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Fire and Flames Festival 2010!!!!!!!

Its almost time. Last news from us until the festival. But since were excited, and work does indeed suck, heres another taste of what awaits you all on Saturday night….

And of course, for tomorrow night, where would we be without the cliche classic…

Ultrash-Festival/Fire and Flames Festival/Fight Back Festival

Where is the incentive to write your own blog articles, when you can just steal them from other people? Changed „Diffidati“ to „Fire and Flames,“ move some band names around and, voila…

„Am Wochenende geht es hoch her, es finden gleich drei antifaschistische D.I.Y. Festivals in Deutschland statt. Zahlreiche großartige Bands, mit klarer antifaschistischer Attitüde werden beim Ultrash in Potsdam, beim Fire and Flames Festival in Göttingen und beim Fight Back Festival in Nürnberg an den Start gehen. Auch Bands, die sich auf Fire and Flames Music herumtreiben, werden bei allen drei Veranstaltungen dabei sein (Edit: Opcio fällt leider aus, sowohl in Potsdam als auch in Göttingen). The Class War Kids werden gleich zweimal die Sau fliegen lassen und zwar am Freitag in Göttingen und Samstag in der Desi im Saal! ……. Geht hin! Egal wo… alle drei Dinge lohnen sich und sind eine sehr geile Sache, abseits der ganzen kommerziellen Festivals…“

Danke Diffi für ze gut press work! :-)

Speaking of press, in Göttingen: The text is funny, but the placement of the German folk advertisement is certainly unfortunate!

Partys and Concerts for the Weekend: Class War Kids, Star Fucking Hipsters, and Rote. Str. Soli Party


The Class War Kids tour is (incredibly!) slowly developing into what it should be. You can read their tour journal here. Tomorrow, they will be playing in Berlin at Tommyhaus together with Star Fucking Hipsters!

For those of you in Göttingen, a worthy reason to go out all night and get wasted is also available:

Speaking of solidarity, and returning to Berlin, we highly suggest the following demonstration/concert combo:

Spring Collection 2010 ONLINE NOW

To please the many impatient ones among you who bombarded us with mails over the last few days….it took six hours of work, but the entire new collection is now online and ready to be ordered. Some designs are already available, the rest will arrive during next week.

Here you go….

If you are looking for us this weekend, we can be found at the AFA Fest in Prague where we will be tabling and where The Class War Kids will be playing.

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