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Buenos Aires, Athens, Paris…Ratis, Batsi, Flics, Cops, Pigs, Bacon, Bullen, Schweine….Pure Hate!

Athens: Police Repression Against Workers
Paris: Cops Try to Kill 16 Year Old Student
Buenos Aires: Cops Attack Students, Forced to Retreat

Just when you think you cant hate cops much more, they go on a worldwide scandal spree! Nothing of this should come as much of a shock, as they are merely playing their role as armed guards of the state and the existing order. It is however in times, such as these, of increased conflict when the state is more often forced to remove the mask of peaceful democratic governability and clearly shows that its violence is not reserved only for the marginals and „extremists“ from which the good citizen is to be protected. Democratic government is indeed simply a more effective form of rule, but in the end, when the social fabric begins to show its ruptures, it is violence and violence alone on which this order rests. First, it was the „good people“ of Stuttgart who were confronted with this reality, in the form of hundreds of injuries, several broken bones, and one person possibly blinded for life, then…

Several hundred high schools were on strike and blockaded yesterday across France (and to differing degrees throughout the week). School blockades and demonstrations were met in many cities with police repression, resulting in clashes between students and cops in Yvelines, Paris, Lyon, Chartres, Chambery, Lens, and Nimes. Cops had already produced one scandal in Caen on Tuesday, shooting a demonstrator directly in the head with a tear gas canister. Yesterday, in Montreuil (Parisian suburb) they took it one step further, as one police officer carried out what can only be classified as attempted murder of a minor, by shooting him directly in the head with a „flash ball“ (basically a freaky looking, round shaped, rubber bullet). The police lies of course talked of students bombarding them with stones as they began shooting, but the video below clearly shows that, while barricades were being (half-heartedly) built nobody was throwing anything. The person who gets shot is the young man in the black/white adidas jacket. He is currently in critical condition, with several broken bones in his face, and faces the possibility of losing an eye.

Incident avec la police au lycée Jean-Jaurès à Montreuil
Hochgeladen von rue89. – Neueste Nachrichten Videos.

(Last minute France update: Cops were sent in this morning to forcefully break the blockades of several oil refineries. Fortunately, others have been blockaded today thanks to the joint actions of students and workers).

In Athens, only a few days after attacking a migrants solidarity rally, the dogs of the state were again in action, this time excercising a heavy repression against employees of the Ministry of Culture who were demanding two years of back pay as well as permanent contracts through a blockade of the Acropolis.

And finally to Argentina, so that we may end on a relatively positive note. The so called „popular and progressive“ government of Cristina Kirchner yesterday unleashed the full force of the state on university demonstrators who had occupied the Ministry of Education, unfortunately for them Argentine students know how to defend not only their political interests, but also their physical integrity. As the video below shows, towards the end, the cops are attacked from both sides and forced to retreat. The occupation was carried out by social science students after the Minister of Education denied them a meeting to discuss their 14 year old request for a new, and adequate, building in which to study. Despite the inital police repression, which left three cops injured and 11 arrested students, the building was held for over 10 hours, finally cleared after the Ministry committed to several million in funds. Despite this fact, the Ministry of Education is now pressing criminal charges against the students.

Similar, though much more massive and inspiring scenes took place in late 2008, when the University of Buenos Aires decided, again, that student participation wasnt all that important to them when choosing new management…

Nobody is interested in a movement of victims. The moral high ground is for priests and other preachers. Organization, self-defense, and mass militance are the answers to state repression and police violence, so that fear may finally change sides.

France: Third Day of General Strike and Actions, Conflicts in Several Cities, Oil Workers on Strike, Students enter the Mix…

Yesterday marked the third day (not consecutive) of general strike actions and protests against the French governments planned changes to the current retirement system. Many sectors had already showed signs of wanted to take the step towards an unlimited general strike as of this day, and there was also much expectation (or fear, depending on which side you are on) as to what role the high school and university students would begin playing in the movement.

While the massive unlimited general strike with the power to paralyze the country and force the government to retreat does not seem to have erupted, the movement again yesterday showed that it constantly grows and seems to be prepared for a drawn out struggle with the government. What follows is a, very arbitrary and incomplete, round up of the different demonstrations, actions, strikes, and acts of repression noted across France.

A blockaded Paris high school

In general, high adhesion to the strike can be seen in transport sectors, and currently 10 of Frances 12 oil refineries are on indefinite strike. Over 300 high schools were on strike (most of them blockaded, as can be seen below) on Tuesday, and still today over 100 are reporting „disturbances.“ The teachers unions are calling for further strike actions as of Thursday, and a further day of demonstrations is planned for Saturday. While the movement seems to continue growing, so does frustration amongst many who see the isolated one day strike actions as a waste of their time, energy, and money, preferring instead a one week or longer strike action that would have more economic consequences for the French economy.

*Paris: Reports of several hundred thousand people at the mass demonstration, including libertarian blocs from the CNT and Anarchist Federation reaching a combined total of over 3.000 people. After the end of the main demonstration, approximately 1000 people continued on a more action oriented demonstration, engaging in some conflicts with the police before dispersing.

A good first hand report is again available (in German) at Je ne Comprends Pas, and in French (with pictures) at Beton Arme, a Parisian Anarchist Federation group.

Ive never even heard of this place, but apparently 100 demonstrators invaded the offices of the Mayor and ransacked them. No reports of arrests.

*Caen: After the main demonstration, almost 1.000 people continued on to the offices of the Medef (boss „union“). Confrontations ensued with the cops guarding the building, one demonstrator was unfortunately seriously injured after being shot with a tear gas canister in the head.

*Toulouse: Police attempted to arrest people who they accused of spraypainting slogans during the demonstration. The solidarity of other demonstrators leads to successful unarrests. In response to this, police raid the homes of the accused activists in the morning hours.

Meanwhile, in Germany hope dies last. At least some people still try to create their own hope. In that regard, the ARAB has released a nice mobilization video, to the tune of „Which Side Are You On?“ from US Latino hip-hop band Rebel Dias.

CNT and ACAB Graphic, Sambas!, and (Unlimited) General Strike!

Our image of the day today comes from Granada, Iberian Peninsula, where the local CNT is hosting a series of conferences, debates, and concerts as part of „Octubre Rojinegro“ (Red and Black October), and chose a very nice central graphic for their poster. They were even polite enough to ask if they could use it! (Pop quiz: who can name all 5 figures?)

(Nice detail from the text…“all events are outdoors, for free, and *alcohol free*)

Less in the realm of politics and more in that of vice, the new object of my affection…

And since, after over two months of, not only not walking properly nor being able to play sports, but also not being able to wear shoes…I decided that this was adequate compensation for my suffering. Which is good, because the „endless summer in flip-flops“ look was really starting to get a bit out of season.

And speaking of seasons, the much expected and desperately hoped for fall wave of resistance to the new reforms and austerity packages Europe wide will hopefully soon be entering a new and more intense phase, at least in France. The latest one day general strike is scheduled for the 12th of October. Sounds like same old same old, but: several different unions in several different key branches (including transport and oil refineries!) have already made pre-announcements of unlimited general strikes. People are angry and fed up, and it shows more and more. Case in point, this recent demonstration of nurses in Paris. Not related to the austerity measures or retirement reform, but still:

Infirmiers anesthésistes: du gaz et des coups, 0 négo
Hochgeladen von ActuSoins. – Sieh die neuesten Nachrichten Videos an.
(Gotta love the cop with the circle A on his back at the end of the video!)

General Strike!

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