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„Subway Art“ 25th Anniversary Hardcover Edition

We just got our hands on two (yes, just two!) copies of this great classic. An essential work for any collector, 70/80s urban art nostalgic, or general fan of graffitti, boming, or street art in general. The book is hard cover, in huge A3 format (!) and of course end to end full with color.

During the 1970s and 80s, photographers Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant captured the environment and the imagination of a generation by documenting the burgeoning New York City graffiti movement. Now 25 years and more than a half a million copies later, their bestselling book Subway Art is available in a large-scale, deluxe format heightening the visual impact of their classic images.

With 70 additional photographs, and a fresh introduction and afterword, this collector’s edition illustrates the passion, creativity and resourcefulness of unlikely kids inventing an art form destined to spread worldwide and spawn the present-day street art movement.

Assorted Nr. 26: Mongolian Nazis, Kurdistan Kids Not Lovin Turkey, Fidel Eternal, Leipzig Bombing, Bye Bye Oire Szene, A Day at the Train Station

*Mongolian Nazis.
Yes indeed. And no, this is not posted because of the easy infantile and rather out of place jokes many of you fools are probably tempted to make. Crazy shit though…their own bar, and especially the fetish like attire. My favorite is the guy with the knee high boots!

You can read the Guardian article about them here and there is also a pciture gallery.

*The Kurdish kids „still not lovin“ Turkey.
Which is nice and good, but ummmm….arent these kids a bit too young for this? I really think under 13 or 14 years old is kind of pushing it, and some of these look like they are about 8.

Yüksekova'da gerginlik
Hochgeladen von erkancapraz. – Nachrichtenvideos aus der ganzen Welt.

*Oire Szene says goodbye. :-(

*Fidel Castro tells it like it is!
Seeing as how he has again (for what is apparently the 147th time) escaped death and now at almost 90 he seems to be getting younger every day again, I am really truly objectively convinced that the man is immortal. Who? Why Fidel Castro of course! And if immortality wasnt enough, he again shines through his words. A few weeks ago he was apologizing and exercising self-criticism for the shortcomings of the revolution in dealing with discrimination against homosexuals. Now, he is telling it to Iran regarding Judaism, Israel, and the Holocaust. And I quote from this article very much worth reading…
He said the Iranian government should understand the consequences of theological anti-Semitism. „This went on for maybe two thousand years,“ he said. „I don‘t think anyone has been slandered more than the Jews. I would say much more than the Muslims. They have been slandered much more than the Muslims because they are blamed and slandered for everything. No one blames the Muslims for anything.“ The Iranian government should understand that the Jews „were expelled from their land, persecuted and mistreated all over the world, as the ones who killed God. In my judgment here’s what happened to them: Reverse selection. What’s reverse selection? Over 2,000 years they were subjected to terrible persecution and then to the pogroms. One might have assumed that they would have disappeared; I think their culture and religion kept them together as a nation.“ He continued: „The Jews have lived an existence that is much harder than ours. There is nothing that compares to the Holocaust.“ I asked him if he would tell Ahmadinejad what he was telling me. „I am saying this so you can communicate it,“ he answered.

Also good, when asked if he now, in his old age, believes in God he answers „Sorry, I‘m still a dialectical materialist.“

Now all we need is for Fidel to give a similar lecture to Chavez and well really be getting somewhere! :-)

*Leipzig Bombing!
Nice! Bonus points for these people!


*Best Goalie Celebration Ever
Very very funny. Especially him celebrating while its going on…

*Finally, something like a journal entry. Experiences of a saturday morning at the local train station…
Its amazing how much you can experience in one Saturday morning and afternoon at the local train station. Why on earth would one spend half a day at the train station you wonder? To do the mandatory first aid course to get a German license of course! Yes, only 7 years later and Im finally going through with it! A random mix of thoughts, impressions, and incidents of the day…


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