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Athens: Social Meltdown

A fitting video on the occasion of the general strike taking place in Greece today.

Just one of several very current pieces which should make very clear, especially to the moralists who intend to give antagonist social forces lessons on violence, where the real, systematic, and murderous violence lies.

Otherwise, current updates on events around the general strike today in Greece can as usual be found on Occupied London.

Solidarity with the Prosecuted Demonstrators of Genoa

„On 13 July 2012 in Rome, 10 strugglers are being tried for participation in the clashes which took place in July 2001 in Genova against the G8 summit, while they are already facing serious sentences of 10 to 15 years of imprisonment according to a verdict from a previous trial in Genova.

Today, the case of these strugglers is an attempt to strike the revolting rage against the global dictatorship of the political and financial bosses who are setting about the looting and destruction of societies and nature in every corner of the globe. Like it was struck through the murder by the Italian police of Carlos Juliani, the severe buttery of many demonstrators by the guards of the global domination in the streets of Genova and during the bloody invasion in the Diaz school used as lodging and the abuse and torturing of hundreds of arrestees in the detention centre of Bolgianetto.

Eleven years after the uprising of Genova, the institutional violence of the courts of civil democracy, through the attempt to criminalize those who fight and the threat of many years of imprisonment, is part of the answer which those ‘from above’ have against the revolters’ denial to be trapped within the boundaries of granted protest. It is the keeping-up of the work of the severe suppression and the anti-insurrectional propaganda against the tens of thousands of revolting demonstrators who opposed the power of international gathering, self-organization, solidarity and social-class counter-attack against the superior firepower of the Regime and its supranational formations. And finally it is one more terrorizing message to the raging social resistances.

It is worth mentioning that at the same time Carlo Juliani’s murderer, Mario Placanica, has been free of any charge. Also, 25 police officers and leaders of Security Forces, responsible for the Diaz massacre and recently unappealably sentenced only to support the unstable mask of democracy of the Italian authorities, were cleared of the charge of severe bodily harm because of prescription. While all these years several officers involved in the murderous police operations of Genova have been rewarded with promotions for their ‘services’.

Each and every one who was in the streets of the clash held by the forces of revolt against the Regime in Genova in 2001 could be in the position of the ones prosecuted and tried on 13 July. It was clash which was a peak moment of the struggle of the movements against global domination, of the constant and worldwide confrontations of those ‘from below’ who defend life and dignity against death promised by the bosses. The prosecuted fighters of Genova are not alone!

From a corner of the globe, Greece, where the supranational mechanisms of domination of E.U., I.M.F., and E.C.B. in cooperation with the local financial and political bosses aggravate the conditions of exploitation and oppression of those ‘from below’ aiming the total transformation of society in favour of the international and local elite, we stand by the side of the prosecuted demonstrators of Genova through our participation in the social and class struggles which fight the totalitarianism of authority and through the claim of international solidarity and globalization of resistance. Solidarity is our weapon!




Anarchist collective ‘circle of fire’
Athens 12/7/2012 “

Greece / Chile: The Best News Possible!

In Greece, Simos Seisidis was found innocent of all charges against him, and has been freed from prison last week! Simos was accused of being a member of the group „Robbers in Black,“ and in 2010 lost his leg after being shot by a police officer during his arrest.

Meanwhile, last Friday in Chile, the six anarchists accused in the „Caso Bombas“ („Bombs Case“) of „financing terrorism“ and „placing explosive devices,“ long ago already convicted by the mass media, and facing penalties of up to 15 years in prison…were also found not guilty!

(Clearly this was something of a surprise, since for example the website „Sabotage Media“ announced a rally for Friday at „the sentencing of the comrades.“)

The following video shows the media lynching which followed the arrests, and ends with the emotional moments of the not guilty verdict in court…

Moments to rejoice in, and gather strength to continue the struggle in solidarity with so many others still held prisoner by the state. While the list is long, some very current examples which immediately spring to mind would be the Turkish anarchists imprisoned following the militant black bloc actions if this years 1st of May, 19 year old Deniz, prisoner in a Nuernberg jail for his antifascist engagement, Smily who was sentenced to 10 months in Stuttgarts infamous Stammheim prison, and Olga Ekonomidou, recently handed 30 days solitary confinement for defending her dignity and refusing a strip search.

