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April 13th/14th 2015 / Lübeck: Trouble the meeting of the G7 foreign ministers!


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Stand strong free Rojava!

Now since more than two years the amazing but sadly often ignored revolutionary and democratic project in the Kurdish-Syrian region of Rojava and its capital Kobane is resisting the attacks of its reactionary enemies. These days this piece of hope in a part of the world, which seems to sink in a bog of war, calculated destabilisation by the western imperialist states and the rivalities among different reactionary clans and movements, is highly endangered by a military offensive of the fundamentalist IS. With this month’s solidarity coin of our online shop we want to give some support to the donation campaign of medico international for the people of free Rojava.

Gegen das Sommerbiwak der 1. Panzerdivision! Against State Repression!

The German police state feels ever more confident in its repression of the radical left and the antifascist movement. The most recent example is the outrageous „regulations“ imposed by the city of Hannover on the demonstration against a military celebration taking place in the city tomorrow. The original:

Die Versammlungsleiterin / der Versammlungsleiter hat dafür zu sorgen, dass dunkel gekleidete Teilnehmer der versammlungsrechtlichen Aktion nicht in Blockform nebeneinander hergehen.
(The person responsible for the demonstration is responsible for ensuring that darkly dressed participants in the demonstration do not walk together in „block“ manner.)

This is „justified“ through an array of arguments all originally intended to hamper the organizing and propaganda efforts of the far right. The outlawing of wearing uniforms to demonstration, the intimidating effect on others, the conveying of a willingness to engage in militant actions, and so forth.

Yet another frightening development in police state Germany, and it wouldnt be surprising if it is part of the final approved version of the new „versammlungsgesetz.“

That said, antifascists often make the mistake of celebrating when the State takes repressive measures against its political opponents. This usually takes the more mild form of „celebrating“ when a Nazi demonstration is forbidden, when there are raids against right wing structures, and so forth. The more dangerous of course is when it goes to the extent of calling for the outlawing of right-wing extremist organizations or calling for the States repressive forces to intervene against the activity of these groups.

But all of these laws and tactics of repression can also be turned against the radical left. And even that phrasing is too weak: Any laws that *could* be interpreted against the radical left, will sooner or later be used against the radical left. This has always been the case, and with mainstream discourse moving more and more towards an undifferentiated „extremism“ theory where left-wing „extremism“ is simply a „different but the same“ expression of right wing extremism, we can expect this to be even more ofen the case.

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