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Moscow Death Brigade – „Hoods Up“ 12″ Vinyl Finally Back In Stock

Moscow Antifascist Circle Pit Rap 8 Track EP

Repress edition of MDBs first ever vinyl release from 2014 now comes in beautiful black cover. Only 250 copies pressed on white vinyl available just via Fire and Flames and from the band. Take your chance before this highly recommended 12″ is sold out again!!

=> www.fireandflames.com < =

Antifa United Worldwide

Some good friends of us just put out some brandnew stuff a few days ago: Moscow Death Brigade, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, What We Feel and Los Fastidios on one multiple split EP, released by the illustrious circle of Audiolith, Voice Of The Streets and KOB Records with support of True Rebel and Lonsdale Germany. All proceeds from the sales will be given to the families of murdered antifascists. Specifically to the families of Konstantin Lunkin, Fedor Filatov and Ivan Khurtoskoi, who were murdered by Russian neo-nazis. Great project, great sound. Order your copy here.

Prague Calling

Big surprise for everyone including ourselves: Some of us are here with a FF table at this awesome event of antifascist counterculture in Prague tomorrow too. Still can‘t believe how lucky we are, see you there!

Great message, great crowd: New MDB video „Papers, please!“

Beautiful documentation of memories of a wonderful week-end with great comrades from all over Europe some weeks ago in Kiel combined with an up to date message more important than ever before nowadays: This is Moscow Death Brigade’s new track and new video „Papers, please!“ dedicated to everyone whose search for shelter or a new home and freedom of movement is obstructed because they don‘t belong to the world’s minority who’s privileged just because of their place of birth in the rich metropolises. „Who’s the real illegal people, who’s the real disease? We’re all immigrants, We‘re all refugees.“

Pre-listening diagnosis: Top class!

[FFM BREAKING NEWS] Testpressings of the vinyl edition of Moscow Death Brigade and What We Feel hardcore’s split 7″ EP „Here to stay“ (FFM039) finally have arrived. So you can expect the long awaited release of this cracker still within this month – stay tuned. All the impatient out there we remind that the beautiful CD edition is already available here.

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