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Finally in store: New Los Fastidos album „Let’s do it!“ CD

After slowing down a bit for some years, Los Fastidios are fully back now! With two new guys in the band they recorded their first new record since nearly 6 years. Proudly powered by Fire and Flames Music and released on 12/13/2014 via Los Fastidios homebase KOB Records, the new album contains 12 songs in italian and english language of the bands‘ unique antifascist Oi!, Punk and Ska sounds! Go get it, let’s do it! Get your personal copy here!

Rostock: Riot in My Heart!

Via Kombinat Fortschritt

Your faithful (and painfully overworked) author was not actually personally there (he was in Paris…reading books and eating falafel), but from what the Fire and Flames crew which was indeed there tell us…the festival was incredible, and a huge success. A great atmosphere, a clear antifascist and radical message in a place which very much needs it, serious and responsible organizers, good bands. All in all, just what we expect from a political festival and generally a great event. Hopefully this was just the first of many „Riot in My Heart“ festivals!

Our thanks to the organizers for letting us be a, small, part of the event with our table and the support we were fortunate enough to be able to offer with the promotion in the run up to the event.

Via Kombinat Fortschritt

In case you missed it and want to see what you missed, or if you were there and want to swim in the nostalgia, some videos, pictures, and interviews. We begin with the interview, which makes clear the mindset and objectives of the organizers…

You can then read a post festival interview, and see some further pictures, here.

The „Gift Giving Season Update“ New Stuff in Catalogue and PLEASE READ Infos…

The classic December „holiday season“ newsletter…further below you will find the actual news, such as releases from Los Fastidios, Talco, The Movement, Opcio K-95, or the „Rote Hilfe“ benefit double CD. As well as of course the usual gift suggestions in the form of books, agendas, antifa cups and mugs, gift certificates, and so forth.

But before, we would like to briefly recap the year which is almost behind us, as for Fire and Flames it has been a year of much growth and re-organization. Fortunately, this has been quite a successful process and those of you who are paying attention will have quite likely noticed the changes.

Our spring collection was by far our most impressive yet, the winter collection is a crazed show of megalomania with some great successes (and true to our style, of course some spectacular failures and unexpected problems), the Fire and Flames festival made its return, new releases from the likes of Opcio K-95, Brixton Cats, and the upcoming „Rote Hilfe“ sampler were produced, and those of you who order from us will have certainly noticed…orders are shipped quickly, the communication is greatly improved, the catalogue is usually up to date and correct, and updates are frequent.

And speaking of doing things right, this is why we are writing you now:

The more time passes, the more that nothing changes. So by now we know that you will all go crazy because it is Christmas time, and in all honesty we kind of appreciate it (as you can imagine, all our festivals, collections, and records arent made for free!).

But before we tell you all the new and exciting news, to make the “holiday” experience less stressful for everybody (especially us), here are again some important reminders and comments from last year, and the years before….

-If you need your order delivered in time for Christmas, we only guarantee delivery (inside Germany) if you order (and we have received the payment, except in the case
of “Cash on Delivery” orders) at the latest on TUESDAY 21.12! Outside of Germany (most of Europe)…SATURDAY 18.12!

-Its very helpful, and increases the chances of a timely delivery, if you send us your telephone number together with your order, so that we can quickly contact you in case something is missing.

-No, we cannot guarantee that the retro jackets, the „Work 2.0″, or other items from the second delivery of the new collection will arrive in time for Christmas. So if
it absolutely needs to be under the tree, its probably not the best choice. What are we talking about? The complete new collection, including already deliverable
items and those not yet arrived: SEE HERE

So, let the insanity begin (or better said continue, you have been keeping us extra busy already since about a week ago).
Here are the newest news…

*Weve done our very best to have the online catalog as full and up to date as possible. Here are some of the more “giftable” new items in the catalog…

First and foremost, from our new winter collection, jackets such as:

*The „Red Heat / Red Stripe“ sweatjacket!

*The reversible hooded cotton sweatjacket „Deep Blue“

Aside from that, some possibly useful tips…

-The much loved “Antifa Agenda,” 2011 version.

-The latest Fire and Flames release, the first ever OPCIO K-95 full length
production in vinyl format, „Reneix“:

-Speaking of music, we have added titles (Including vinyl) from LOS FASTIDIOS,

-Few items are as thoughtful as books, and we recently added quite a few great titles from AK Press. A couple of random examples:

If it has to be German language, the options are limited, yet good:

-If you want to make gifts, while at the same time contributing
financially to antifascist and anti-repression work
, there are several very highly
suggested options:

The first and foremost is the upcoming benefit CD for the „Rote Hilfe.“ For those
of you unfamiliar with the organization…the „Rote Hilfe“ is a non-sectarian
structure providing legal and financial support to people in conflict with the state
due to their political activities.

The double CD has an impressive tracklist, the details of which and artwork can be
viewed here:

Aside from that, the „Soligruppe“ has recently produced a follow up to the much
loved „Antifa Cups,“ now in the form of „Antifa tasse/tea mug.“ Kitschy…but
pretty damned stylish!

(And yes, the mugs and cups are dish washing machine resistant!)

-And quite a bit more which doesnt spring to mind at the moment, but which you can
all find by going into the online catalog. You know,

*For those of you who feel absolutely compelled to give or receive gifts, but dont
even know what you want to give, weve come up with the convenient solution of the
Gift Certificate!

They come on shiny heavy 300g paper, and are „elegantly“ designed.
Available in quantities ranging from 20€ to 200€. And by the way: they are as of
now always available and never expire!

Go Crazy, and thanks for all the Support!

Antifascist greetings,
Fire and Flames Music and Clothing

Fire and Flames Festival 2010!!!!!!!

Its almost time. Last news from us until the festival. But since were excited, and work does indeed suck, heres another taste of what awaits you all on Saturday night….

And of course, for tomorrow night, where would we be without the cliche classic…

Ultrash-Festival/Fire and Flames Festival/Fight Back Festival

Where is the incentive to write your own blog articles, when you can just steal them from other people? Changed „Diffidati“ to „Fire and Flames,“ move some band names around and, voila…

„Am Wochenende geht es hoch her, es finden gleich drei antifaschistische D.I.Y. Festivals in Deutschland statt. Zahlreiche großartige Bands, mit klarer antifaschistischer Attitüde werden beim Ultrash in Potsdam, beim Fire and Flames Festival in Göttingen und beim Fight Back Festival in Nürnberg an den Start gehen. Auch Bands, die sich auf Fire and Flames Music herumtreiben, werden bei allen drei Veranstaltungen dabei sein (Edit: Opcio fällt leider aus, sowohl in Potsdam als auch in Göttingen). The Class War Kids werden gleich zweimal die Sau fliegen lassen und zwar am Freitag in Göttingen und Samstag in der Desi im Saal! ……. Geht hin! Egal wo… alle drei Dinge lohnen sich und sind eine sehr geile Sache, abseits der ganzen kommerziellen Festivals…“

Danke Diffi für ze gut press work! :-)

Speaking of press, in Göttingen: The text is funny, but the placement of the German folk advertisement is certainly unfortunate!

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