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Rosa & Karl Weekender

Some of us will hang out with a stand at the Rosa-Luxemburg-Konferenz 2016 in Berlin this saturday and hope to meet a lot of you comrades in the antifascist block at the annual Luxemburg-Liebknecht demonstration on sunday (10am / U Frankfurter Tor / Friedrichshain).

Remember Rosa & Karl: Struggle in solidarity – antifascist, antiracist, internationalist, anticapitalist!

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Une vie de lutte – Der Kampf geht weiter

Just released as stream and download: “Une vie de lutte – Der Kampf geht weiter”, a documentary about the neo-fascist murder of the antifascist activist Clément Méric on June 5th 2013 in Paris. Made by good comrades from Berlin and mainly in french language with german subtitles. Generally an important contribution to bear our brother Clément in remembrance.

“Une vie de lutte – Der Kampf geht weiter”

On June 5th will be the second anniversary of death of the antifascist activist, syndicalist and our comrade Clément Méric, who was killed by fascists in Paris. This year the Comité pour Clément and several other left-wing groups call for an antifascist demonstration in remembrance of Clément and all other victims of racist and fascist violence. The demonstration takes place on the 6th of June, 2pm on Place de Bastille.

Furthermore the comrades from North-East Antifa Berlin produced a documentary film about the death of Clément and current antifascist struggles in times of Europe’s right-wing swing. “Une vie de lutte – Der Kampf geht weiter” will be officially released within the next weeks in Berlin and after that provided online.

Clément à jamais l‘un des notre ! No one forgotten – nothing forgiven!

„Der Rote Wedding Marschiert“ Remix by Konecho

Our good friend Konecho, who we recently presented to you, has just released the following remix of this classic song, as part of the mobilization for a pre-1st of May demonstration in Berlin. Enjoy and spread!

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