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The KKE in Göttingen: Stalinist, Reactionary, Conservative Party to speak about „Heisse Herbst“

The SDAJ Göttingen wants to hold a discussion regarding the situation in Greece and the struggle against the austerity measures imposed by the EU and implemented by PASOK. To this effect, they had no better idea than to invite a member of the Greek Communist Party (by its Greek initials KKE).

Not necessarily surprising, as SDAJ/DKP are basically the German equivalent to KNE/KKE in Greece (KNE is the youth branch of KKE). However, having lived and „struggled“ several years of my life in Athens, I feel the uncontrollable urge to yell and scream and complain, to not say go and hurl insults as well as stones, about the KKE being invited to discuss anything regarding struggle, „heisse herbst,“ uprising, etc.

Normally we are partisans of a relatively broad and non-sectarian relationship between the different groups and tendencies of the left (and I include radical left, anarchist, and so forth under that umbrella term), but the KKE is simply a monster of a whole different kind of family.

For those who dont know, the KKE is one of Europes last remaining (relevant) Stalinist Communist parties. They do indeed wield considerable influence among Greek workers and trade unions but, much as the French Communist Party did in 1968, this influence is almost entirely used to act as a brake to social movements and moments of uprising and upheaval in Greece. Their presence as opposition is probably certainly better than what the situation might be without them, but still I must vent….

Socially, they are about as conservative as the CDU.

Politically, they appeal to an anti-americanism that is so crude and nationalistic that it makes even me (latin american anarchist and anti-imperialist) uncomfortable.

As far as „on the streets“ is concerned they can only be viewed as enemies of the extra-parliamentary and anarchist movement. And this is not a matter of personal or political interpretation, but pretty much formally articulated politic and praxis of KKE/KNE. Pretty much every demonstration where we had to deal with them the „interaction“ took the form of at least insults to the regards of us being at best adventurist fools, at worst provocateurs and agents of foreign interests. This often culminated in them trying to throw anarchists to the cops, and anarchists engaging in physical confrontations with the KKE/KNE blocs security.

Even when postering at night, we used to go with helmets and all kinds of self-defense preparations, not only because of cops and the occasional Nazi…but in election times because of confrontations with KKE/KNE members.

The culmination of this was during the uprising following the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos. The KKE denounced the movement as, unsurprisingly, the work of provocateurs and foreign interests. The KNE systematically opposed the universtity occupations and tried to vote them down at assemblies. And of course, the KKE dominated trade unions cancelled their demonstration related to a one day strike in favor of a stationary rally…to calm the situation.

It is not without good reason that the offices of these Stalinists are viewed as legitimate targets by anarchists in Greece. Apparently, in February of 2009 „the Party,“ under pressure from the KNE, resolved to take a less sectarian stance in regards to trying to work with other progressive social sectors. This is probably and hopefully the result of KNE members having developed a sympathy with other currents during the uprising of 2008. But still…well believe it when we see it.


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