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The Great Catalogue Update Part 6: New Mob Action Shirts and Partisano Restocks

The Great and Glorious Catalogue Update marches on, still far from finished. However, the new Mob Action shirts and Partisano restocks do at least mark the last update as far as the clothing catalogue goes! As far as the new Mob Action designs are concerned, they are pictured here below, and you can see closeups of them by clicking on the respective image. Besides these, the classic „Mask“ design is again available in all sizes, and we have added the jacket „Action.“

As far as Partisanowear is concerned, no new designs, but many much loved classics are now available again in all sizes, such as: „Stop Control,“ „Read Books – Fight Fascism,“ „Sud,“ „Rebel and Antira,“ „Independencia,“ and „Working Class.“ Not only this, but we also have the Obrint Pas shirts again, and possibly more importantly, Obrint Pas’s latest CD, „Coratje“ which we had sold out of a couple of months ago, is available again as well.

That said, on to the new Mob Action designs…

Obrint Pas CD / Book, „Coratje“

The newest work of Valencias Latin ska band is much, much more than a simple CD. In fact, the question is if it is a book with a CD, or a CD with a book.

Whatever the case may be, their newest release is presented with an A5 hardcover book clocking in at well over 100 pages, including texts on a variety of issues of social relevance from a wide array of authors. All texts are in Catalan, Spanish, and English!

Musically, the band continues to deliver an impressive mix of ska, punk, latin beats, and the unmistakeable folk notes of the „dolcaina.“

This is without a doubt one of the most impressive releases in a long time.

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