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Solidarity with the Prosecuted Demonstrators of Genoa

„On 13 July 2012 in Rome, 10 strugglers are being tried for participation in the clashes which took place in July 2001 in Genova against the G8 summit, while they are already facing serious sentences of 10 to 15 years of imprisonment according to a verdict from a previous trial in Genova.

Today, the case of these strugglers is an attempt to strike the revolting rage against the global dictatorship of the political and financial bosses who are setting about the looting and destruction of societies and nature in every corner of the globe. Like it was struck through the murder by the Italian police of Carlos Juliani, the severe buttery of many demonstrators by the guards of the global domination in the streets of Genova and during the bloody invasion in the Diaz school used as lodging and the abuse and torturing of hundreds of arrestees in the detention centre of Bolgianetto.

Eleven years after the uprising of Genova, the institutional violence of the courts of civil democracy, through the attempt to criminalize those who fight and the threat of many years of imprisonment, is part of the answer which those ‘from above’ have against the revolters’ denial to be trapped within the boundaries of granted protest. It is the keeping-up of the work of the severe suppression and the anti-insurrectional propaganda against the tens of thousands of revolting demonstrators who opposed the power of international gathering, self-organization, solidarity and social-class counter-attack against the superior firepower of the Regime and its supranational formations. And finally it is one more terrorizing message to the raging social resistances.

It is worth mentioning that at the same time Carlo Juliani’s murderer, Mario Placanica, has been free of any charge. Also, 25 police officers and leaders of Security Forces, responsible for the Diaz massacre and recently unappealably sentenced only to support the unstable mask of democracy of the Italian authorities, were cleared of the charge of severe bodily harm because of prescription. While all these years several officers involved in the murderous police operations of Genova have been rewarded with promotions for their ‘services’.

Each and every one who was in the streets of the clash held by the forces of revolt against the Regime in Genova in 2001 could be in the position of the ones prosecuted and tried on 13 July. It was clash which was a peak moment of the struggle of the movements against global domination, of the constant and worldwide confrontations of those ‘from below’ who defend life and dignity against death promised by the bosses. The prosecuted fighters of Genova are not alone!

From a corner of the globe, Greece, where the supranational mechanisms of domination of E.U., I.M.F., and E.C.B. in cooperation with the local financial and political bosses aggravate the conditions of exploitation and oppression of those ‘from below’ aiming the total transformation of society in favour of the international and local elite, we stand by the side of the prosecuted demonstrators of Genova through our participation in the social and class struggles which fight the totalitarianism of authority and through the claim of international solidarity and globalization of resistance. Solidarity is our weapon!




Anarchist collective ‘circle of fire’
Athens 12/7/2012 “

From Athens to Göttingen, Göttingen to Athens: Their Repression, Our Solidarity!

(German language version further below…)

Solidarity Statement from Athens Regarding the Wanted Comrade and the „DNA Repression“


from Athens, we are sending you our comrade greetings and our solidarity with your struggle against the repression by the state of Germany.

The attack of the state and capital against the western societies of the developed countries by means of intensifying exploitation and oppression, condemns millions of people into poverty and social exclusion, while the looting of the so called capitalist periphery continues with an unrelenting pace. Aiming at the prevention, within the western bloc, of social explosions which are born in these conditions, the state is constantly getting armed: social control is becoming suffocating (cameras, DNA data bases), the streets are filled with fully armed police forces, all new antiterrorist laws are being created and the state propaganda through the media is becoming more intense.

Targeted by the state repression are those people who resist state barbarism, especially anarchists and antiauthoritarians being the most dynamic and radical part among those who resist. Here in Greece, in Germany and all around the world hundred of strugglers are facing state violence, through frame-ups, prosecutions and imprisonments.

We perceive the comrade’s refusal to give DNA sample to the German police as yet another act of resistance against the regime of terror, exploitation and submission which is forcibly imposed on us by the state and bosses.

We stand with solidarity by our comrade’s side because every attack against one of those who struggle is an attack against each and every one of us. We fight for a new world of freedom, equality, solidarity and we are not going to stop until we win.

No one in the struggle is alone against the state!

Solidarity is our weapon!

Anarchist collective “Circle of Fire”
Athens, January 2011


Solidaritätserklärung aus Athen anlässlich der DNA-Entnahme

GenossInnen, aus Athen senden wir Euch Grüße und erklären uns solidarisch mit Eurem Kampf gegen die Repression des deutschen Staates.

Die Attacken von Staat und Kapital gegen die westliche Gemeinschaft entwickelter Staaten durch die Intensivierung der Ausbeutung und Unterdrückung, verbannt Millionen von Menschen in Armut und soziale Ausgrenzung. Gleichzeitig wird die Plünderung der so genannten kapitalistischen Peripherie mit unnachgiebiger Geschwindigkeit fortgeführt wird. Ausgerichtet auf die Verhinderung – innerhalb des westlichen Blocks – von sozialen Explosionen die unter diesen Umständen entstehen, rüstet der Staat konstant auf: soziale Kontrolle wird erdrückend (Kameras, DNA Datenbanken), die Straßen sind gefüllt mit hoch gerüsteten Polizeikräften, neue Antiterrorgesetze werden geschrieben und die öffentliche Propaganda durch alle Medien wird immer intensiver.

Ziel der staatlichen Repression werden Menschen, die sich der staatlichen Barbarei widersetzen, vor allem Anarchisten und anti-autoritäre Menschen, da sie häufig der dynamischste und radikalste Teil des Widerstands sind. Hier in Griechenland, in Deutschland und überall auf der Welt sehen sich hunderte Kämpfende mit staatlicher Gewalt konfrontiert, durch Verleumdungen, Verurteilungen und Wegsperrung.

Wir sehen die Weigerung des Genossen, seine DNA Probe der deutschen Polizei zu geben, als noch einen weiteren Akt des Widerstands an, gegen das Regime des Terrors, der Ausbeutung und gegen die Unterwerfung, die uns gewaltsam durch den Staat und die Bosse aufgezwungen wird.

Wir stehen solidarisch an der Seite unseres Genossen, jede Attacke auf einen der Kämpfenden bedeutet eine Attacke gegen jeden und jede einzelne von uns. Wir kämpfen für eine neue Welt der Freiheit, Gleichheit und Solidarität und wir werden nicht stoppen bis wir gewonnen haben.

Niemand im Kampf steht allein gegen den Staat.

Solidarität ist unsere Waffe.

Anarchist collective „Circle of Fire“
Athen, Januar 2011

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