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Assorted Nr. 33: Banner Riddles, Hardcore is More than Music, Greek Elections, a Mining Town Resists, Roter Buchladen Soli, etc…

*You win some you lose some…Is what comes to mind when seeing this picture of some ARAB banners at a recent demonstration…

On the one hand, definite demo style and content points for
a. the fabric of the upper banner
b. the old school but not for that any less accurate slogan reading „In the Belly of the Beast“ (or in German, the heart, but same idea)
c. the graphic they used, of which we are clearly also fans…

On the other hand, somebody needs to please, please explain to us what on Earth „Anti-capitalista Real Ya“ is supposed to mean, because as a native Spanish speaker…I dont have the slightest idea. :-)

*As an anarchist, I find myself surprisingly obsessed with the Greek elections. In all honesty…I even stayed up all night following the vote tally being updated during last months elections. As far as the coming elections, so many questions…

Will SYRIZA really win the elections? If so, is this good or bad? Will they be able to form a government? Will SYRIZA move sharply to the right and simply become a renewed PASOK? Will the KKE continue its sectarian position and refuse to even meet with SYRIZA to discuss possible coalition prospects? What would a SYRIZA/KKE government look like? Is this something we want to see? Will Golden Dawns increased post election campaign of anti-immigrant terror (the latest example…) lead to their percentage of the vote significantly shrinking? Are they really so thuggish and stupid that they couldnt control themselves, or was this calculated strategy to show themselves as a real fighting force separate from the „political class“?

Questions upon questions…

*Speaking of crisis, in the Spanish state, a minin town and its youth resist the effects of the crisis:

*More than a few of you were not fast enough to order the „Hardcore is More than Music“ DVDs from the Czech Antifas before they sold out. Here is the full video on the web….

*Finally, this weekend, you can find us at the Stockholm anarchist bookfair!

Should this be a little too far North for you, Goettingen offers the Antifee festival this weekend, with the particular highlight of the Roter Buchladen soliparty…

„Der seit 1972 bestehende Rote Buchladen, von einem unabhängigen Kollektiv betrieben, ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil der Göttinger linken
Szene. Lange Jahre in der Roten Straße ansässig, befindet er sich mittlerweile am Nikolaikirchhof und lädt zum Stöbern in einem kleinen, aber feinen Sortiment linker Literatur, Belletristik, Sachbüchern, etc. ein. Außerdem bietet der Rote Buchladen die Werke der „Büchergilde Gutenberg“ an und kann alles – vom Lehrbuch bis zum Comic – meist in 24h bestellen.

Neben dem Offensichtlichen, nämlich dem Verkauf von Büchern, bietet der Rote Buchladen vielen Gruppen Postfächer und ermöglicht es dadurch anonym politischer Arbeit nachzugehen und so das Risiko von Repression zu verringern. Durch merkwürdige Gesetzgebung unverschuldet in eine finanzielle Schieflage geraten, benötigt der Rote Buchladen Unterstützung in Form von Geld. Wenn wir in Zukunft nicht nur die Wahl zwischen Buchhandlungskonzernen und Internetversand haben und einen wichtigen Teil linker Strukturen in Göttingen unterstützen wollen, muss jetzt gehandelt werden. Es gilt einer der wichtigsten Institutionen linker Politik in Göttingen unter die Arme zu greifen! Deswegen heißt es:

Solidarisch feiern! Linke Strukturen unterstützen und erhalten!

Daher laden wir euch ein, am Samstag den 16.06., nach einer wundervollen Zeit auf dem Antifee, mit uns gemeinsam im Stilbrvch für einen guten Zweck zu feiern!

Musikalisch wird das ganze begleitet von Maria Terror (BREAKBEAT UNIVERSE), Djane Tralala und anderen.

Special bis 1 Uhr: Bring 5 Deutschlandfahnen zur Theke und erhalte ein Getränk (außer Cocktail) gratis!

Unterstützt von:
Antifaschistische Linke International – FEMKO – Gruppe Gegenstrom – Grüne Hochschulgruppe – Grüne Jugend Göttingen – Jugend Antifa Göttingen – Rote Hilfe Ortsgruppe Göttingen – Schöner Leben Göttingen – YXK“

Greece: Golden Dawn MP Attacks Syriza and KKE Reps. on Live TV / Fascists Beat Israeli Journalist

This morning, Ilias Kasidiaris attacked two left-wing MPs (one from SYRIZA, the „Coalition of the Radical Left“ and the other from KKE, the „Communist Party of Greece.“ In the video below, he can be seen throwing water at the SYRIZA MP, before slapping the representative of KKE repeatedly, before the cameras are turned off.

An warrant for his arrest was issued promptly after the incident. Latest reports indicate that he is currently taking refuge in the Golden Dawn headquarters, along with quite a few supporters. Police are currently either unable or unwilling to raid the building, which is not particularly surprising considering that one in two police officers voted for the Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn in the most recent elections.

One could wonder what the left was doing in a debate with this specimen, although it is true that in this particular case his actions will very likely reflect negatively on Golden Dawns showing in the coming elections. One would also assume though, that knowing the character of this person and his party, the SYRIZA and KKE MPs were accompanied by party security, which hopefully intervened quickly.

Finally, for all the false moralists out there: Antifascist violence is a necessity, precisely because fascism/fascists are a danger to *all* who do not fit in their world view. This is not two extremes fighting each other, it is an example of the real physical dangers posed by fascists and the essential nature of antifascist struggle.

