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Göttingen: Police Prevent Antifascist Demonstration in Northeim, Surround Houses on Rote Strasse

This was the view from the windows of the Rote Strasse at ca. 15:00 today (unsurprisingly, a picture in the other direction of the street looked quite similar). Over the last minutes the police presence in front of the houses has diminished, but there is still concern that they may try to enter. NOTE: Unconfirmed, unlikely…so please no panic. But the possibility exists.

Today marked a further step in the police enabled establishment of „national liberated zones,“ as not only were thousands of robocops bussed into Northeim and Göttingen to allow for an undisturbed regional congress of the NPD, they even went so far as to stop hundreds of demonstrators who travelled by train from Göttingen to Northeim from exiting Northeim train station. The prretext: every single individual demonstrator should be controlled! The ensuing conflicts resulted in several injuries, as well as several arrests.

After several hours at Northeim train station, the demonstrators decided to return to Göttingen for a demonstration in the city, which was again confronted with hundreds of police officers, and finally an encirclement of the demonstration in front of the houses of the Rote Strasse.

Kein NPD-Landesparteitag am 22.5.2011 in Northeim!

NPD Parteitag im Northeim!

Die niedersächsische NPD darf ihren Landesparteitag nun doch in der Northeimer Stadthalle abhalten. Das Oberverwaltungsgericht Lüneburg hat am Freitag einen Beschluss des Verwaltungsgerichts Göttingen aufgehoben, nachdem die Stadt der Partei die Nutzung der Halle versagen durfte. Jetzt muss die Stadt dem Landesverband einen Saal der Stadthalle am 22. Mai in der Zeit von 8 bis 22 Uhr zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Nachdem der Landesverband der Partei im Februar eine Mietanfrage für die Stadtalle bei der Stadt Northeim gestellt hatte, hatte der Rat der Stadt daraufhin in einer Sondersitzung eine Änderung der Nutzungsordnung der Halle beschlossen. Danach sollten künftig keine überregionalen Parteiveranstaltungen mehr in dem Gebäude zulässig sein.

Das Oberverwaltungsgericht hat nun entschieden, dass die NPD sich auf die Rechtslage vor der Satzungsänderung berufen kann. Die Stadt Northeim habe nicht glaubhaft machen können, die Nutzungsordnung „nicht aus einem anzuerkennenden allgemeinen Grund geändert zu haben, sondern nur, um den Antrag des Antragstellers ablehnen zu können“, so das Gericht. Insbesondere die Tatsache, dass in der Stadthalle im April 2010 ein Bundesparteitag der Grünen stattgefunden hatte, wird vom Gericht als Argument gegen das Verbot angeführt. Vor diesem Hintergrund der NPD die Vermietung das Halle zu versagen, verstoße gegen den Gleichbehandlungsgrundsatz aus dem Parteiengesetz. Der Stadt Northeim wird zum Verhängnis, dass sie „mit der Versagung der ihr unbequemen Nutzung der Stadthalle für den beabsichtigten Landesparteitag zugleich ein politisches Zeichen setzen wollte.“ Dies verstoße gegen die Neutralitätsverpflichtung der Stadt.

Bislang sind keine Proteste gegen den Parteitag geplant, wohl weil allgemein angenommen wurde, das Verbot würde halten. Antifa-Gruppen aus Göttingen wollen nun damit beginnen, Gegenaktionen vorzubereiten. So will die Redical M den Parteitag „auf allen Ebenen, mit allen Mitteln“ verhindern.

(via: Monsters of Göttingen)

Nostalgia Time…Göttingen 29.10.2005

Früher war alles besser und so. The NPD had a „demonstration“ in Göttingen…

The third visit was less of a sporting ocassion, but did produce a nice mobilization video:

Assorted Nr. 27: Cops Lose Control to Anarchists, Meat Kills, Weekend Activities

*Cops lose control to anarchists
Be it only for a short time and in a very limited area, its interesting to see and hear it from their perspective. Furthermore, it occurs more commonly than many may think. Without further research the FTAA protests in Quebec City come to mind, where anarchists at one point attacked a police car, forced the officers inside to flee, and then obtained from the car not only folders with complete police contingency plans and intelligence information, but also communications equipment which kept many militants very well informed as to the who, what, and where of the police for the course of the weekend.
(The riots in Göttingen during the 2005 Nazi demonstration are also possibly another example judging by the comments of the police chief afterwards, although in that case it is unclear how much of it was reality and how much of it was political bickering between police, courts, and politicians).
*McDonalds – I was Lovin It
„Make it vegetarian“ kind of ruins it for us here, but otherwise true enough…
*Weekend Activities
Very much this weekend, one might also say too much. A lot of it is concentrated around Berlin, with an antifascist demonstration, antifascist actions against a planned NPD concert, protests against Christian fundamentalist freaks, the „No Justice, No Peace“ solidarity concert, and more. The good people from Antifabrik have written a good overview of the weekends activities in Berlin. We particularly suggest the „No Justice, No Peace“ kundgebung and open air concert organized by the group of the same name as well as friends and family of the murdered Dennis J.

(More Infos Here)

The other demonstration at which we strongly encourage attendance is in Dresden, in response to the string of right wing arson attacks in the previous weeks and months (directed against the homes of left wing activists, the Jewish community, and other similar „targets“). Further infos, here…

And a mobi video…

Also noteworthy:

And finally, for those of us in our little village, the banner tells you the coordinates, the details are available via Papiere für Alle

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