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Assorted Nr. 33: Banner Riddles, Hardcore is More than Music, Greek Elections, a Mining Town Resists, Roter Buchladen Soli, etc…

*You win some you lose some…Is what comes to mind when seeing this picture of some ARAB banners at a recent demonstration…

On the one hand, definite demo style and content points for
a. the fabric of the upper banner
b. the old school but not for that any less accurate slogan reading „In the Belly of the Beast“ (or in German, the heart, but same idea)
c. the graphic they used, of which we are clearly also fans…

On the other hand, somebody needs to please, please explain to us what on Earth „Anti-capitalista Real Ya“ is supposed to mean, because as a native Spanish speaker…I dont have the slightest idea. :-)

*As an anarchist, I find myself surprisingly obsessed with the Greek elections. In all honesty…I even stayed up all night following the vote tally being updated during last months elections. As far as the coming elections, so many questions…

Will SYRIZA really win the elections? If so, is this good or bad? Will they be able to form a government? Will SYRIZA move sharply to the right and simply become a renewed PASOK? Will the KKE continue its sectarian position and refuse to even meet with SYRIZA to discuss possible coalition prospects? What would a SYRIZA/KKE government look like? Is this something we want to see? Will Golden Dawns increased post election campaign of anti-immigrant terror (the latest example…) lead to their percentage of the vote significantly shrinking? Are they really so thuggish and stupid that they couldnt control themselves, or was this calculated strategy to show themselves as a real fighting force separate from the „political class“?

Questions upon questions…

*Speaking of crisis, in the Spanish state, a minin town and its youth resist the effects of the crisis:

*More than a few of you were not fast enough to order the „Hardcore is More than Music“ DVDs from the Czech Antifas before they sold out. Here is the full video on the web….

*Finally, this weekend, you can find us at the Stockholm anarchist bookfair!

Should this be a little too far North for you, Goettingen offers the Antifee festival this weekend, with the particular highlight of the Roter Buchladen soliparty…

„Der seit 1972 bestehende Rote Buchladen, von einem unabhängigen Kollektiv betrieben, ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil der Göttinger linken
Szene. Lange Jahre in der Roten Straße ansässig, befindet er sich mittlerweile am Nikolaikirchhof und lädt zum Stöbern in einem kleinen, aber feinen Sortiment linker Literatur, Belletristik, Sachbüchern, etc. ein. Außerdem bietet der Rote Buchladen die Werke der „Büchergilde Gutenberg“ an und kann alles – vom Lehrbuch bis zum Comic – meist in 24h bestellen.

Neben dem Offensichtlichen, nämlich dem Verkauf von Büchern, bietet der Rote Buchladen vielen Gruppen Postfächer und ermöglicht es dadurch anonym politischer Arbeit nachzugehen und so das Risiko von Repression zu verringern. Durch merkwürdige Gesetzgebung unverschuldet in eine finanzielle Schieflage geraten, benötigt der Rote Buchladen Unterstützung in Form von Geld. Wenn wir in Zukunft nicht nur die Wahl zwischen Buchhandlungskonzernen und Internetversand haben und einen wichtigen Teil linker Strukturen in Göttingen unterstützen wollen, muss jetzt gehandelt werden. Es gilt einer der wichtigsten Institutionen linker Politik in Göttingen unter die Arme zu greifen! Deswegen heißt es:

Solidarisch feiern! Linke Strukturen unterstützen und erhalten!

Daher laden wir euch ein, am Samstag den 16.06., nach einer wundervollen Zeit auf dem Antifee, mit uns gemeinsam im Stilbrvch für einen guten Zweck zu feiern!

Musikalisch wird das ganze begleitet von Maria Terror (BREAKBEAT UNIVERSE), Djane Tralala und anderen.

Special bis 1 Uhr: Bring 5 Deutschlandfahnen zur Theke und erhalte ein Getränk (außer Cocktail) gratis!

Unterstützt von:
Antifaschistische Linke International – FEMKO – Gruppe Gegenstrom – Grüne Hochschulgruppe – Grüne Jugend Göttingen – Jugend Antifa Göttingen – Rote Hilfe Ortsgruppe Göttingen – Schöner Leben Göttingen – YXK“

Greece: Golden Dawn MP Attacks Syriza and KKE Reps. on Live TV / Fascists Beat Israeli Journalist

This morning, Ilias Kasidiaris attacked two left-wing MPs (one from SYRIZA, the „Coalition of the Radical Left“ and the other from KKE, the „Communist Party of Greece.“ In the video below, he can be seen throwing water at the SYRIZA MP, before slapping the representative of KKE repeatedly, before the cameras are turned off.

An warrant for his arrest was issued promptly after the incident. Latest reports indicate that he is currently taking refuge in the Golden Dawn headquarters, along with quite a few supporters. Police are currently either unable or unwilling to raid the building, which is not particularly surprising considering that one in two police officers voted for the Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn in the most recent elections.

One could wonder what the left was doing in a debate with this specimen, although it is true that in this particular case his actions will very likely reflect negatively on Golden Dawns showing in the coming elections. One would also assume though, that knowing the character of this person and his party, the SYRIZA and KKE MPs were accompanied by party security, which hopefully intervened quickly.

Finally, for all the false moralists out there: Antifascist violence is a necessity, precisely because fascism/fascists are a danger to *all* who do not fit in their world view. This is not two extremes fighting each other, it is an example of the real physical dangers posed by fascists and the essential nature of antifascist struggle.

In case a clear illustration is needed, just two days ago, a mob attacked a reporter of the Jerusalem Post who was filming a group of masked men who were attacking migrants and homeless people.

