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Action Sédition West-Euro Tour 2016

… Aaand another heavyweight gang is hitting the road in just a few weeks: Take your rare chance to join a gig of RASH Montreal new generation’s finest Action Sédition in France, Italy or the UK in april and may. Good news: Our québecois comrades originally wanted to bring you a very special tour present. Bad news: It unfortunatly won‘t be ready in time. Conciliative news: You‘ll get your chance to get it retroactive sometime in summer, so get hungry at the AS show in your neighborhood now and snatch at the offer later! ‪


January 2015: Action Sédition over Europe !

Today the mighty Action Sédition from Montréal hopped over to Europe to use the next weeks for touring around in France, Catalunya, Belgium and Germany. Make sure you don‘t miss them in your neighborhood!!! In exactly two weeks, on january 24th we‘ll present their night of hard rocking red and anarchist oi supported by those real antifa punx ContraReal from Hamburg at our beloved Alte Meierei Kiel. Total anticipation!

Jeunesse Apatride: Alive and Kicking! New 7″ 2011 and (hopefully) European Tour!

One of the first bands Fire and Flames had the pleasure of working with, and one of the closest to our hearts…personal connections, frequent visits, joint tours, political affinity, Redskin world…all the ingredients were there.

You long thought them to be dead, and in all honesty, so did we. The video below is definitive proof to the contrary. Jeunesse Apatride, alive and kicking, live in Montreal May 2010….

Nice, but of limited comfort to us on the other side of the ocean. So heres some news to really get you excited…
The band is working on new song for a 7″ release in 2011! Not enough for you, how about this then…
If all goes well, it should be less than a year before we have them here on tour again!

In the meantime, for those of you lucky enough to be in North America, we suggest the following event….

On a parting note, „SOS“ live including nice crowd scenes…

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