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Castor 2010: Its All About the Violence…

Violence. The obsession with the „violence“ question is a classic of the mainstream media most everywhere, but in the German media it can more be called a neurosis. Every conflict, regardless of how important the issue it revolves around may be, is reduced simply to a coverage of „was there violence? could there be violence? will there be violence? how many „gewaltbereite“ are there?“ and so forth. Ever more fascinating, and defiant to any kind of logical analysis, the constant argument that those who make use of „violence“ in a confrontation, are only there for said violence. Extremists.

Maybe its cultural, but when the subject at hand is the transport of 11 highly radioactive containers of nuclear waste over a course of over 1.000 km, each of which is in of itself capable of producing a tragedy worse than Chernobyl, and this against the will of a broad social consensus, one would think that the main axis of the discussion wouldnt be if a stone was thrown or not during the course of conflict.

Quite the contrary. The discussion should be centered around the systematic violence which emanates from a (police) state ready, willing, and able to make ample use of its monopoly of violence to impose its decisions and interests. This is of course, is not an exceptional scandal, but rather simply an example of the state exposing its true nature. Ruling with a smile and the passive acceptance of the majority is better and easier, but when this fails…superior violence is the root and anchor of its power.

As far as those who confront the state are concerned, the issue of violence needs to be finally pulled away from the sphere of moral question, and to that of tactics where it belongs. How accepted are the different methods of resistance? What is more effective politically? What is more effective against the police apparatus? What tactics will allow a broad mass to participate? Which tactics will elicit sympathy?

And if we insist on arguing with morality…is the passive acceptance which makes the unacceptable continued reality, not the worst violence of all?

Castor Transport 2011: Lets Rock Them Übelst!

The protests against this years Castor transport are expected to be the largest in a long time, possibly ever. In case anybody missed it, today, 18 uhr, in Lüneburg (Bahnhof) is the vorabenddemo.

And tons of plus points go to the „Castor Schottern“ campaign for the slogan of the year: Lets Rock Them Übelst! Basic and trashy, yet great!

Finally…futbol, Castor, St. Pauli=Nice!

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