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Stop the criminalisation of the PKK !


„Solidarity with the revolutionary process in Kurdistan! Abolish the ban of the PKK!“
Demonstration | February 7th 2015 | 2pm | Asmus-Bremer-Platz | Kiel

November 15th Hanover: Antifa Hooligans against HoGeSa !


Although it seems clear that racist and nationalist HoGeSa fuckers won‘t repeat their disgusting meeting of Cologne neither in Hamburg nor in Berlin as it was planned at first, the situation remains a bit confusing. If the proclamation to march in Hanover on November 15th will become reality is still unsafe: At the moment the scum has no chairman for that day as well as the event is forbidden at present. Anyway: We know that their is no reliability about such sanctions, so it’s clear that everyone of us should be ready to go to Hanover next weekend to stop this horrorshow by any means. Stay tuned by following the antifascist mobilisation of Hannover gegen HogeSa and prepare yourselves.

Greece: Anarchist Demonstration, Attack on Presidents House, and General Strike

Today, an emergency general strike is being held in Greece, as Occupied London writes:

„As the troika ‘negotiates’ (read: reads out already agreed measures with the government ‘representatives’), people are taking to the streets for an emergency General Strike against new measures that will allegedly include a 20% decrease in the national minimum wage and a subsequent cut in the unemployment benefit, among many others.“

You can follow the days events directly on Occupied London.

A few days ago, most of the different anarchist currents joined in a massive, 5,000 person strong explicitly anarchist/libertarian demonstration through the streets of Athens…

You can read more about the demonstration here.

On the evening of the same day, the following happened…

„On Saturday, February 4th, at 20.00 in the evening, 60 solidaritarians attacked the personal guard, the guard booth and official vehicles outside the residence of the president of democracy Karolos Papoulias. Papoulias’ personal guard fled, and flyers were thrown at the spot in solidarity with the anarchists Stella Antoniou, Kostas Sakkas, Giorgos Karagiannidis and Alexandros Mitroussias.

The solidaritarians withdrew in coordinated pace from the place, which is located at short distance from the police headquarters. A few minutes later, a DELTA police motorcycle unit appeared, that used flash-bang grenades in an effort to reach the solidaritarians, but with no success.

Yesterday’s action was held in solidarity with Stella Antoniou and the other comrades accused for the same case, as a first response to the denial of her application for release on bail.

These actions will continue until Stella Antoniou is released from prison.


Göttingen: 300 People Take Part in Offensive Solidarity Demonstration

(For German language Infos: Press Releases, Photos, Background, and infos can be found at on the ALI page, and on Monsters of Göttingen there is an article with the spectacular title, „Demo jagt Polizei durch die Stadt.“ )

Approximately 300 people took part in an „unauthorized“ spontaneous demonstration in Göttingen on Friday evening, called for in response to „Martin R.“ having to give his DNA sample to the police earlier the same day.

In the course of the dynamic and powerful demonstration police were attacked on several occasions, and indeed successfully chased from the University campus. Hopefully this will serve as a clear notice, for the cops as well as for the newly elected left-wing university parliament, that cops will no longer be tolerated on the university!

During the course of their retreat, police officers „lost“ several items of clothing/protection, aand a police cameraman took a rather unexpected outdoor winter bath. In and around the university, several attacks against police officers and vehicles took place, causing damage to one vehicle and causing a police transporter to undertake a somewhat panicked escape when suddenly approached by masked demonstrators with stones.

The entire course of the demonstration was marked by the building of small „barricades“ and use of fireworks. After almost two hours, the demonstration ended once again the center of Göttingen, with no arrests.

After being wanted and searched for on a national level for several weeks, and in the face of having no realistic prospects of actually stopping the DNA measure, „Martin R.“ decided to at the very least set the time and conditions himself. After participating in the large solidarity demonstration on Saturday, he went accompanied by elected representatives of Die Grünen, SPD, and Die Linke to the police station this morning. Before entering, he read a short statement in which he thanked all of those who had expressed such a broad, and also practical, solidarity with him over the previous weeks.

The demonstration and events of Friday evening, together with the broad and continous solidarity and mobilization, can only be considered a resounding victory for extra-parliamentary and autonomous politics in Göttingen. The message to friends and allies is that effective resistance to state repression and violence are not only possible, they are closer in reach than many believe. The message for the state and the cops should be equally clear: Hands Off of our friends, houses, and structures!

(All Pictures from Antifaschistische Linke International)

Athens, 17.11: Largest Polytechnic Uprising Demonstration in Years

The 17th of November has a very special significance in Greek social movements, as it marks the date when, in 1973, the military junta massacred students during an anti-dictatorship uprising. For this reason, every year there is a demonstration, which is very often used by anarchists to eloquently make the point that the struggle is not over, and this often leads to clashes with the police and every few years to new Polytechnic occupations. A poster for this years demonstration makes it very clear, reading „Demonstration against the Junta“…

For me, the date has an even greater personal significance, as it marks my first „contact“ with modern anarchism. November 17th, 1995. Living in Greece, pre-internet times, barely a teenager, speaking little Greek. I had discovered anarchism, but not being able to find any present day anarchists, had reached the conclusion that it must be a dead movement, with no present day adherents. Until that 17th of November, when suddenly whatever I was watching on television was interrupted to show live footage of masked people clashing with police in front of the University. One couldnt make it all out, but they were chanting something about authority, things about the state, the word „anarcheia“ could often be heard. A Greek flag was burned…“revelation“ is probably the most appropriate term. The rest, as they say, is history…

This years demonstration, coming fresh on the clashes of the day before during an IMF visit to Athens, was attended by over 50,000 people. Occupied London reports:
It will take us a little while to comprehend today’s events in Athens – and surely, this is not the best moment to do so – writing these lines after a full twelve hours in the streets. But still, some first thoughts are of order. What happened today was important. First, today’s demonstration had a very peculiar feel to it. The largest Polytechnic uprising commemorative demonstration in more than a decade (30,000 according to the police, around double in real numbers). A very tense feeling in the air. Even before the demo set off, clashes with the youth branch of PASOK – the social-democrat party in power – who had the nerve to try join the demonstration. The police on the sides of the march, with their hands on the trigger of the tear-gas guns the entire time. People waiting for something to happen on both ends: our end, and on that of the police.

And something did happen. The most intense and populous demonstration Athens has seen since May 5th. The police charging ahead whenever they could, whenever they would isolate people off the main block of the demonstration. People fighting back, during the demo and then, late in the night, in Exarcheia. But that peculiar feeling hasn’t faded: we are still waiting something will happen… Tonight was the last day of a long summer. Tomorrow is the first day of a strange winter – hopefully, a beautiful winter.“

PS During the clashes earlier in the week, Greek cops can be seen, as in the image below, throwing chairs at anarchists outside the Polytechnic! A funny image, but really not all that rare in Athens, although usually it is rocks they throw, not chairs!

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