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Finally a Game Worth Playing and Racing vs Los Amargos: The Summary

Stereotypes are bad, but sometimes one just cant help it. This is my case with video/computer game prejudices. In typical Argentine fashion, I have always been of the firm conviction that computers are for working and consoles for playing, anybody who plays games on a computer is to be judged a hopeless nerd and be mocked for eternity. And if you play on a console, only futbol games are acceptable, playing (god forbid talking about) other games the equivalent of social suicide. So basically only playing FIFA is acceptable, and even then talking about it while not actually playing it, or even worse posting something about it online, constitutes a mildly serious faux pas.

But if exceptions are what make rules, then this is the mother of all of them, as FIFA12 brings with it groundbreaking news…

(Ok, so maybe this isnt the cover, but it definitely should have been!)

Brutal honesty…Ive even taken the supernerd step of learning how to download music onto the Playstation so that I can play with the songs of our fans in the background. :-)

While on the subject of Racing, a short summary of what was the clasico this weekend…

On the field, 1-1, which was unfortunate. After Racing took the lead in the first minute, we were expecting a historic day, but it was not to be. Off the field of course, the day lent itself to all sorts of, ummm, „colourful“ anecdotes.

Racing fans arriving, with a couple of trophies as well….

Racing takes the field. Not bad, would have been much better though if the cops hadnt got wind of what was planned and „confiscated the materials“ shortly before the game. Unfortunate.

The cops try to enter the terrace to remove some smoke bombs…and quickly realize that this is not a good idea. Notice their retreat from maybe 15 Racing fans!

The Independiente scum, being the cowards they are, shot a Racing fan in the course of a confrontation before the game…

They also entertained themselves during the game by throwing huge pieces of cement from their terrace down to where the Racing fans were. This led to Racing fans trying to exit their section to storm the Independiente section. Of course, they didnt get far, as quickly another confrontation with the cops ensued. Racing fans and cops also had a confrontation before the game, during which the Cops made use of rubber bullets and horse charges.

Finally, it looks like our sour friends lost a little something…

Argentine „Futbol“ Roundup: Atlanta Campeon, Disturbances and Death at Velez – San Lorenzo, etc.

Its been a while since there was a little report on the high and lowlights of the Argentine futbol world, but as usual there has been no lack of interesting anecdotes….

First and foremost, I have been afraid to mention it as superstitious fears of possible consequences impede me to think clearly, but at this point it seems safe to say it: ATLANTA IS LEAVING THIRD DIVISION!!!! After an 11 year long nightmare, there are now 10 games remaining in the season, and Atlanta is 12 points ahead of the second placed team.

*For a couple of weeks, not only was Atlanta first, but Racing was in first place as well, a confusing change from the reality we know, which led me to often have to pinch myself to make sure this wasnt a dream. Here as well, I was too afraid to make public mention of this situation, for fear of provoking bad luck. Now that Racing has lost the last two games and is no longer first, Im assuming its safe.

*What always was and probably always will be unsafe is of course attending a futbol match in Argentina, as Velez and San Lorenzo insist on making terribly clear twice a year. This time, Velez fans advanced all the way to the San Lorenzo entrance of the stadium, one San Lorenzo fan died after a police beating, and the game was suspended after seven minutes because of disturbances in the stands.

A video showing Velez fans storming the away fans area, set classily to cumbia villera (Argentinas gangster rap) with elegant lyrics about futbol hooliganism:

San Lorenzo fans, enraged by news of the death, attempt to storm the field, leading to the suspension of the game:

*In some lower division game between two teams nobody has ever heard of, a referee was attacked by an entire team:

*And in first division, a player and a cameraman exchange warm greetings:

*Finally, enjoy it because it wont happen often, positive words about fans from other clubs…

First, Penarol from Uruguay adapting „El Viejo“ from La Vela Puerca…


Stadium version…

Finally, River Plate fans adapting „Sentimiento Villero,“ from pibes chorros, proving that in a stadium even the worst crap can be made to sound good.

Original cumbia villera…

In the stadium…

*Finally, not from Argentina but still absolutely incredible. Definitely many bonus points to this guy for the creativity. Straight out of the three stooges:

Joy and Sadness: Disaster in Racing, Atlanta Unstoppable, and Blooper…

So the newest first division season began in Argentina last week, and although as far as Racing is concerned the actual futbol playing is secondary, I have to admit that the team that had been put together for this season was particularly inspiring, and while winning isnt the priority, its also not that bad.