Until All Are Free!

Antifascism „Here“ and „There“: Anti Nazi Mobilizations Hamburg / Greece

Important anti-fascist mobilizations are taking place in Hamburg, and in several cities around Greece this weekend.

Best. Poster. Ever. Hamburg people: We need one. Or one hundred.

The „happening“ of the weekend over „here“ is of course the anti-Nazi activities in Hamburg, where Nazis will attempt to hold a demonstration under the title „Day of the German Future.“ Thousands of dedicated antifascists will, as in the past, be doing their best against what will probably be a sad bunch of fascists, and a horde of police officers trying to clear them a path.

For those of you who will be there this weekend, you will find most of what you need to know at the mobilization blog, such as a map of the city, time and place of antifascist meeting points, legal info and numbers, Nazi route, and so on and so forth.

A couple of videos, to set the mood…


Over in Greece, fascists and neo-Nazis, clearly emboldened by their most recent election results, have apparently gone on a militant offensive, aimed mainly at the immigrant population. Reports of attacks are unforunately numerous. In Athens, two immigrants were stabbed on the subway this week, while yet another was stabbed outside the School of Economics. The attackers did not escape unscathed, as their car illustrates…

Meanwhile, in Patras, hundreds of Golden Dawn supporters laid seige to an abandonded factory which was/is being used by immigrants as a shelter…

As is to be expected, antifascist resistance is swiftly taking form. Recently, a right wing politician was attacked in Athens, and even a Golden Dawn parlamentarian in Volos. In Athens, an antifascist demonstration was organized by anarchists and immigrants, which drew over 1.000 people…

Further demonstrations have been called for this weekend, for example in Corfu and Athens.

PS A note on safety for all of you „on the streets“…. Just because you are paranoid, doesnt mean they arent watching you.

PPS Friends take a group picture in Hamburg. These are probably people of sound politics, and their sense of style is impeccable. Notice please the Fire and Flames „Retro“ jacket worn by the comrade holding the flag! :-)

Meet Greece’s Golden Dawn

As is by now well known, Golden Dawn has recently entered the Greek Parliament, obtaining almost 7% of the vote. They are commonly being referred to in the press as „far right“ or „nationalist,“ which is quite the understatement when it comes to this group, as they differ in every way, from content to strategy to demographic, from the „established“ reactionaries like Frances Front National. For those of us who have had the displeasure of „knowing“ these people for many years, it is almost unimagineable that this glorified group of boneheads, hooligans, and Nazi nostalgics will now be sending 21 representatives to Parliament. This is a group which makes the NPD look moderate by comparison.

Golden Dawns leader, with Sieg Heiling, Celtic cross carrying party militants

Any revolutionary (or pre-revolutionary) period is marked by a polarization of society, so it is not surprising that with the growth of antagonistic movements, be they anarchist or some which fall within the parliamentary spectrum, also comes a growth of the far right. But without falling into the mainstream media trap of constantly hyping the growth of the far right, while underplaying the equal or greater parallel growth of left-wing organizations, it is definitely something worth analyzing that what is basically a party of young Neo-Nazis, who Sieg Heil and are racial in their orientation as opposed to national, has been voted for by 7% of the population of a Western European country.

The decor at a Golden Dawn party office.

So on that note, because if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a few videos by way of presentation must be priceless. Meet Golden Dawn…

A short, and recent, piece from the New York Times, including short interviews and demonstration footage…

2011, Golden Dawn led anti-immigrant pogrom in downtown Athens. Notice the use of knives and screwdrivers, and the intimidation of a mother with a small child in arms.

Demonstration footage set to the organizations anthem. Notice the German Nazi flags, the celtic crosses, the paramilitary appearance, and even the masked demonstrators.

The quasi-Swastika, White Power lyrics, and Bonehead music…

On a brighter note, a few weeks ago, antifascists exposed a journalist who lent his show as a platform for the Nazis, by pelting him with yoghurt on live television…

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