In case a clear illustration is needed, just two days ago, a mob attacked a reporter of the Jerusalem Post who was filming a group of masked men who were attacking migrants and homeless people.

Greece: „What Does the State Need the Cops For, When it Has the Stalinist Youth?!“

My dislike for the KKE (Communist Party of Greece) and its youth wing KNE/“KNAT“, I already made clear when the SDAJ Göttingen invited them last year to talk about „Crisis and Struggle in Greece,“ which is akin to having a snail give a speech about life in the fast lane.

Facing away from the Cops, towards other demonstrators

Despite all the previous negative experiences with them (quite a few of them first hand, living in Greece and during the uprising of December 2008), I have to admit to still holding a bit of naive hope that, in this time of generalized discontent and resistance, they would finally throw their considerable weight on the side of revolution (or at the very least on the side of „the people“), and maybe not act as the States Fifth Column inside the resistance movement.

The KNAT protects the parliament, the Cops watch their backs…

How wrong this hope was could not have been demonstrated any more clearly than on the second day of last weeks General Strike. Faced with demonstrations of an unprecedented size, a huge wave of anger that threatened to roll out of control, and masses of people ready to attack the police protecting Parliament and the politicians inside… the KKE, and more particularly the KNAT, mounted a human barrier around parliament and armed with helmets and batons attacked anybody who tried to attack the Parliament. They did this in co-ordination with the cops, even mounting joint attacks against anarchists and anti-authoritarians together with the cops.
(It should also be noted that, for somewhat over 10 years, the KKE/KNAT/PAME have almost always organized their own demonstrations, away from all other sectors of the left-wing or anarchist movement. We can only imagine why they chose to break with that line at this particular moment in history).

Bad enough, and the sight of people waving red flags behaving in such a manner is already disgraceful and painful enough, but they even went a step further. One of their own died that day, and his death has been undeniably shown through the official medical report to be the result of the polices massive use of chemical weapons against demonstrators. But since the truth needs to be subservient to their interests…they released a press release claiming this death resulted at the hands of anarchists, who they referred to as „anarcho-fascists.“

For further reading, here is a text from the Peoples Assembly of Syntagma on the subject.

Again, this is not about anti-communism or „red baiting,“ or sectarianism, or what have you. But the facts, pictures, videos, and acts speak for themselves. Whatever side these people are on, is definitely not ours.

The KNAT and the Cops, old friends…

The KKE in Göttingen: Stalinist, Reactionary, Conservative Party to speak about „Heisse Herbst“

The SDAJ Göttingen wants to hold a discussion regarding the situation in Greece and the struggle against the austerity measures imposed by the EU and implemented by PASOK. To this effect, they had no better idea than to invite a member of the Greek Communist Party (by its Greek initials KKE).

Not necessarily surprising, as SDAJ/DKP are basically the German equivalent to KNE/KKE in Greece (KNE is the youth branch of KKE). However, having lived and „struggled“ several years of my life in Athens, I feel the uncontrollable urge to yell and scream and complain, to not say go and hurl insults as well as stones, about the KKE being invited to discuss anything regarding struggle, „heisse herbst,“ uprising, etc.

Normally we are partisans of a relatively broad and non-sectarian relationship between the different groups and tendencies of the left (and I include radical left, anarchist, and so forth under that umbrella term), but the KKE is simply a monster of a whole different kind of family.

For those who dont know, the KKE is one of Europes last remaining (relevant) Stalinist Communist parties. They do indeed wield considerable influence among Greek workers and trade unions but, much as the French Communist Party did in 1968, this influence is almost entirely used to act as a brake to social movements and moments of uprising and upheaval in Greece. Their presence as opposition is probably certainly better than what the situation might be without them, but still I must vent….

Socially, they are about as conservative as the CDU.

Politically, they appeal to an anti-americanism that is so crude and nationalistic that it makes even me (latin american anarchist and anti-imperialist) uncomfortable.

As far as „on the streets“ is concerned they can only be viewed as enemies of the extra-parliamentary and anarchist movement. And this is not a matter of personal or political interpretation, but pretty much formally articulated politic and praxis of KKE/KNE. Pretty much every demonstration where we had to deal with them the „interaction“ took the form of at least insults to the regards of us being at best adventurist fools, at worst provocateurs and agents of foreign interests. This often culminated in them trying to throw anarchists to the cops, and anarchists engaging in physical confrontations with the KKE/KNE blocs security.

Even when postering at night, we used to go with helmets and all kinds of self-defense preparations, not only because of cops and the occasional Nazi…but in election times because of confrontations with KKE/KNE members.

The culmination of this was during the uprising following the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos. The KKE denounced the movement as, unsurprisingly, the work of provocateurs and foreign interests. The KNE systematically opposed the universtity occupations and tried to vote them down at assemblies. And of course, the KKE dominated trade unions cancelled their demonstration related to a one day strike in favor of a stationary rally…to calm the situation.

It is not without good reason that the offices of these Stalinists are viewed as legitimate targets by anarchists in Greece. Apparently, in February of 2009 „the Party,“ under pressure from the KNE, resolved to take a less sectarian stance in regards to trying to work with other progressive social sectors. This is probably and hopefully the result of KNE members having developed a sympathy with other currents during the uprising of 2008. But still…well believe it when we see it.


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