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More noize for the Grrlz‘n'Boiz

+++ Anti-Pasti – The last call LP +++ Apurtu – Orain aske Zara LP + CD +++ Bagna – s/t LP +++ Cios – Crisis CD +++ Cios – Streets on fire CD +++ Filaments, The – Land of Lions LP +++ Ghetto 84 – A denti stretti LP +++ Hors Controle – Béni, Maudit Do-CD +++ Hors Controle – Enfants du Charbon CD +++ Hors Controle – Liberté Surveillée CD +++ Hors Controle – Pour tes frères CD +++ Hors Controle / Bullshit Detector Split 10″ + CD +++ Juventud Crasa / Pinprick Punishment – Split EP +++ Klasse Kriminale – The rise and fall of the stylish Kids CD + Comic SPECIAL EDITION + Comic +++ Klowns – Мы – дети EP CD +++ Komintern 43 – Grupos de Tormenta CD +++ Laurel Aitken – Skinhead Train 7″ +++ Leatherface – Mush LP +++ Moscow Death Brigade / What We Feel – Here to Stay Split EP +++ Nabat / Colonna Infame – Split EP +++ Newtown Neurotics – Beggars can be chosen LP +++ Newtown Neurotics – Licensing Hours 7″ +++ NH3 – United We Stand EP +++ Oi Polloi – Punx‘n'Skins EP +++ RPG-7 – En tu ciudad CD +++ Sex Pistols – Never mind the bollocks LP +++ Social Distortion – White Light white Heat white Trash LP +++ Ticking Bombs – Crash course in brutality CD +++ V/A – Magic Potion Vol. 1 +++ V/A – Magic Potion Vol. 2 +++ What We Feel / Last Hope – Split EP +++ Wolf Down – Liberation EP +++ Wolf Down – Stray from the Path LP/CD +++ Youngang – Orgoglio alla Spina CD +++


Wild Style Catalogue Update: Wasted Youth, Russian Antifa Benefit, Classic Oi Update, Stickets, Uptight Shirts…

Weve made much progress on the catalogue in the last few days, which is a good way of taking our minds off of the little progress being made with our fall collection (whose arrival we anxiously await), the Zartako CD (still not here), the Opcio LP (waiting for the artwork to arrive), and the Brixton Cats CD/LP (waiting for artwork to be sent!).

1. Music- Wasted Youth, Russian Antifa Soli, tons of classic oi! (Cockney Rejects, Angelic Upstarts, Cocksparrer, Adicts) , Newtown Neurotics, The Ruts
2. Stickers- New designs from Disgusted Youth and Left Stickers
3. Clothes- Several New Uptight Shirts Online

1. MUSIC -
Wasted Youths debut album is now available, and we highly suggest it. Well played, inspiring, straight up antifascist music. Good music from good people!

A video…

wasted youth fight the scum from wasted forever on Vimeo.

In the category „money well spent“ is the beneift CD for Russian antifascists released by True Rebel Records. 22 tracks in total, and bands include What We Feel, Loikaemie, Stage Bottles, Eight Balls, My Terror, Rejected Youth, Jesus Skins, and Rolando Random.

In a very different category….we completely updated our classics of British oi section this weeek. No longer available old titles are gone, and quite a few new ones have taken their place. You can see most of them here, and re-stocked older titles can be found under the „Step 1″ and „Captain Oi“ label sections of the catalogue. Some hightlights….

Definitely not quite Oi, but in our opinion terribly underrated classsics are of course…

Not too much to say there. One new designs from Left Stickers, which we are of course big fans of because of the hometown bonus on the image…

From Disgusted Youth, the following three have been added…

We have updated the Uptight section of the online shop, so that what is there is actually what is available as well. Furthermore, we have added the following three fine designs….

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