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Prague Calling

Big surprise for everyone including ourselves: Some of us are here with a FF table at this awesome event of antifascist counterculture in Prague tomorrow too. Still can‘t believe how lucky we are, see you there!

May Day 2011 in Prague and „Hardcore is More Than Music“ DVD

This year we were fortunate enough to, although in very small numbers (two of us!) spend the 1st of May a little differently….namely at the „Mayday Festival“ in Prague.

(More pictures here!)

Put briefly…a very worthwhile visit which we hope to repeat in the years to come. Organized on a non-profit, befenit donation entrance basis, with somewhere in the vicinity of 10.000 people attending, on a beautiful location by the river, with two stages, culturally vary varied, lots of young people and children (with a very good childrens section), political debates and presentations well attended, and despite the amount of people no stress, fights, or problems. Again, we were very impressed and we send a big thanks to the AFA people for letting us be a (very small) part of it!

Furthermore, during our visit, we picked up some copies of this fine documentary…

„Hardcore is More Than Music“


Presented by 161 Media Crew (Czech / Slovakia), this is what they have to say about it:
„We have witnessed a new trend among neo-Nazis in recent years. More and more of them are leaving the skinhead image behind and trying to find themselves elsewhere. One of the targets for them is the hardcore scene. They find the aggressive music and uncompromising lyrics impressive.

The leading figures of Czech neo-Nazi scene have been trying to infiltrate to hardcore shows and to take pictures with famous faces of the international hardcore scene. But they do not care about HC ethics, history or culture of hardcore. They only care about the “tough guy” image and macho poses. But that has never been what hardcore is about. People in hardcore scene differ from one another in many aspects, and that’s a good thing. But hardcore has never been connected to racism or Nazism. Hardcore community has always been a space for the people to meet without prejudice. And we want it to stay that way.

That’s why we turned to some of the bands that have something to say. Among them were the bands whose shows attracted Nazis, who attempted to attend them. You can find the views and opinions of these bands on this DVD. Our questions remained the same, but the answers varied significantly. But they have something in common – there is no space for racism, prejudice and Nazism in the HC scene. For us, HC scene is a family. For Nazis, it is just another scene they wish to abuse to gain support for their political goals. The message is clear: Go to hell, assholes! There is no space for fuckers like you in the hardcore scene!“

Prague: Mayday 2011

We would like to draw your attention to this excellent event organized by Czech Antifascist Action every year in Prague. Fire and Flames will be there, and we strongly suggest you be there as well! Lots of people, great atmosphere, wonderful location, creative, diverse, and even child friendly, and of course politically very support worthy. You can see pictures of last years Mayday festival here.

Aside from the excellent work on Mayday, the Czech antifa has also recently released a very readable article regarding the ever increasing efforts of Neo Nazis to take advantage of and assume elements of „alternative“ subcultures. This phenomenom, ever stronger in Germany, seems to be most massive in the Czech Republic. You can read the article here.

MayDay Festival 2011

„On behalf of Antifascist Action, we invite you to May Day – a political festival with cultural overlap – for the fourth time. The festival will take place on the 1st May 2011 on Císařská louka in Prague, starting at 12:00.

During the first day of May, many Czech as well as foreign bands will take over the stage, as well as interesting lecturers, workshops, theatre plays and movie screenings that you will get a chance to attend. Kids as well as their parents will for sure welcome the possibility to visit the children’s corner where the kids can play with their parents or be taken care of when their mom and dad want to see their favourite band or a lecture. We will kick off the celebrations of 15 years of Antifascist Action on Císařská louka, so we worked really hard to make you love the program. So let’s see what is there for you to enjoy:

We continue with the past years trend and so we extended the lecture part of the festival some more. This year, our festival will host the following names: ALAN CARTER, professor of Philosophy on the Glasgow University, an influential anarchist thinker concentrating on ethics, moral philosophy, human impact on the environment and it’s relation to the life itself. JOHN HOLLOWAY, sociologist and lecturer of the Autonomous University of Puebla, who is cooperating on a long-time basis with the Zapatista movement. We will also be honored to welcome an anarchist activist and member of the antifranquist resistance OCTAVIO ALBEROLA. A representative of the KPK (Collectively against Capital) group will give a lecture on the reforms in the Czech Republic and a representative of the Mouvement Communiste will speak about the recent revolts in the Arab countries.

The musical part of the festival will again be very colorful – many bands across genres wanting to support the emancipating ideals agreed to play. You can look forward to the uncompromising metal/hardcore of the Germany’s own HEAVEN SHALL BURN. HSB have their space among the top of their genre and they will play in Prague after a couple of years, and this time completely without getting paid, as well as all the other bands and performers. Among these, there will be PSH – a Czech hip-hop legend that will bring many of their guests on stage in a special MayDay set. Ska fans will sure welcome a big name of the scene – THE CHANCERS, who are well known for the energy of their shows. The Serbian RED UNION will bring their melodic HC/punk with a clear political message, as well as their brothers in arms, BAYONETTES. The up-to-date form of hip-hop will be represented by LUSHLIFE from USA, another band representing overseas will be SPECTRES from Canada, bringing their energic post punk following the path of Joy Division or Wire. There will also be two bands from Slovakia ready to make your blood run fast – VANDALI and ILÚZIA. The former mixes fast HC/punk with a load of humor and sarcasm and the latter builds mainly on the singer’s perfect voice and original compositions. The charismatic singer/songwriter DAŠA FON FLAŠA is also of a Slovak origin. He is an amazing player with words, as well as ARAN SATAN. The strictly underground punk scene will be represented by JONESTOWN and their crust/HC. So this year’s lineup is complete and all we can say is that we are very happy to see so many bands from such different genres and subcultures standing hand in hand on such a festival as MayDay.

There will also be a theatre performance called “Vandaska” (a name based on the surname of the infamous Workers Party leader Vandas) by the theatre company ZTRACENÁ EXISTENCE (Lost Existence), workshops and movie screenings. There will also be a lot of space for presentations of anti-authoritarian, ecological and other groups and collectives. Vegan catering and a coffee place offering fair trade treats are a sure thing.“

22.1: Prague and Göttingen!

For obvious reasons, we have one main suggestion for all of you for tomorrow…

In case you happen to still not know, this:

(Here in English )

No less important, just more far away from us:

Spring Collection 2010 ONLINE NOW

To please the many impatient ones among you who bombarded us with mails over the last few days….it took six hours of work, but the entire new collection is now online and ready to be ordered. Some designs are already available, the rest will arrive during next week.

Here you go….

If you are looking for us this weekend, we can be found at the AFA Fest in Prague where we will be tabling and where The Class War Kids will be playing.

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