The main hope of this Racing is a Colombian player called Giovani Moreno, who plays futbol in a manner so filled with fantasy and joy, its something us talent starved Racing fans have never really seen! He can be called, without much argument, the best player in Argentine futbol today. Any doubts, please see for yourselves:

Long story short, first game of the season, Racing wins away against All Boys 1-0, life is good. Right? Wrong. Knee injury, surgery needed, out for 6-8 months. I could cry…

This is just the icing on the cake of a pre-season marked not only by several important injuries, but also the death of Racings massage therapist, killed by lightning during practice!

Now Im a pretty rational person, but all this really makes me think that it is time to finally find the fucking cats buried under Racings field so that this voodoo might one day end. (What the fuck? Click here, scroll down to the last Youtube video, there is even a documentary about black magic against Racing!)

The smile of the day, if one was possible in the face of such a world shaking tragedy, would be this one. One of the most spectacular referee/linesman mistakes ever. Lucky it was in Costa Rica and not somewhere else, they might not have survived it…

As tragic as the developments in Racing might be, Atlanta on the other hand is at least marching apparently non-stop to second division! 17 games remaining, 10 points ahead of the second placed team, winning every game. The decade long march through the abyss of third division seems to be nearing its end…

The last two games:

Assorted 29: Protests in England and Italy, Siempre Antifascista, Racing, Comedy, Kim Jong Il, etc.

Midnight on a Friday night, sitting in front of the computer, working on the internet site and writing blog posts. Taken out of context, this might seem spectacularly nerd and loser like. Yet, just returned from hockey (second time since the last surgery…went well!) and now desperately trying to kill the time until the Racing game begins (approx. one hour to go). The importance of todays game is made clear in this previous post. Were I now in Argentina, enjoying the late Spring and not here in -10 degree deep dark Germany village nightmare, I would be here and my life would look like this:

But whatever, „it is what it is,“ and what better way to kill some time than with a good old fashioned completely random and unstructured assorted post after so many days of silence. A sign the blog is appreciated: There were emails and phone calls to complain about the silence and/or ask if everything was OK. I though it was pretty funny. Anyways…

*Politician Humor, Pretty Damned Funny:

*Would be funny if not dangerous and frightening. The Catalan section of the right wing „Partido Popular“ wanted to reach out to youth, so they made a video game. One in which the goal is to collect points by shooting at separatists and immigrants!

*Really damned funny in the „what the fuck“ kind of way is the Kim Looking at Things Blog! It is exactly as it sounds…poctures of Kim Jong Il looking at things. For example, looking at corn:

*Siempre Antifascista Conference, Siempre Antifascista Festival, Silvio Meier Demo

Two weeks, two excursions to Berlin, and sadly little time and energy to report on them in any significant or in depth manner. Fortunately, I am willing to take the hit for all of us and report on our experiences in an insignifcant and shallow manner. Namely, bullet points…

-The Conference: Was well organized, had a truly international character, and presented a pleasant chance to either re-connect with comrades from distant places (particular greetings go at this point to RASH Montreal, the comrade from Miami, and AFA Prague!) or meet new ones. Definitely a worthwhile initiative which should be further built on. Less positive, the very sparce attendance of people from Berlin.

-After the conference..„Caminito Berlin“!!!

Berlins most authentic Argentine restaurant
, with really excellent empanadas and milanesas (although sadly no „asado“). Despite everybody else cancelling at the last minute, I chose to not let social pressure affect my decisions, and pressed on with my plans: Eating obscene amounts of food, while sitting alone and reading a book at a table in a small restaurant on a Saturday night, surrounded by couples in the middle of romantic evenings while myself wearing jogging pants. Classy all the damned way!

-Why did the others abandon me at the last minute? To go and take poser pictures of course!!

We had anyways forgotten our banner…

-Fast forward all of five days, and there we were again on our way to Berlin, this time to attend the Siempre Antifascista festival and the Silvio Meier demonstration.

We are ashamed to say that, day one of the festival we missed, and although this was not the plan…we wouldnt hesitate to do it again! Why? Because we were invited by an Italian comrade to eat at one of the very very fine establishments he runs. We entered the restaurant at 9 pm….and left at 2 am! In the middle…course after course of seafood, pasta, pizza, tiramisu, mascarpone, mousse, liters of red wine, grappa, and coffee. Its a hard life! And it got even harder after we were forced, very much against our will or best instincts, to accompany him afterwards to Clash, SO36 (roller disco!), and some other bar I cant even recall the name of.