Antifascism „Here“ and „There“: Anti Nazi Mobilizations Hamburg / Greece

Important anti-fascist mobilizations are taking place in Hamburg, and in several cities around Greece this weekend.

Best. Poster. Ever. Hamburg people: We need one. Or one hundred.

The „happening“ of the weekend over „here“ is of course the anti-Nazi activities in Hamburg, where Nazis will attempt to hold a demonstration under the title „Day of the German Future.“ Thousands of dedicated antifascists will, as in the past, be doing their best against what will probably be a sad bunch of fascists, and a horde of police officers trying to clear them a path.

For those of you who will be there this weekend, you will find most of what you need to know at the mobilization blog, such as a map of the city, time and place of antifascist meeting points, legal info and numbers, Nazi route, and so on and so forth.

A couple of videos, to set the mood…


Over in Greece, fascists and neo-Nazis, clearly emboldened by their most recent election results, have apparently gone on a militant offensive, aimed mainly at the immigrant population. Reports of attacks are unforunately numerous. In Athens, two immigrants were stabbed on the subway this week, while yet another was stabbed outside the School of Economics. The attackers did not escape unscathed, as their car illustrates…

Meanwhile, in Patras, hundreds of Golden Dawn supporters laid seige to an abandonded factory which was/is being used by immigrants as a shelter…

As is to be expected, antifascist resistance is swiftly taking form. Recently, a right wing politician was attacked in Athens, and even a Golden Dawn parlamentarian in Volos. In Athens, an antifascist demonstration was organized by anarchists and immigrants, which drew over 1.000 people…

Further demonstrations have been called for this weekend, for example in Corfu and Athens.

PS A note on safety for all of you „on the streets“…. Just because you are paranoid, doesnt mean they arent watching you.

PPS Friends take a group picture in Hamburg. These are probably people of sound politics, and their sense of style is impeccable. Notice please the Fire and Flames „Retro“ jacket worn by the comrade holding the flag! :-)

Meet Greece’s Golden Dawn

As is by now well known, Golden Dawn has recently entered the Greek Parliament, obtaining almost 7% of the vote. They are commonly being referred to in the press as „far right“ or „nationalist,“ which is quite the understatement when it comes to this group, as they differ in every way, from content to strategy to demographic, from the „established“ reactionaries like Frances Front National. For those of us who have had the displeasure of „knowing“ these people for many years, it is almost unimagineable that this glorified group of boneheads, hooligans, and Nazi nostalgics will now be sending 21 representatives to Parliament. This is a group which makes the NPD look moderate by comparison.

Golden Dawns leader, with Sieg Heiling, Celtic cross carrying party militants

Any revolutionary (or pre-revolutionary) period is marked by a polarization of society, so it is not surprising that with the growth of antagonistic movements, be they anarchist or some which fall within the parliamentary spectrum, also comes a growth of the far right. But without falling into the mainstream media trap of constantly hyping the growth of the far right, while underplaying the equal or greater parallel growth of left-wing organizations, it is definitely something worth analyzing that what is basically a party of young Neo-Nazis, who Sieg Heil and are racial in their orientation as opposed to national, has been voted for by 7% of the population of a Western European country.

The decor at a Golden Dawn party office.

So on that note, because if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a few videos by way of presentation must be priceless. Meet Golden Dawn…

A short, and recent, piece from the New York Times, including short interviews and demonstration footage…

2011, Golden Dawn led anti-immigrant pogrom in downtown Athens. Notice the use of knives and screwdrivers, and the intimidation of a mother with a small child in arms.

Demonstration footage set to the organizations anthem. Notice the German Nazi flags, the celtic crosses, the paramilitary appearance, and even the masked demonstrators.

The quasi-Swastika, White Power lyrics, and Bonehead music…

On a brighter note, a few weeks ago, antifascists exposed a journalist who lent his show as a platform for the Nazis, by pelting him with yoghurt on live television…

Assorted Nr. 32: Golden Dawn in Greece, Nazis in Eichsfeld, No te Va a Gustar Against Domestic Violence, Argentina vs The EU

*In case you missed the chance to look at Cops and Nazis on Saturday in Eichsfeld, you can look at them here below. Absolute highlight…Nazis standing in the rain. At least the terrible weather was good for something!

*Speaking of cops and Nazis, here is an interesting article about the growth of Greeces „Golden Dawn“ fascists from The Independent.

„It started, as many days do in Greece, with a trip to the kiosk to buy cigarettes. Still half-asleep, Panayiotis Roumeliotis was surprised to be asked to show his identity card by two young men with shaved heads. It was his first direct contact with the vigilante groups that have become a feature of everyday life in some areas of the Greek capital.

„They were calling themselves the residents association but they were just fasistakia (little fascists),“ said the 28-year-old“.

(Read More…)

You can read a similar, also interesting, article in French, from Le Monde, here.

A frightening picture…

*Speaking of nationalism, Argentinas „National and Popular“ government, after expropriating YPF (the national oil company) and giving Spanish investors a heart attack, is now pouring it on with some easy nationalist rhetoric regarding the Islas Malvinas (which you first worlders might know of as „Falkland Islands“). The video below, which has created a bit of an international incident, features an Argentine athlete training for the coming London Olympics on the Malvinas. The text at the end reads „To compete on British soil, we train on Argentine land.“ Yes, its cheap, but it still draws a smile.

*No Te Va Gustar, excellent Latin Ska band from Uruguay who we had the pleasure of organizing a show with last June, has lent one of their songs to a campaign against domestic violence. The song was and is good, and the cause is even better. Here is the video…

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