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Athens: Social Meltdown

A fitting video on the occasion of the general strike taking place in Greece today.

Just one of several very current pieces which should make very clear, especially to the moralists who intend to give antagonist social forces lessons on violence, where the real, systematic, and murderous violence lies.

Otherwise, current updates on events around the general strike today in Greece can as usual be found on Occupied London.

Greece: Anarchist Demonstration, Attack on Presidents House, and General Strike

Today, an emergency general strike is being held in Greece, as Occupied London writes:

„As the troika ‘negotiates’ (read: reads out already agreed measures with the government ‘representatives’), people are taking to the streets for an emergency General Strike against new measures that will allegedly include a 20% decrease in the national minimum wage and a subsequent cut in the unemployment benefit, among many others.“

You can follow the days events directly on Occupied London.

A few days ago, most of the different anarchist currents joined in a massive, 5,000 person strong explicitly anarchist/libertarian demonstration through the streets of Athens…

You can read more about the demonstration here.

On the evening of the same day, the following happened…

„On Saturday, February 4th, at 20.00 in the evening, 60 solidaritarians attacked the personal guard, the guard booth and official vehicles outside the residence of the president of democracy Karolos Papoulias. Papoulias’ personal guard fled, and flyers were thrown at the spot in solidarity with the anarchists Stella Antoniou, Kostas Sakkas, Giorgos Karagiannidis and Alexandros Mitroussias.

The solidaritarians withdrew in coordinated pace from the place, which is located at short distance from the police headquarters. A few minutes later, a DELTA police motorcycle unit appeared, that used flash-bang grenades in an effort to reach the solidaritarians, but with no success.

Yesterday’s action was held in solidarity with Stella Antoniou and the other comrades accused for the same case, as a first response to the denial of her application for release on bail.

These actions will continue until Stella Antoniou is released from prison.


Oakland / Occupy: General Strike and Mass Action Today!

Well if this isnt a positive surprise!?

Not two weeks ago, I wrote this sentence in regards to the Occupy movement…„Not to mention of course the very important and in the occupy „movement“ completely absent industrial and workplace action in the form of strikes.“

Not long after, Oakland PD went and did this:

In response, a general assembly of 2.000 people called for General Strike on November 2nd! The decision…

Just what an impact this has or how massively it is followed is of course the biiiiig question, but still..the thought counts too!

Boots Riley, from The Coup…


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