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Good News To You I Tell !

+++ Acero Moretti – The best of CD +++ Angelic Upstarts – Anthems Against Scum Live CD +++ Attila The Stockbroker – Disestablished 1980 CD +++ Balotta Continua – Notre d‘Inferno per i Residenti CD +++ Blitz – All Out Attack EP +++ Business, The – Drinkin‘ + Drivin‘ EP +++ Conexión Musical – Aus dem toten Winkel Do-LP +++ Gloomster – Nägel mit Köpfen LP +++ Gulag Beach – Favela Blues LP +++ Hors Controle – Vauriens CD + DVD +++ J‘aurais Voulu – Sur nos routes CD +++ Johnny Mauser – Die Sendung mit dem Mauser LP +++ Kira Kanoa – Impressionen 10″ +++ Les Trois Huit – s/t CD +++ Mossin Nagant – s/t CD +++ Mirror Monkeys – s/t LP +++ Movement, the – Globalize This! CD/LP +++ Movement, The – Fools Like You CD +++ Movement, The – Still Living The Dream MCD +++ Oppressed, The – Antifascist Oi! EP +++ Redska – Le Mie Prigioni LP +++ Redskins – Live1985 CD +++ Rejects S/A / Sta Press Boys – Oi! It’s a world invasion Vol. 2 Split CD +++ Rude Boys, The – Rude Boy Shuffle EP +++ Sang Mele – On tout sincerite CD +++ Senza Frontiere – No Sapremo Di Noi CD +++ Stage Bottles – Fair Enough CD +++ Stage Bottles – Keep On Fighting LP +++ V/A – Int la Stre – Un sorso de Romagna Do-CD +++ V/A – Lucha Amada II – Love Music Hate Fascism Do-CD +++ V/A – Rage Against the Death Machine – Free Mumia Do-CD +++ V/A – United Worldwide! EP +++ Waving the Guns – Totschlagargumente LP +++ Zeman – Attitudine Offensiva CD +++

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Fire and Flames World Update: Mail from Canada (Redskins CD, Hold a Grudge, Oppressed…), Fall Collection More Pictures, Upcoming (CNT Fest Metz), etc.

*New and Re-Stocked Insurgence Records Releases, The Redskins „Epilogue“!

We got a big package from Insurgence Records on Friday. The highlights being The Oppressed double CD „Wont Say Sorry,“ the new Hold a Grudge CD, as well as two important re-stocks in the form of the Fighting Chance LP „Sacrifice and Struggle“ and the complete works of one of North Americas first leftist skinhead bands, the legendary The Press.

All of this is exciting enough, but the definite icing on the cake is the „new“ REDSKINS CD „Epilogue.“ If you dont know *and* love the Redskins, the band who „walked like The Clash and sang like The Supremes,“ then I suggest you stop reading right now and either invest 13€ in the CD, or at least go look for some free songs of theirs online. Not only were they pioneers of this madness we call the „redskin subculture,“ they were politically solid through and through and musically few bands have ever even come close to them. On this particular CD, you can listen in awe at such hard to get classics as „Unionize,“ „Lean on Me,“ and „It Can Be Done.“

(The Redskins, being traditional MLers of the party variety, would certainly not approve of the person who made this videos choice of pictures, but whatever…)

*Meet the first three jackets of the fall collection. If all goes well, they will be online and deliverable as of 27.10…so in EXACTLY 30 days…

The classic „Red Heat“ Black sweatjacket, in slightly revised look…

The 100% cotton reversible hooded sweatjacket, this time royal blue/black.

The reversible hooded waterproof jacket. One side black and waterproof, the other red and cotton.

*CNT Fest in Metz, October 2nd-3rd-4th

We know, theres really waaaaay to much on offer this coming weekend (the demonstration in Brussels in the context of the No Border Camp, the demonstration in Bremen, the squatters demonstration in the Netherlands…) but still. The annual CNT festival in Metz is always worth the visit. In all honesty, it already began last week with a series of debates, concerts, and film screenings, but for us it is concentrated this weekend with…
-Concerts from Friday to Sunday, highlights include antifascist hardcore from Russia from WHAT WE FEEL, polit hiphop from SKALPEL, very classic ska from LOS 3 PUNTOS, and the beloved STAGE BOTTLES. The list is of course highly subjective, there are in total 11 bands playing!

-A demonstration on Saturday afternoon to the offices of the „Medef“ (the bosses lobby organization in France).

-Debates and discussions througout the weekend, and a collective eating of couscous on Sunday for Lunch. :-)

*In no the „posing around“ category, although it does really makes us happy…In the last few weeks, aside from the usual orders to Germany, we have sent packages to: Canada, USA (Wisconsin!), Singapore, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Rep., Spanish State, Russia, Switzerland, and Austria! Woooo.

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