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New stuff of the last weeks

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This Weekend: Flaming Star Anniversary Party, Fight Back Festival, Smiley Benefit Show, Antira Cup Hamburg, …..

There is just too much going on this weekend, and too little time. From the First Anniversary Birthday party of the great and glorious „Flaming Star,“ to the 5th edition of the Fight Back festival in Nuernberg (with a demonstration before in solidarity with the imprisoned Deniz), to a benefit show for Smiley in Berlin with Opcio K-95, to the Antira Football tournament in Hamburg (also with Opcio K-95), to a concert (Militante Pazifisten and Contra Real) and mobilization meeting in Goettingen against the coming Nazi demonstration in Hamburg, to the Maloka festival in Dijon….

We begin close to „home,“ and at the event where most of Fire and Flames and friends will be…

The rest of us, will be making the yearly trip to Nuernberg, where we will be holding a table, here…

More importantly, before the festival, there will be a demonstration in solidarity with Deniz, who has been imprisoned now for over a month after being arrested at an antifascist demonstration, accused of „attempted manslaughter“ for allegedly hitting a police officer with a flagpole at a previous demonstration in Nuernberg some weeks before.

Speaking of imprisoned antifascists…

And speaking of Opcio K-95, they will be playing the next day in Hamburg at the Antira Football Tournament concert…

Tonight, and back in Goettingen….

Last but certainly not least, is Malokas yearly festival in Dijon. Organized by good people, and this year with an excellent lineup. We were there last year, and are very frustrated not to be able to make it this year. Have a look at the lineup here.

Fight Back, CNT Paris Fest, Maloka Fest Dijon, and and and…

Too much this weekend, and little time to write about it.

In Nürnberg, and yes as usual with Fire and Flames stand…

In Paris, and also with presence of Fire and Flames (only on Sunday though):

In Dijon, and, you guessed it, also with Fire and Flames table:

Maloka présente :
20H / 7 euros par soir ou 12 euros les 2 soirs
+ cuisines vegan + débats/vidéos sur le G8 + camping gratos

ANTIDOTUM ( AnarchoPunk / Poland )
MOPISH MOMENT ( Reggae Dub Punk / France )
HAYMARKET ( Anarcho Punk / France )
CHICKEN‘S CALL ( HxC Punk / France )
TRASHCAT ( Punk / London )
CARTOUCHE ( Punk Rock / France )

Samedi 28 Mai 2011 – Dijon – Espace Autogéré des Tanneries

Maloka présente :
18H / 7 euros par soir ou 12 euros les 2 soirs
+ cuisines vegan + débats/vidéos sur le G8 + camping gratos

GASMASK TERROR ( D-beat Punk / Bordeaux )
LE PRINCE RINGARD ( Punk songs / France )
K-LISTO ( Hip Hop / France )
AOS 3 ( Dub Punk / UK )
CZOZNEK ( Anarcho Punk / Poland )
HELLO BASTARDS ( Trashcore Punk / UK )
CERVELLI STANKI ( Street Punk Oi / Italy )
BRANLARIANS ( Ska / France )
BURNING LADY ( Punk Rock and Roll / France )

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