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Chile: Mauricio Morales Unforgotten!

Today marks three years since the death in combat of Mauricio Morales. He will remain forever unforgotten, and lives in the struggle.

“My good friend, if getting away from this war meant that we would remain ageless and immortal I would also stay behind. But a thousand deaths are hanging over our heads; we cannot avoid them or run away. So Lets Go Then….”

„Honor Always to Anarchist Revolutionary Mauricio Morales“

Göttingen Bomb Explosion: It Wasnt Us!

Judging by how many hits the blog is getting in the few hours since the Göttingen bomb explosion the following is a basic safety precaution…

Regardless of where any dog may choose to bark today or in the coming days, we all declare that this street had absolutely nothing to do with it. Local police please take notice.

No Dogs, Pigs, or Nazis!

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