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‪Take #‎ThisIsACoup‬ to the streets!

After the blackmailed capitulation of SYRIZA’s leaders it’s up to the streets once again: People of the world rise up against german-european austerity tyranny. General strike in Greece and solidarity actions all over Europe and beyond today. Increase the pressure and resist the empire from below. Find a complete list of the international actions here.

Solidarity with the struggling people in Greece: Say ‪‎OXI‬ to german imperialism and crisis capitalism – everywhere!

June 20th Berlin, Frankfurt, London: Can’t stop us now!


Let’s keep up the pressure against austerity and nationalism. Fight back against reactionaries and austerity politics – go beyond for antinational solidarity!


„One beautiful day we‘ll tear down the fences of the big gardens and let all the children in – that‘ll be fine!“

Not even one week left to prepare for the storm on warzone Elmau to block the G7 meeting somewhere in the bavarian highlands. As expected police and authorities already go totally mad, so now more than ever: Resist the meeting of the political guarantors of global capitalist exploitation, war, racist compartmentalisation, ecological destruction and social control. Smash G7!

June 6th / Mass rally / Garmisch-Partenkirchen
June 7th / March on Castle Elmau
June 8th / Closing rally

www.fda-ifa.org | www.perspektive-kommunismus.org | www.stop-g7-elmau.info

April 13th/14th 2015 / Lübeck: Trouble the meeting of the G7 foreign ministers!


www.block-g7-luebeck.tk | www.stop-g7-luebeck.info

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