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The Great (neverending) Catalogue Update Part 10: Banda Bassotti, Non Servium, Redska, United Struggle…

Nothing brings out the authoritarian opi in me like the German volksmob going wild in the streets.

Its late, Im tired, hungry, and in a hurry to get home. Unfortunately, a gang of black/red/yellow flag waving monkeys has decided to step out of their cars and have some sort of epileptic seizure in the middle of the street. The idea of getting out of the car, telling them to fuck off out of the way, and possibly while at it serve myself to a flag is quickly discarded because…well, its like 50 of them against 1 of me. Confrontation discarded, all I can think of is: where is the police? Why is there not a horde of cops imposing law and order through brutal violence so that the good citizens of Goettingen can get to their homes in peace?!

Anyways…the great catalogue update shows no mercy and will apparently never end. The next round….some music with which to hopefully drown out the drunken, nationalist party hordes outside, is outlined below. Otherwise you can just head directly to the music section of our website…

*As was the case last month with their LPs, we have now finally re-stocked most of the entire back catalogue of Banda Bassotti releases on CD! So, for those of you who still understand music as something existing outside of the realm of the purely digital, here you go…

(Vecci Cani Bastardi is of course also available on LP, released by us :-) )

(Btw…if you are wondering why the LPs suddenly became more expensive…the first batch we were able to get through trade, unfortunately the second batch we had to buy. So it was either for a few Euros more, or taking them off the site. We thought this was better than nothing).

*Also classic, much loved and hence for the last few months no longer available…Non Servium CDs. Long story short…all three Non Servium releases are again in stock!

*Finally, in the new release category, Redskas latest production in LP format, and the latest release from Duesseldorfs finest United Struggle:

Banda Bassotti: Classics On Vinyl / New Release „Siamo Guerriglia“

A few exciting additions this week to the music catalogue, all of them from the band that has stood the test of time…Banda Bassotti.

Their new album, „Siamo Guerriglia“ is being released on CD this week, and is available for discounted pre-order immediately. This is interesting enough, but even more exciting is that what are in our opinion the two greatest and most classic albums of the band are finally being re-released on vinyl. These are of course their debut album „Figli della Stessa Rabbia“ and „Avanzo de Cantiere.“

All three are available as of today and for one week as discounted pre-orders, and will be shipped as of 19.3.

In our humble opinion „Figli…“ is a great album, and „Avanzo de Cantiere“ is simply one of the top 5 all time greatest albums of the Redskin scene. It was formative to the cultural scene that was to come, and as all true classic albums do…it stands the test of time. Sure, sometimes you hear it more, sometimes less, and sometimes not at all, but you will never get tired of it or reject it. Few releases can do that. This is an exclusive category, shared with albums such as „Kick Over the Statues“ (The Redskins), „Mai Morirem“ (Opcio K-95), the original Brigada Flores Magon album, and a few select others.

The music, the inspiring lyrics, simply an all time classic.

Highlights (if we can call them that, since there really isnt a poor song on this release)…

Luna Rossa…

Avanzo de Cantiere, live in Rome…

Potere al Popolo…

Czech Republic, Force Attack, and Office Work (New Music!)

Geworked wird hier auch noch, crazy….

The glorious travelling stand just returned from Czech Rep. after presence at Mighty Sounds and Fluff. As I type, other brave souls are on their way to the yearly purging of all our sins…Force Attack!

Meanwhile, to better deal with the guilt of not going, the office division has also been at work. In no particular order…

*New CDs online:

„Viento, Lucha, y Sol“ from BANDA BASSOTTI is no longer precisely new, but it is still the most recent studio album of the band, and as of today new on Fire and Flames. In about a week or two, we should have their latest live CD (double CD!), recorded at SO36 in Kreuzberg.

THE OFFENDERS, are one of the finest ska bands around these days and „Hooligan Reggae,“ their debut album has just been re-released, together with a new miniCD titled „Anthems from the Gutter.“

The latest releases from the excellent house of Twisted Chords have also recently found their way to us online. Antifascist hip-hop in CD form from PYRO ONE and in LP format from SCHLAGZEILN. Last but certainly not least, Göttingens BALBOA BURNOUT in
CD and LP .

Also not new, but certainly worth you spending your money on, the BENEFIT CD FOR THE STRASBOURG PRISONERS/PROSECUTED .
Two CDs, a million songs, tons of good bands, and a very worthy cause.

*On the literature front, we have re-ordered ROLLING THUNDER issues 7, 8, and 9, as well as the classic „Tipps und Tricks für Antifas“ pamphlet.

*Finally, there are also some new metal pins. You know you love it.

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