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Assorted Nr. 23: Victim Cops and their Journalist Supporters, Argentine Judge Refuses to Respect Equal Marriage Rights Law, Anti-Deutch Lunatics, and general Hating…

Terrible terrible frustration and bad mood have overcome me in the last few weeks, as those who have had the misfortune of spending time in my vicinity as of late can very well attest to. Truth is, Im just not made for being injured, and again not being able to walk or play sports has turned me into a ticking time bomb. This hasnt been made better by the results of the latest CT scan…piece of toe broke off, at least a further 2-4 weeks no walking, and possibly surgery and another screw!!! Its nothing serious, but the joke is starting to get really fucking old and Im just done with my patience for this shit.

Such has been the mood, that despite having next to nothing to do, even attempts at simple tasks like sitting down to write an email, a text, or even a blog post usually end after a couple of minutes with me muttering something about „fuck this shit“ and proceeding to sit with arms crossed and angry stare at the ceiling. Im not particularly proud of it, but at least Im honest…

Anyways, maybe it is the mood, maybe it is the general crappy nature of reality around us, but the internet has mainly been providing me with material to further annoy me. In tune with the general mood, here is a lovelessly compiled and disorganized assortment of stuff to dislike…

*As of late, good old Weltgeist cant seem to post enough shit to get angry and scandalized about. You think youve seen and heard it all, but how shameless and absurd do you have to be to go opfering around when you get injured when your job is to beat, harass, arrest, and repress?
Watch the report„Die Linke und die Gewaltfrage“ and ruin your evening….

And the cops, fine whatever, but the SPD guy? Or even worse, the journalists who compile, edit, and publish such garbage?
Remember kids, journocops arent your friends!

(At least on the other hand, surprisingly positive from a group usually worthy only of mild contempt such as Amnesty…

*One of the things I never thought Id be upset about in my life is a judge not doing his or her job correctly. After Argentina passed the law allowing all of its citizens the right to marry whoever they would like, a judge in La Pampa stated „Yo no los voy a casar. La Biblia me enseña que primero tengo que obedecer la ley de Dios, y después la ley de los hombres“ („I wont marry them. The bible teaches me that I have to first respect Gods law, and then that of men.“)
(If you understand Spanish you can read even more enraging quotes from this barbarian worthy of the middle ages here)

Well then, let us maybe teach you something as well: I dont really give too much of a flying fuck about republican values or the laws of the state, but if you are putting your obscurantist sect of choice`s favorite fairy tale reading above the laws of the land, then you are not fit to be a damned judge.

One would think this was obvious, but of course a leader of the opposition comes out and states that she shouldnt be „persecuted“ for this, and that there should be something like „conscientious objection“ in these cases in order to avoid „further conflicts between Argentines.“

Carrio, sadly unfamiliar with how a republican democracy should function

In other words, judges should be allowed to pick and choose which laws to uphold according to their religious or political convictions. Good idea….

* Speaking of loony tunes, here are some of the anti-deutsch variety from Münich
I quote with no need for further comment:

„Menschen, die nicht einmal über die einfachsten zivilisierten Umgangsformen verfügen, predigen hier also den Kommunismus. Mit diesem Gesindel, sei es die SDAJ, die Linkspartei oder welche verspukte Gruppe auch immer, sich zu beschäftigen sollte eigentlich überflüssig sein. Doch es ist dies nicht, waren es nicht auch die Jungs von den Schlägertrupps der KPD, die dann gerne bei der SA mitliefen? Wenn sich die deutsche Linke also mehr Einfluss und eine stärkere Bewegung wünscht, so ist dies bei solchen Elendsgestalten nichts, was einem Hoffnung macht oder man sich wünschen könnte. In aller erster Linie machen diese Gestalten mir Angst – und darüber, ob man mehr Angst vor dem ekelhaften deutschen Michel hat, der unter schwarz-rot-goldenen Fahnen ebenso zum nächsten Fußballspiel rennt, wie er in der rechten Stimmung auch in den nächsten großen Krieg laufen würde, oder aber vor der deutschen Linken mit ihrem Hass auf Israel – das ist wirklich mehr als nur überlegenswert.“

*Im going to tread very very lightly with this one, god forbid that further stress should befall us….
We are all aware of the lack of love between Dortmund Stellt Sich Quer and the S5/S4 Bündnis and I will refrain from any kind of comment about the who, why, what, and so forth.

However, S5/S4 bündnis, or at least some participating groups from it, recently released a 19 page paper detailing their „issues“ with DSSQ. No problem there, one can choose to agree or disagree with whats in it. However, one particular sentence from the introduction gives us an extremely revealing, and worrying, insight into how these groups see themselves. It reads, in regards to the text that *they themselves wrote*:

Wir wollten damit eine neutrale Sicht auf die
Geschehnisse transparent machen, wo vorher nur Vermutungen und Gerüchte kursierten.

Again, explanations 101…If Group A, lets call it hypothetically S5 Bündnis, has a problem with Group B, who just for fun well call DSSQ, and writes a 19 page paper in which they call them violent, lying, sexist, sectarian, manipulative monsters… there are many things which you can call such a text, but most people with a basic understanding of, ummmm, language, would agree that „neutral“ is not one of them. And if this is „neutral,“ I REALLY would like to see „biased“!

Again, worrying in that it shows the state of mind of a certain sector of the German antifascist left. Namely, so sure of their own truth, that they feel they themselves can write it and it is a „neutral“ and objective account of reality. Let me help you here: When *you* write about a conflict *you* were involved in, „neutral“ is *never* what it is, regardless of how sure you are of your own truth.
Maybe Ill find the time and type up my favorite parts of the „The German Problem“ chapter from „„The Subversion of Politics: European Autonomous Social Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life“ ….

*Ugh. As my grandfather likes to say…“Fuck all!!!“

Argentina Legalizes Equal Marriage Rights („Gay Marriage“)

Argentina yesterday became the first Latin American country to legalize gay marriage, or to better phrase it „guarantee equal rights to marriage to all its citizens“. Clearly, this is positive in that it eliminates this aspect of sexuality based discrimination. That said, its the acquisition of a right which it would be great if less people made use of in general.

Regardless, if the Argentine Catholic church is against it, chances are Im for it. And thousands of people in front of the congress in Buenos Aires yesterday chanting „IGLESIA, BASURA, VOS SOS LA DICTADURA“ (Church, Garbage, you are/represent the dictatorship) was certainly the smile of my day. Less pleasant of course the stream of reactionary bile spewed forth by obscurantists of all kinds yesterday as a result of the passing of the law. Particularly unpleasant…Catholic schools even urged their students to go to congress and protest, not counting their absence as a day away from school.

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