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„Der Rote Wedding Marschiert“ Remix by Konecho

Our good friend Konecho, who we recently presented to you, has just released the following remix of this classic song, as part of the mobilization for a pre-1st of May demonstration in Berlin. Enjoy and spread!

Konecho Continued: The T-Shirts!

All the news about Konecho´s new album „Get Down the Rabbit Hole“ and the release party tomorrow at Flaming Star in Göttingen we shared with you already yesterday.

Today, we have for you the brand new t-shirt designs, designed by „Corte,“ produced by Fire and Flames, and inspired by Konecho. The shirts are available as of today online, and of course as of tomorrow in Flaming Star. Enjoy!

„Funk Rabbit“ (Navy Blue) („Girls Cut“ Here)

„Silueta“ (Bordeaux) („Girls Cut“ Here)

„Silueta“ (Black) („Girls Cut“ Here)

Konecho CD Release Party, Friday 17:00 at Flaming Star Göttingen

Konecho, the much loved and Fire and Flames supported recording artist will be officially releasing his debut album this Friday at 17:00 at Flaming Star in Göttingen.

This is not only a great chance to come spend some time with us, drink some champagne, enjoy some good music, and generally hang out, but it is also a good moment to pick up the CD (and one of two great Konecho shirts designed by Fire and Flames designer „Corte“) for significantly less than on other ocassions. Translation: To celebrate the release…the CDs and t-shirts will be available at a discounted price on Friday.

Havent heard Konecho? Want to get to know the person behind the music? Want to get excited about the release? Below is the CD release edition of Göttingen radio show „Tha Prophecy“ with Konecho as special guest, and of course quite a few tracks from the album…

Convinced? Want the CD? Not in Göttingen? Not a problem! This way please…

Presenting: Soundautistix (CD/LP)

Latest project from our good friend The Bunny Rabbit, aka Konecho, in this case together with „Caho.“ Catchy, vibrant hip-hop, with a healthy mix of inluences and dose of sampling.

The vinyl edition is VERY limited (50 copies), can be found here, and comes with a download code so that you can also enjoy it in digital format.

Should that be too much of an investment, there is always the CD option. For those of you in or around Göttingen, you can pick it up at Flaming Star.

In their own words:

„Auf der Suche nach Neuem sind die Soundautistix back to the roots angekommen, ohne dabei zu covern oder sich in Schubladen zu bedienen. Sie haben mit ihrer LP a kind of Old School neu erfunden; musikalisch feiner und facettenreicher, weil Genregrenzen nicht interessieren und sie HipHop mit Sound verbunden haben, der ihm per Definition eigentlich widerspricht.

Insgesamt ein mutiges Zusammenspiel das alle Erwartungen noch bei weitem übertrifft und zeigt, wie das simple Rezept aus Sample-Beats und Raps klingen sollte. Zwischen markantem Flow und deepen Lines, die zudem eine Message transportieren über die es sich nachzudenken lohnt auf der einen und einem grandios, perfekt gesampletem Sound auf der anderen Seite.

Der Name meiner neuen Lieblingsplaylist? Soundautistix! Auflegen, aufdrehen und genießen.

„If you don´t match those sounds that are in the air all I wanna know… why?!“
- Miles Davis in Soundautistix` „Revolution“ –“

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