unclear how much of it was reality and how much of it was political bickering between police, courts, and politicians).
*McDonalds – I was Lovin It
„Make it vegetarian“ kind of ruins it for us here, but otherwise true enough…
*Weekend Activities
Very much this weekend, one might also say too much. A lot of it is concentrated around Berlin, with an antifascist demonstration, antifascist actions against a planned NPD concert, protests against Christian fundamentalist freaks, the „No Justice, No Peace“ solidarity concert, and more. The good people from Antifabrik have written a good overview of the weekends activities in Berlin. We particularly suggest the „No Justice, No Peace“ kundgebung and open air concert organized by the group of the same name as well as friends and family of the murdered Dennis J.

(More Infos Here)

The other demonstration at which we strongly encourage attendance is in Dresden, in response to the string of right wing arson attacks in the previous weeks and months (directed against the homes of left wing activists, the Jewish community, and other similar „targets“). Further infos, here…

And a mobi video…

Also noteworthy:

And finally, for those of us in our little village, the banner tells you the coordinates, the details are available via Papiere für Alle

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