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October 3rd: Do it right Antifa!

We hate the european austerity dictatorship, we hate racist compartmentalisation and marginalisation, we hate murdering nazi-bandits, we hate the shoving around of the poor, we hate capitalist wars, we hate the green party, we hate total state control and we hate the bleak routine here. We have one generic term for all this shit: Germany! On october 3rd it’s time to go on the streets for something better than that once again: To Hanover please! But unfortunatly it’s not only to trouble the german celebration: There’s also an ugly nazi-march in Hamm (Ruhr) to attack. Wherever you‘ll be: Good luck and take care comrades!

The Great Catalogue Update Part 9: FF Goes Euro 2012 and Re-Stocks / Atlanta Barras Go Hollywood

No, this isnt like with South Africa, Fire and Flames is not going to Poland or the Ukraine. As should be obvious, its not futbol we like…its Atlanta, Racing, and every four years, when the bug bites, Argentina in the World Cup. And with the exception of Argentina, what Racing and Atlanta do on the field unfortunately rarely has very much to do with what most of you would recognize as futbol. This in part why this blog has suddenly gone so quiet as far as futbol is concerned…its just been very depressing lately (the other part is simple lack of time). Atlanta, with three games to go, is fighting desperately to remain in second division, while Racing has been the source of one absurd scandal after the other, even one including a player drawing a firearm in the locker room.

Anyways, what we mean with „Fire and Flames Goes EM“ is our contribution to keeping you all part of the „in“ crowd as far as the mass insanity of the moment is concerned. So, for the occasion we have re-printed the great „Hate Germany“ shirt. Other suggested items of the moment…

No explanation needed.

For decorating your surroundings…

And finally, a bit of something to read about how much different of a form futbol and that which surrounds it can take…

The futbol related aside, after re-issuing a whole series of classic Fire and Flames designs last month, the next round is coming this month, with all the following designs being again available in all sizes…


*Class Pride

*Old School

(Bordeaux as well)


Finally, to start and end with futbol…

Tonight, at exactly the same time as Germany – Portugal, but much more strongly recommenden, our beloved Atlanta has a life or death game in the struggle to avoid relegation to third division. So, if those in Göttingen hear wild shouts of celebration, even though on your screen no goals have been scored, you will know why. It wont be the first time…Racing won the relegation match 2008 at the same time as the last Euro final, leaving many in the Rote Strasse wondering why people were wildly yelling „goool“ when nothing was happening on their screens. :-)
(If you are looking for even more altenative entertainment, Argentina vs Brazil is also taking place parallel to the Germany game…)

We leave you with a video from a coming sensationalist „documentary“ on Argentine barras in which Atlanta is very prominently featured…

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