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Barren walls?

We now have different high quality posters of our friend and comrade Adam O. – anarchist activist and artist from Copenhagen – in stock. See here!

Antira Tournament 2015 @ Copenhagen

Don’t miss out on this year’s greatest football tournament coming up next week-end, the Antira 2015. And yes – the FF travelling circus will make its way to Copenhagen too. See you there, all you anti-fascist football rockers!

Copenhagen: Patchanka CD Release Party and New Merch

Our good friends from Patchanka will be celebrating the release party for their upcoming album, „Normalize This,“ this Friday at „Global“ in Copenhagen. Not only did we not want to miss the party, which will also include several DJs and surprise special guests on stage, but we have also done our part to make the evening even a little more special.

So once again, as was recently the case with Konecho, designed by „Corte“ and Powered by Fire and Flames, we present to you the new Patchanka designs…

„Music for Mind and Soul“

(Also available in gold, as a hoodie, in „girls cut“ black and „girls cut“ gold)


(Also available as so called „girls cut“)

Finally, small yet cute…

The shirts actually arrived in Copenhagen before we did, and clearly the excitement amongst some of the band members and their friends was big, as the following picture documents…

We leave you with some sounds. Not new, still good.

PS Weve had the pleasure of hearing some songs off the new album yesterday, and its excellent. A little teaser…

Fire and Flames Music in May/June: Brixton Cats, Patchanka, Wasted Youth, Argies, Opcio K95

After a long period of silence, there are lots of news surrounding Fire and Flames label bands in the coming months. There are exciting news regarding tours, releases, and merchandise from Brixton Cats, Patchanka, Opcio K-95, Wasted Youth and The Argies.

Brixton Cats sadly did *not* play at the Revolutionary 1st of May demonstration in Berlin due to an illness in the band. But they will be releasing their long awaited second album probably sometime this month or next. More news as it comes.

Speaking of releasing…Patchankas newest album is being released on June 22nd, with a big CD release concert party in Copenhagen. On this date, Fire and Flames will also be at the event, presenting Patchankas new merchandise. As with Konecho, again designed by „Corte“ and powered by Fire and Flames. Here is a small preview of whats coming musically…

And while on the subject of Copenhagen… Wasted Youth, who in the last few days were to be found on stage at the RASH festival in Stuttgart and the 1st of May concert in Nurnberg, will be touring Northern Germany and Denmark this mid-May. You can see the exact tourdates here. Highlight of this mini-tour is of course, at least for us, the „Room Show“ concert they will be playing on Monday May 14th at „Flaming Star“ in Goettingen. This will also be a chance to have a look at the new shirts we produced for the band (which should be online in the coming days).

Hopefully, for the sake of the shop, this room show will be a little calmer than last years one with The Class War Kids…

The show also represents the first part of the „1 Year of Flaming Star Celebrations,“ the second part of course being this…

Continuing on to Opcio K-95….they will be playing later this month in Hamburg. And thats really pretty much all we know. :-)

Last but certainly not least, the Argies are on tour. Which wouldnt even really be much for news, since they are usually on tour. But this time, they are embarking on a 14 show tour of China, followed by concerts in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia! No worries though, once thats over they are back in Europe for another three month tour! You can see the complete tourdates here.

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