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Out with the Old, In with the New: Spring Sale on Fire and Flames (Rainbow, Liberation, Rock, Tango, Comics, etc.)

Soon, very soon, we will be presenting the new Fire and Flames designs for this spring. If you happen to be on Facebook and „like“ Fire and Flames, you will have already not only seen rough drafts of two of them, but also even possibly have participated in giving the final versions form. For the rest of you, we will be presenting one each day starting April 15th.

Considering that in the last 12 months we have brought out the, shocking, quantity of 20 new shirt designs and 7 jackets, the new collection is significantly smaller than last year. What is however anything except small is the amount and variety of designs which we over the year collected. So recently we sat down and went through the incredibly maddeningly difficult process of choosing which designs are to be discontinued. Some designs we are terribly attached to because they go back to the very beginnings of Fire and Flames, others because they send messages about or make references to political or subcultural elements which are very important to us. Then there are considerations about breadth and variety of our collection, as well as in all honesty of course the matter of how they sell, since regardless of our political positions, we still need to sell at the very least enough of each design for it to pay itself.

Some are to be discontinued once all the ones we have are gone, while others we have very few left of and want the space, so they have also been significantly discounted in the hopes of having them gone by the time the new designs arrive. So, should any of the following designs be to your liking, we can only suggest you take the opportunity now, as once they are gone…they are gone forever. Here below is a list of the designs in question, as well as what sizes are still available. Click on the images to go straight to the corresponding page.

*Comics T-Shirt / „Girls Cut“ Shirt

-Black T-Shirt still available in L and XL, „girls cut“ shirt available in M.
-Red T-Shirt available in S, L, XL, „girls cut“ shirt available in S, M, L but only a couple of each left.

*Out of Control T-Shirt

-Still all sizes remaining, not discounted, but will not be repressed. Now or never.

*Pyongyang Nightlife T-Shirt / „Girls Cut“ Shirt

-Not discounted, but also will not be repressed.
-Black T-Shirt still available in S, L, XL, XXL.
-Purple T-Shirt still available in all sizes.
-Black „girls cut“ shirt available in S and M.
-Purple „girls cut“ shirt available still in S, M, and L.

*Rainbow T-Shirt / „Girls Cut“ Shirt / Sweatshirt

-Reduced price.
-Sweatshirt still available in S, M, L, XL.
-T-Shirt still available for the very small (S) or very large (XXL).
-„Girls Cut“ shirt still available in L.

*All Power T-Shirt (Gold)

-Only available in L still.
-No panic, it has been replaced by an even better red version, black also still exists, and so does the navy blue hooded sweatshirt.

*Kick Fascism and Nationalism T-Shirt (Black)

-Only available in S.
-In the future, it will only be printed on navy blue shirts and black hoodies/kapus.

*Rock T-Shirt / „Girls Cut“ Shirt

-Very reduced price!
-S, L, XL, XXL remaining.
-„Girls Cut“ shirt still available in S, M, L.

*Liberation T-Shirt Blue / Red – „Girls Cut“ Shirt Blue

-Blue T-Shirt still available in L and XL.
-Red T-Shirt in S and XL.

*Tango T-Shirt / „Girls Cut“ Shirt / Sweatshirt

-T-Shirt still available S, M, L, XL.
-Sweatshirt available in S, M, and XL.
-„Girls Cut“ shirt available in size M.

*Every Heart T-Shirt / „Girls Cut“ Shirt

-Only available in L.
-„Girls Cut“ Shirt available in sizes M and L.

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