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RASH BB Calling

Rosa & Karl Weekender

Some of us will hang out with a stand at the Rosa-Luxemburg-Konferenz 2016 in Berlin this saturday and hope to meet a lot of you comrades in the antifascist block at the annual Luxemburg-Liebknecht demonstration on sunday (10am / U Frankfurter Tor / Friedrichshain).

Remember Rosa & Karl: Struggle in solidarity – antifascist, antiracist, internationalist, anticapitalist!

www.antifa-nordost.org | www.radikale-linke.net

Antifa means to go where the enemy is …

This saturday, 23 years after the neo-fascist murder of Silvio Meier: The anual antifascist demonstration of the Silvio Meier Alliance for the first time in Berlin-Marzahn, where neonazis and racists have become stronger and stronger within the last year…

In commemoration of comrade Silvio: Stop the racist arsonists!
3pm Marzahn Station

Next Stop: Berlin

This week end we‘ll hang out with our table at the great Resist To Exist Festival in beautiful Berlin-Marzahn again. Looking forward to meet such wonderful lads and ladies as Oi Polloi, What We Feel, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Toxoplasma, Wolf Down, NH3 and of course you over there.

Don‘t forget the struggle …

Nothing to add … Check this!

21 years ago the young kurdish activist Halim Dener was shot by a policeman in Hanover for placarding a criminilised symbol of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK). This saturday a nationwide demonstration will remember his murder, claim the overdue abolition of the ban of the PKK and show solidarity with the ongoing struggle of the liberation movement in Kurdistan which again has to resist hard attacks of the turkish Erdogan government as well as of the fundamentalist „IS“ these days. HALIM DENER – UNFORGOTTEN!

July 4th 2015 / 2pm / Kröpcke / Hanover

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