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Racing 2 – 0 Sourness of Argentina

There it is, after six years, finally a derby victory against the pathetic and naturally much hated Independiente scum.

Futbol fans of the world, once again, watch and learn:

And while victory *around* the field is certainly more important than on it, this time we even also were victorious there!
(Notice the avalanche behind the goal at 00:45 and after the first goal!)

Even in Göttingen, the exploited workforce of Flaming Star did what they could to celebrate the victory:

More artistically, the next day, notice the Racing emblem on the left corner of the picture:

Spiked your curiosity yet? Until a full presentation can be made here, feel free to visit Flaming Star Göttingen on Facebook.

Racing vs Independiente: The aftermath… + Futbol and Irrationalism

So the derby is now a couple of weeks behind us, and its come time to share some of what it left us with.

„Daddy, when I grow up I want to feel it and live it like they do…“

Racing lost, 0-1, but this is really not exactly something that could be called news. Racing has lost the last 4 games against Independiente, and has not defeated Independiente in an away game in the last 9 years (scoring in that time….1 goal!). But as I cant say enough, the game on the field is secondary, representing merely which club has the best mercenaries. The true spirit is the people and the fans, and there their is still no comparison possible.

And because this is an irrational rivarly of neighbors that very often takes a very unpleasant form, this was a banner shown by Racing fans last game. The irrational Buenos Aires troublemaking crazy in me loved it, the minimally civilized human being in me is rather embarassed that this came from „our“ terrace. It is a „the score“ so to speak of the past confrontations between both sides. The translation would be „1 dead + 50 wounded + 1 paralyzed= SHUT UP.“

The geniuses, again failing with a large banner. This time they at least didnt break it, they just showed it backwards…

Aside from the usual folklore, there was indeed much bad blood between Racing fans and players the last couple of weeks, mainly due to the fact that they lost the derby, against probably the worst Independiente in years (currently in 18th place). The mood is best summed up here. It reads „You Again Failed those Who Never Fail“:

During the week, several Racing fans showed up at practice to let the players know of their „displeasure,“ and the visit ended with a verbal confrontation with some players during which one player apparently spit at a fan. During this time, the car of a player who it was rumored went out to a club on the night after the defeat was damaged.

With this background, the mood at the game last weekend was, to say the least tense, as the many chants making reference to the players mothers and the banner calling for the coach to quit made clear. At least it didnt reach the point of a couple of years ago, when with Racing desperately battling to avoid relegation the players were met one game with two large banners reading „If We Go to Second Division, You Go to the Hospital,“ and the now legendary „Theres enough bullets for everybody…

With the game over and a 2-1 victory for Racing, a fortunate occurance as otherwise the players would have had a difficult time leaving the stadium, the players chose to show their „discontent“ regarding the incidents during the week by not „greeting“ the fans at the end of the game. This of course resulted in a huge scandal and another wave of insults and threats. The next chapter will be played out on Saturday, when Racing visits River Plate. Another scenario from which we have seldom emerged victorious, but as we often say…hope dies last. When it does go well against River, it looks like this…

Finally, to return to the subject of futbol driving people to the irrational, here is a half hour documentary dealing with possible influence of black magic in the form of black cats being buried on the pitch being the cause of Racings problems. This is a widely believed story, reaching its peak in 1998 as 20.000 Racing fans showed up to an exorcism of the stadium. As an atheist and a Jew, it was one of the first times I felt rather out of place at something having to do with Racing, and I must admit I took the 2-0 loss which we „enjoyed“ on the very same day as further proof of how right my atheism was. In Spanish, no subtitles. Should you understand Spanish, very entertaining…

Derby Today! Racing vs Indesingente. Anecdotes from the Pathetic Story of Independiente and its fans…

Today is finally derby day again, Racing vs Independiente. At 19:00 Germany time, and you can follow the game on Rojadirecta. Sadly, since Independientes new stadium is the size of a village party hall (but I guess thats appropriate considering how few fans they have), only 3.000 Racing fans will be attending, instead of over 10.000 as it was in the past.

Ive already given ample form and content to my intense dislike of Independiente in the past, so no need to repeat it all here. So, because being in Göttingen means that my pre-game activity does not consisting of flipping out all day until the game starts like in Argentina, let me entertain you with some of the more glaring examples of Independientes sad, pathetic, and generally embarassing existence…

Well start with the most recent. Yesterday, both Racing and Independiente fans organized „banderazos“ (shows of support for the players). Comment from an Independiente fan…“thank god we were 50.“ Sadly no videos to prove their further failure (although not surprising, who should make a video if nobody is there?!). Racing?

Cortaron La Luz!!!! They turned off the lights!
The year was 1999 (0r 2000, I cant quite remember) and after 20 something minutes, Racing was leading 2-0 against Independiente in their own stadium when suddenly…

Indeed, the lights never came back on and the game had to be continued three days later….we still won.

In 1993, getting beaten and their banners robbed by…Talleres de Cordoba, who today plays in third division! Almost as funny, the commentator who says „why must this be? Arent we all Argentines?!“ :-)

Even their President is a coward
As can be seen hear. He challenges a fan to a fight, when the fan decides to take him up on the offer…he sends his bodyguards.

As so often the case, the cops saving Independiente fans! That, and more embarassing moments…

Abandoning the stadium, protected by cops, the usual…

Renting Racings stadium, which is CLEARLY way too big for them…

No existis Rojo amargo.

Racing vs Colon / Atlanta vs Defe, tonight 02:00 am

Its a hard life. Why? Because tonight Im watching both of these games (simultaneously), and one hour later we need to drive to Oberhausen (Libertäre Buchmesse). Sleep is for the weak!

Racing has so far won two and lost two, and tonight our home and my personal favorite place on Earth turns 60 yeard old.

Atlanta vs Defe…the usual complaint (see see here for the infos, with video), used to be exciting, less so since we cant go to away games.

Racing vs San Lorenzo, Tonight 01:20

San Lorenzo, also supposedly one of the „big“ five. But really, how „big“ are you if you got kicked out of your hood because a company bought your stadium and now there is a supermarket on it? Or if you are the only team of the big five whose derby *isnt* against another of the big five? Or if your archrival goes into your clubhouse and steals ALL your banners?! Or if you never won an international tournament?

Not very. And Im only not making fun of them for going down to second division because this happened to Racing as well….

Racing has 6 points from 6, best start since 2004, and the stadium is going to be incredibly full tonight. Excitement very.

Random video, this time just of a San Lorenzo goal from last season…

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