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Assorted Nr. 24: FF World Update (New Collection and Releases), Oscar Grant, AFA UK, RASH Bogota, Small Town Cops with no Real Work, etc.

Now not only broken, but sick as well…wayyy too much time on my hands. Three weeks no walking, probably three more to go. And since 10 days ago Doctor even forbid me the stationary bike. Mood is very bad. Anycow…

*First the work…

By far most exciting…all the design and color scheme work on the fall collection is finished, and the revised sample items should be here for confirmation in a week or two. Next week we will be making first payment on three different jackets for which design and all details have already been sorted out, and the first jackets should be here around early to mid October. Keeping with the brutal honesty with which Fire and Flames communicates with you all…the collection will come stretched over a couple of months, two or three textile types at a time, since we cant afford to produce everything at the same time. A complete update and presentation with pictures will be forthcoming as soon as we have recieved all the finalized samples.

Equally exciting, if all goes well we will have new releases from BRIXTON CATS, OPCIO K-95, and ZARTAKO out in September.

Worked on the catalog as well, BANDA BASSOTTIs double live album, „Checkpoint Kreuzberg“, recorded live at SO36 is finally online, as well as ENRAGED MINORITYs
debut album.

Finally, even the FAQ has become somewhat more complete. Still a work in progress though…

*I promise if I manage to get my hands on this t-shirt, I will never ever wear anything else again….

*Also attracting my attention as of late, but fortunately in a somewhat less shallow way, is „Paradoxes of Utopia: Anarchist Culture and Politics in Buenos Aires 1890–1910″

Paradoxes of Utopia gives us an engaging look at fin de siècle Buenos Aires that brings to life the vibrant culture behind one of the world’s largest anarchist movements: the radical schools, newspapers, theaters, and social clubs that made revolution a way of life. Cultural history in the best sense, Paradoxes of Utopia explores how a revolutionary ideology was woven into the ordinary lives of tens of thousands of people, creating a complex tapestry of symbols, rituals, and daily practices that supported-and indeed created the possibility of-the Argentine labor movement.

Hopefully well have it online soonish…

*Midly interesting video on the mobilization around the „conviction“ of the Oakland cop who killed Oscar Grant. Lots of bonus points to the guy in the second video pulling a flaming dumpster around while riding a bicycle!

*More moderately productive ways to spend your time online…

An interview with RASH Bogota on Colombian television. Probably the most positive mass media coverage a RASH group will ever get…

Old but good documentary on British Antifascist Action. Heres the link to the first part…

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*The beloved police department of our quaint little town of Göttingen was again in finest form yesterday, harassing an anti-racist demonstration of almost 200 people because some vandal threatened public safety by writing with *chalk* on a wall. Further proof that there isnt enough real work for these people in town.

*Finally, Atlanta 1 – 1 Tristan Suarez yesterday. Very frustrating, because the game was in Villa Crespo and Atlanta played with 1 extra player for almost thirty minutes.

Theres No Justice, Just Us! Oakland Cop Gets Away with the Murder of Oscar Grant

, Oakland police officer Johannes Mehserle was yesterday „convicted“ of involuntary manslaughter, rather than murder, for the killing of Oscar Grant. This „conviction“ is the equivalent of a slap in the wrist. For those who missed it, Mehserle shot Oscar Grant from behind while he was lying on the floor, on his stomach.

Much like after the murder itself, popular anger did not take long to find its expression in militant demonstrations around Oakland. Fires were set, glass windows broken, and shops looted.

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