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Out with the Old, in with the New: Jacket Discount Action

As you might know, we rarely do discount actions or other gimmicks of the sort. And when we do, there is usually a good reason. Well, this time, there are two. In general, we are aiming to have the new webpage ready by early September (it will be the difference between the stone age and the space era!) and the more stuff we can get rid of, the less the work of entering new items into the new shop. So, look for quite a few discount actions over the next few weeks.

In particular, we begin again by drastically reducing the jacket prices. Why? Because we are again working on the newest round of jackets (mainly sweatjackets) for this Fall. Some new designs, some classics will be back, all are incredible.

Long story short… all jackets are up to 50% off for at least the next couple of weeks. Here you are…

And of course, still for 9€ the one you are all going crazy for…

„Retro“ Sweatjackets, „Work 2.0,“ and „Fire and Ice“ Jackets Arrived and Available Immediately!

The four remaining new jackets arrived yesterday!!

This means the „Fire and Ice“ jacket, the „Retro“ sweatjacket blue, as well as „Retro“ sweatjacket red, and the much anticipated „Work 2.0″ reversible jacket.

While yes, we did miss the fall and holiday season, and this is unfortunate, we will choose to look at the positive developments here, which are:

-Spring is still several months away, and since these are fall/spring jackets, we are in that regard several months early!

-After the problems of the last delivery (the „Red Heat/Red Stripe“ jacket being great, but sadly too small and the „Waterproof“ reversible jacket being such a disaster that we have chosen to take it offline) we can very happily say that all of these jackets are simply excellent, and precisely as we intended them. We couldnt be more pleased, and we are sure you will be as well.

-Finally, stressful for us but good for you: We try to avoid sales, discounts, and other such marketing tricks. In this case however we will offer one out of necessity. All these new jackets were very expensive, we havent finished paying for everything, and we only have another few weeks to do so. For this reason, the jackets are all significantly cheaper for the whole of January, and will go to their regular prices in February. You help us, we help you!

Enough talking, lets take a closer look at each jacket individually. If you follow the links, you will find further pictures, as well as detailed size charts for each jacket.

*Fire and Flames Riotwear „Fire and Ice“ Jacket (FFJ003)

Innovation is the key word here. The jacket is not only, as the name implies, resistant, strong, and indeed durable, but also has a small little innovative touch, namely in the ski mask/hassi which is on its inside but can be detached, thrown away, and replaced. This jacket will keep you dry, it will keep you warm (not quite a winter jacket, but this plus a sweatjacket should be enough in most weathers), and keep you looking stylish! :-)

The details:

-Outer side of jacket made of heavy duty polyester, wind and water resistant!
-Adjustable and removable hood (with zipper), with fleece inner lining.
-Two outside pockets with zipper.
-Three (!) inside pockets.
-Wind flap over main zipper with black on black plastic embroidery.
-Hidden,detachable, and replaceable ski mask/hassi, made out of light lycra textile.
-“Fire and Flames Riotwear“ embroidery on left chest.

Some closeups…

*Fire and Flames Riotwear Sweatjacket „Retro“ (Blue) (FFSJ011)

The newest version of our much loved sweatjackets, in dark blue, light blue, white color combination.

Very sturdy and resistant polyester fabric, soft inner lining, and embroidered red star with blue „Fire and Flames Riotwear“ emblem.

*Fire and Flames Riotwear Sweatjacket „Retro“ (Red) (FFSJ010)

Same great jacket, different color. :-)

*Fire and Flames Riotwear Reversible Cotton Jacket „Work 2.0″ (FFSJ009)

The corrected version of 2008s „Work“ jacket, which many of you have been waiting for for years. This jacket is 100% cotton, and meant very much for utilitarian purposes.

The black side is completely black, with no color markings whatsoever. The „Fire and Flames“ emblem on the chest is embroidered black on black, and even the „Fire and Flames“ zipper pull is black on black.

The reverse side is made to make you look like a fine elegant young gentleman/woman, with a beige color and a non-descript light blue and white emblem (of Buenos Airess glorious Racing Club! :-) ). Finally, the pockets are on the BEIGE side!

It wont just keep you warm, it will also help keep you safe!

PS Nur so am rand….blogsport ranking…10th place. :-)

Fire and Flames World Update: Mail from Canada (Redskins CD, Hold a Grudge, Oppressed…), Fall Collection More Pictures, Upcoming (CNT Fest Metz), etc.

*New and Re-Stocked Insurgence Records Releases, The Redskins „Epilogue“!