-The next day, we dragged our tired and pained selves to some meetings, delivered lots of music to several shops, and off we went to the Silvio Meier demo. We were very presently surprised by its size (estimated 4000 people), and of course the roof actions couldnt fail. Nice, but maybe a bit too much and often lately. The demo in video:

-Straight from the demo to the concert…not much to say about it. Los Fastidios as always, FSFF pretty damned great, The Movement excellent, and so forth. Had the opportunity to chat with tons of people, the show was completely sold out, only negative point…we were there late because of the demo, so our table was again right in front of the speakers, causing probably permanent damage to our hearing. WHAT?

Big congratulations, thanks, and respect to RASH Berlin and Northeast Antifascists for their efforts!

*Student Protests in Italy and England

The protests in England have beeen getting much more media attention, probably because it is more rare for British students to engage in militant confrontations than it is in Italy. Regardless, after the very sad and sobering defeat of the latest strike movement in France, its nice to see other fronts of resistance to cuts and neo-liberal reforms opening up.

In Rome:

And some pretty good pictures here.

In London:
The occupation and destruction of Tory Headquarters!

An interview on BBC news with a member of Whitechapel Anarchist group, saying what needs to be said:

So, thatll have to be enough. Especially since I didnt finish this last night, and btw Racing won 2-0!!!

Atlanta in First Place, Racing Fighting for Libertadores Cup Slot

As far as success on the pitch is concerned, the world of futbol has treated neither Atlanta nor Racing particularly well over the last few decades. And while I still am a firm believer in that sporting success is only secondary, certain achievements are much longed for, not only for the great party and celebration that their acquisition would entail, but also because they have the potential to produce real and tangible changes in ones life as a follower of the club in question.

In the case of Atlanta, as the graphic above shows, the reason is clear: Atlanta is in first place in third division, and has been now for about a month. Over the last few games, a gap of 4 points to the second placed team and 6 points to third has developed. We are almost halfway through the season, and should this miracle hold until late May or early June, it will mean the end of an over one decade long nightmare odyssey through the „Primera B“ metropolitana, back to second division, and most likely finally enable a new round of the derby against Chacarita. All thats missing…that away fans can return to the stadiums. Im so excited I can barely breathe. The“popular“ the most recent game:

Just as exciting, Atlanta is once again growing as a club…several years ago we recovered our social center from the city (lost in a bankrupty in the 90s), the stadium was transformed from wooden terraces to cement and re-opened last year, and now work has begun on adding a grill area and solarium (!!! Whatever….) to the club grounds:

In the case of Racing, a shockingly pleasant situation…namely that with 3 matches remaining in the season Racing is currently placed 6th in the season points ranking, putting us 1 point away from 5th place and a spot for Copa Libertadores 2011 (South American version of the Champions League), has been turned into a rather unpleasant one by the incompetence and corruption of South American futbol in general, Argentine in particular.

A nice image from the most recent away game, in Banfield, which Racing won 2-1

Last week (yes, 7 days ago, only 4 games before the end of the season) the CONMEBOL (South American Futbol Confederation) decided that the winner of the „Supercopa“ (equivalent to the UEFA cup), who qualifies automatically for the Copa Libertadores of the following season, would not be added as an extra spot for the country of the team who wins it…but rather would take the last spot of the country. In other words: If an Argentine team wins the Supercopa, the 5th Libertadores spot is taken by that team and not whoever is 5th on points. Changing the rules of a sporting event once its already begun (almost ended!), you cant get much more banana republic like than that!

Bad enough, because the Supercopa final first leg is this week, and an Argentine team is in it. Not any Argentine team…its of course the scum of Independiente! Of course, they have arrived this far with an offside goal (about 2 meters offside!), they hit the goalie of the visiting team with a rock during a game splitting his head open (and the game was still not suspended), they play all the return legs at home, and the final will be against Goias, who will be playing next season in the Brazilian second division! Life is good when your biggest fan is the president/dictator of the Argentine Futbol Federation and you can even make your own rules as you go!

The silver lining…about 160 Independiente fans were scammed out of 800 USD each, with tickets for a charter flight to Brazil which never took off! I dislike them severely, and yet still feel kind of sorry for them….

Whatever, a video of Racings latest glorious victory…

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