We got a big package from Insurgence Records on Friday. The highlights being The Oppressed double CD „Wont Say Sorry,“ the new Hold a Grudge CD, as well as two important re-stocks in the form of the Fighting Chance LP „Sacrifice and Struggle“ and the complete works of one of North Americas first leftist skinhead bands, the legendary The Press.

All of this is exciting enough, but the definite icing on the cake is the „new“ REDSKINS CD „Epilogue.“ If you dont know *and* love the Redskins, the band who „walked like The Clash and sang like The Supremes,“ then I suggest you stop reading right now and either invest 13€ in the CD, or at least go look for some free songs of theirs online. Not only were they pioneers of this madness we call the „redskin subculture,“ they were politically solid through and through and musically few bands have ever even come close to them. On this particular CD, you can listen in awe at such hard to get classics as „Unionize,“ „Lean on Me,“ and „It Can Be Done.“

(The Redskins, being traditional MLers of the party variety, would certainly not approve of the person who made this videos choice of pictures, but whatever…)

*Meet the first three jackets of the fall collection. If all goes well, they will be online and deliverable as of 27.10…so in EXACTLY 30 days…

The classic „Red Heat“ Black sweatjacket, in slightly revised look…

The 100% cotton reversible hooded sweatjacket, this time royal blue/black.

The reversible hooded waterproof jacket. One side black and waterproof, the other red and cotton.

*CNT Fest in Metz, October 2nd-3rd-4th

We know, theres really waaaaay to much on offer this coming weekend (the demonstration in Brussels in the context of the No Border Camp, the demonstration in Bremen, the squatters demonstration in the Netherlands…) but still. The annual CNT festival in Metz is always worth the visit. In all honesty, it already began last week with a series of debates, concerts, and film screenings, but for us it is concentrated this weekend with…
-Concerts from Friday to Sunday, highlights include antifascist hardcore from Russia from WHAT WE FEEL, polit hiphop from SKALPEL, very classic ska from LOS 3 PUNTOS, and the beloved STAGE BOTTLES. The list is of course highly subjective, there are in total 11 bands playing!

-A demonstration on Saturday afternoon to the offices of the „Medef“ (the bosses lobby organization in France).

-Debates and discussions througout the weekend, and a collective eating of couscous on Sunday for Lunch. :-)

*In no the „posing around“ category, although it does really makes us happy…In the last few weeks, aside from the usual orders to Germany, we have sent packages to: Canada, USA (Wisconsin!), Singapore, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Rep., Spanish State, Russia, Switzerland, and Austria! Woooo.

Fall Collection 2010: Progress…

We can barely control the excitement!

Almost all samples of the fall collection are ready in their final versions. We are still waiting for two, and these should be ready this week as well. Here are some of the infos to start getting you all excited about them as well. Please notice the attention to detail, and the new zippers, paper tags, and inside tags.

The really good news… Although the quality is a BIG step up from the last collection, in terms of material, detail, design, packaging we have produced them in a manner which will allow us to REDUCE the prices in relation to previous years. And this, while of course guaranteeing that the items are produced fairly and ethically, both in the production as well as the sourcing of the textiles.

Three of the jackets are already partly paid for and in production, and we are working furiously on paying for the rest. The first three jackets should be ready around October.

*Three Reversible Jackets! First and foremost…

-WORK 2.0
We didnt quite get it as we intended in 2008, this version is definitely what we, and you, were looking for!

We dont have the pictures of the other two yet, but one is an all cotton reversible hooded sweatjacket, similar to the red/black one from 2008, but with a different color scheme. The final one is cotton on one side, and waterproof on the other.

*Three Sweatjackets:
And they look like this

The two missing items are the two most complicated (a backpack and a winter jacket), hopefully well have pictures for you soon.

Small Fire and Flames World Update: Fall Collection Samples, Cheaper Shipping, AIB/Lotta

First and foremost, the most exciting of the news, PROGRESS!!! The samples of the fall collection have arrived, Ive only seen it in pictures, but those in Göttingen say that the jackets look great. Here is just one of them, of which we have received pictures:

In other news, we have recently changed shipping company, from DHL to DPD. There are several reasons for this, and you can read all the details here. Briefly summarized though: cheaper shipping for almost everybody, faster shipping inside Europe, and automatic shipping confirmation with tracking number sent per email…so that you all bother us less often with „where is my order? has it been sent?“ emails! :-)

Finally, AIB Nr. 87 and Lotta Nr. 39 have just found their way online.

Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung! Jetzt klicken & handeln!Willst du auch bei der Aktion teilnehmen? Hier findest du alle relevanten Infos und Materialien: